Tuesday, December 13, 2011


As usual I'm wanting to buy so much more then I can (then I should). Especially hard around Xmas....

I just wish I had someone doing the same for me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Am I back?

I think I am....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...sad - My Grandma died Monday, 4/20/09

This is the email I sent to Bethie a few minutes ago - I know you won't understand some of the references but I wanted to share this and I don't have it in my to type it again. *sigh*

Hi Bethie: I'm sorry to blast-mail you but I have been trying to call you and haven't been able to reach you on your cell, at home or work. At first I was calling to just catch up, see how you and Mark are but yesterday, Monday 4/20, I was calling to talk. My Grandma, my dad's mom, Janet Patterson, died. I didn't even know she was "going downhill." I knew that a few weeks ago she had fallen down and wasn't able to get back up but she was checked out and "fine." I guess that since then she had decided to stop taking her medications - I know she took pills for high blood pressure and I'm sure other things - and she had a 24 hours nurse staying with her. She had a triple bypass on her heart a few days after my high school graduation - May 1994.

My dad said that Monday morning, around 1am she woke up and then nurse helped her to the bathroom. Then she walked to the sink and clutched her chest. The nurse worked on her and also the EMT's but I guess it was the end.... My Aunt Susie (remember the alpine slide?) and her husband Bubba drove right to the hospital and said that she looked very calm and peaceful. My Uncle Paul (Paul Bunyon) called my dad around 3:30am and woke him up to tell him. Dad didn't call me until around 3PM...but I was at work. He called me again around 6:30 and told me. He started out by saying "something has happened" and "I need you to sit down.." I was just saying "what happened? WHAT HAPPENED?!" I thought he was going to say that Tripper needed to be put down right away or she had already died. But no...it was Grandma....

Her body is being flown up from Florida to Canton, New York this week. Viewing hours will be Friday afternoon and evening and her funeral on Saturday. So I'll be in Canton for a few days. I guess my family is going to be staying at Grandma's house there and Dad said that we can bring both dogs but I think I'm going to leave Laurey here - either at the Doggie Daycare Kennel or with a friend, as much as I want her with me, I don't need a hyper dog pushing herself through everyone and covering our nice clothes with yellow hair. Tripper definately can't stay at a kennel so she'll come, that will be fine. Will be nice to have at least one of my babies with me.

So once again I'm sorry for the blast-mail.... I hope its okay that I have done it...I just really wanted to tell you...somehow sharing my sadness with people I love makes it a little harder to have.

I'm working today, should be home after 5ish, and tomorrow (Wed) I'll be shopping for dress-up clothes and shoes and then Thursday I'm working again in the morning. I'll try to call you again more and hopefully we can talk. I miss you. I love you! L, E

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tax, Jeep, Movie Reviews, Hockey, Back (?)

Hi: With my 2008 tax refund I paid off an old bill, I paid ahead on my car & homeowners insurance (I always try to do that with my tax refund) and I took my jeep to the dealership to get the wipers working correctly. Unfortunately the dealership said I needed to buy a new wiper blade - not replace the wiper arm like I asked them to do. I DO appreciate them not doing work and charging me for something (they say) doesn't need to be done...BUT...I have already bought new wiper blades and they don't fix the streaking problem. I have already been told by the 'wiper blade store guy' that I need a new arm, by my friend Tay (jeep owner and DIY mechanic) and by the owner of the fix-it shop I take my jeep to. *sigh* So my drivers side wiper still streaks across the windshield...making it hard to see.

I also bought 2 new DVD movies: "Australia," with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, and "My Best Friend's Girl," with Dane Cook, Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs. Yup...TOTALLY disappointed in both!!!

"Australia" was just lame! Total rip of Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Rabbit Proof Fence and The Wizard of Oz, even a bit of Twister. I don't get it! Australia is an amazing beautiful place and has a diverse, sad and quiet (not everyone knows) history. WHY did they have to make up so much?! Its like in Titanic - the iceberg hit and sinking wasn't horrible enough...they had to put in an abusive relationship, snobbery, etc. The images of the country were beautiful and some parts of the story were historical and good for people to know happened...but the story wasn't true and it showed and could have people thinking that the 'stolen generations' was fiction too.

"My Best Friend's Girl"...I just didn't get it! Why did they have Dane Cook look so horrible?!? Yes, he was playing an ass, a total ass, and while he'll never be called a 'pretty boy' a little make-up and smoothing out of his face wouldn't have hurt. And having his hair so dark - made him seem too dark. His character wasn't _dark_ so much as serving a role...like Will Smith in Hitch. And Kate Hudson, she was cute (like she always is) but not believable. Jason Biggs was whiny - most other of his roles have been whiny too - and yes, he was a 'nice guy' but he was too pathetic...that was stronger then the nice.

I had been planning to buy "Zach and Miri make a Porno" and "Pineapple Express" but Beat Buy was sold out of them both and then I picked "Best Friend's" at Walmart (saw it first). I was (am) a little frustrated since I had bought both these movies but I own them now and I think that when I watch them again...who knows when but I'm sure I will...I'll probably like them more. I didn't try to have HIGH expectations but I did expect more...I don't know exactly what but I guess just more....

HOCKEY WEEKEND! University of Vermont is hosting University of Massachusetts at Lowell in the Hockey East Quarterfinals at home (Gutterson Field House). Last night UVM lost 3-4 in overtime. Really disappointing. Another game tonight. Since it is a best of 3 series, if UVM wins tonight then there will be the 3rd game on Sunday. We'll see what happens tonight!

So I am working to be back blogging. I hope you'll find me again...or find me for the first time! L, E


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Reflection

Dear Loved Ones & Friends:
There were probably many, many times this year when I may have disturbed you, troubled you, pestered you, irritated you, bugged you, or got on your nerves.
So today I just wanted to tell you.....

Tough Shit!
There are no changes scheduled for 2009!
My dad just emailed this to me...thought it was funny! And totally appropriate! L, E


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