Monday, October 31, 2005

H a p p y H a l l o w e e n ! ! !

Sore throat has almost totally gone away but my voice is all deep and kind of like "death" or so I was told my some coworkers. I guess it goes along with the day. My head was really fuzzy too and my nose is sniffle-ly. Have been drinking caffinated soda and tea, trying to wake up more and help with my breathing. No big plans tonight, don't expect any trick-or-treaters. Beautiful weather finally, nice fall, pretty leaves. How are you? L, E

Sunday, October 30, 2005

wkend sick

So I spend my whole weekend sick...:( Woke up at 8 Saturday morning with a sore throat and little cough and just feeling yucky. Evan called and said that since I was sick I couldn't come over to help him stack wood. I _think_ he might have been looking for an excuse not to do it himself. We talked for an hour or so and then I took a nap. Woke up and took a shower but that tired me out so I took another nap...:) Was awoken by the phone but it was a very welcome wake up, very happy to hear from my caller. Got fully dressed after hanging up the phone and then had to sit down and rest (no nap this time) before Laurey and I went for 3.5 miles. Laurey was not nice to me...kept whimpering and whining...I think she wanted to be sleeping on the sofa. Went to bed early, around 9:30 and was out right away.

Sunday woke up and felt a tiny bit better but my voice was worse and I was snufflier. Only had 2 phone calls all day and both were from my mom. Pretty much slept most of the day except when I dragged myself out and to Fashion Bug to return some clothes that didn't fit right. Laurey and I only walked around the condo property, I was too lazy/tired. Now its 9ish and I'm tired but wide awake, I think I slept too much. Sad Sunday phone call from Mr Shawn. L, E

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

very nice/power

Its very nice to have so many nice people reading my blog and commenting...thanks from me to all of you! So nice to click into my email and have lots of messages waiting for me.... I hope that as long as I keep writing, ppl will keep reading and commenting.

My new job didn't have power this morning until 10:20ish so we all sat around in the sunlight and tried on gloves and mittens and did some packaging. It was a fun, bonding experience. Need to run out and hit the ATM during lunch, I'll try to write more tonight. L, E

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


SNOWING! So pretty! Such fun to get snow on my glasses and all over my jeep. Laurey looks so cute with big, wet snowflakes on her back. Just wanted you all to know...SNOW has come to Vermont! L, E

Tuesday @ lunch

I feel really bad now that I complained and whined about my friends. I have amazing friends and they are very good to me. I was just hoping I would have email when I checked at lunch yesterday, first day of my new job. I could have used a smile. And I didn't have any email. So I was sad.

And then last night I was just in a very weird place/mood. I'm just really emotional and with that sometimes crying happens. I did cry but not too much. Even Laurey was exceptionally sweet to me last night, curling up right next to me and tucking her head into my neck. Sometimes she can be so sweet. But then she woke me up just before midnight barking like crazy, I guess there was something in the backyard. I wasn't happy about that but I did go right back to sleep so it wasn't so bad.

Today is yucky rainy and chilly. I need to buy a new fleece jacket since I don't have one and this is good fleece weather. But that will have to wait until after Peep Jeep is fixed (needs an oil change and 4 wheel alignment) and 4 new tires. And I'm paying $400 per month for health insurance. And Xmas is coming up! YIKES! Maybe I can make some extra money as a hooker...what do you think?;)

So thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has since emailed me to give me good wishes and sorries and good lucks.... You have given me smiles. ~E

PS- Bethie, I have no idea why you kept getting busy signals last night when trying to call me because I have call waiting but I will check with Verizon tonight.

PPS- And for all of you who want me to have a cell me one!

Monday, October 24, 2005

new job

New job was good. Everyone was nice and friendly. I basicilly sat at the front desk and learned how to answer the phone/switchboard and learning how to transfer calls and sort the mail and invoices and staple papers together. Nothing too tough. Just was hard to remember everyones name but hopefully that will come quickly. I should start learning the customer service part of my job either late this week or early next. I have my own desk and computer so I was able to log on and fix up the desktop and stuff. Will need to bring in all my stuff from my desk at my past job and set it up on my new job desk. Maybe not everything but my pic of Laurey and some other things to make it more mine. I can check outside email during lunch and stuff so thats nice too.

Not so much to say except I am exhausted and emotional and just want to crawl into my bed and cry myself to sleep. I wish I could have a hug...that would be nice. No one is here to hug me so I guess I'll just crawl into my bed and do the crying and sleeping thing. L, E

My Friends and My New Job

My friends all so suck. No one called me to wish me happy first day or good luck last night or this morning. No one emailed me even. Evan and Alison had me for dinner last night and that was nice and it was partually for 'good luck at the new job' but it was also because I (stupidly) left my watch in Evan's truck on Saturday and I needed it for the week. I guess I'm just being whiney and I shouldn't be. But I wasn't expecting flowers or fireworks or anything like that but a phone call or email would have been nice.

Anyway...I'm on my lunchtime, more tonight! ~E

Sunday, October 23, 2005

body aches as the fear sets in

Yeah...I hurt. Not as bad as I thought I would since I thought my whole body would be hurting but its mostly my right hamstring is throbbing. But I certainly could use a full body massage and some kisses and cuddles and maybe even a little more...;) I slept from 11 until 6:45 and then was back sleeping from 8:30 until 10. I could have napped longer on the sofa but there was someone I wanted to talk with.

I can't tell if I just feel annoyed because my parents are being exceptionally annoying to me today (I'm at their house right now) or if I'm just feeling nervous about tomorrow. The title I gave for this post is much more dramatic then I really feel. I know I am nervous but that is normal and I should feel that way. Just kind of wondering if I'll get the crazy anxiety feelings or not. Oh well. Have to start getting up at 6 from now on, at least during the week. Thats going to hurt since I'll need to be going to bed between 9 and 10 instead of 10 and 11 but if I don't get sleep then I'm grumpy and no one likes me when I'm grumpy.

So now I am going to go home and then to Evan and Alison's for dinner and then back home to crawl into bed early and get good sleep and then up tomorrow and on my way to my new work! I'll let you all now how it goes. Keep good, happy thought for me!! L, E

Saturday, October 22, 2005

you have to love hockey after the wkend UVM just had you have to love hockey after the weekend UVM just had! 5-1 over Univ Minnesota at Duluth both Fri and Sat nights! Woohoo! It was fun. Althought I was really sleepy tonight, didn't pay as much attention as I probably should have.

Helped my friend Evan get 1.5 cords of wood moved today. That involved driving out Westford, stacking the bed of his truck full (he stood in the bed and I handed him the cut wood) and then driving to his house in Colchester (45 mins) and tossing the wood out the bed of his truck and moving it into the backyard in wheelbarrows. It really wasn't bad. We made two trips and he was headed up top get 1 more load when he dropped me off, I had to make a phone call and take a shower before I went to hockey. Evan also bought me the cutiest blue Yankees hat!! Can't wait to wear it, tomorrow will have to be hat day for Erin.

Still need to look for shoes for my new job tomorrow...*sigh* I like shopping but I don't like wandering around not buying anything. Oh! Had a weird dream last about about not getting my thong to fit right and it was annoying me.... The mind is a fucked up and crazy place! Or maybe I'm just a fucked up and crazy girl. L, E

Friday, October 21, 2005


Woohoo! UVM had a good game tonight, 5-1 over University of Minnesota at Duluth. Had a fun time. I was hit on my a very cute and sweet 15 year old boy. I was quite flattered as I'm sure you can imagine. I gave him a hug, had to give him a little something...;) Today was a nice day overall, have a smile on my face right now.

Did some shopping, lots of dress-up clothes for the new job but I still haven't found any shoes. Found a few things for the someone special in my life too.

I'm suppose to be helping Evan stack wood tomorrow so that should be fun....or at least good exersice, have to see if he'll call. But it will be good for me, don't have anything else to do except shoe shopping and I can do that Sunday. Also need to jet down to Barre to pick up my best friends Wedding dress since it is preserved and ready. So beautiful outside with all the leaves changing and it nice and cool and crisp. Wish I had someone to get lost in the woods with. Maybe someday. L, E

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Last day at Reso

Today was my last day. I only got 3 hugs and 6 handshakes. Not that I wanted to be touched by more ppl but I had expected a few more hugs, oh well. I guess thats just because I like hugs. I had made a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies so I walked around at the DC and sayd g'bye to the people I know there and everyone kept saying how great I was to work with and how they will miss me, all very nice to hear. And then I walked cookies around the corporate building and said g'bye. Not so many people said how great it was to work with me but they all said good luck to me so that was nice. I didn't cry at all and that was a little surprising since I thought I'd be having at least some tears but I was just all high and excited and msiley and very ready to leave. I feel so good about this change in my life and I'm really happy about it. I keep thinking I should be more scared and freaked out but I'm not...I guess that all will come Sunday night/Monday morning...have to wait and see.

I have Friday off but have to make a stop at the doctor for a blood draw (got to test my cholsterol and all that jazz) and then I need to go back to the old work to get my paycheck and exit interview. Then I'll probably be taking a nice nap on my sofa! University of Vermont has their home opening game so that will be fun!

Oh and this weekend I have to find some dress-up shoes for my new job! it! ~E

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

full stummy Tuesday

I am writing this after eating just a little too much of the beef stew my mom made for dinner, my stummy is quite full. Work was okay, just trying to wrap up everything as well as I can and starting to say G'bye, I have a feeling I'll be crying on Thursday...have to wait and see I guess. I am ready to move on but its still hard leaving people I do like and a place I have been at for a long time.

Yucky rainy day again but it let up a little so dad, Laurey and Tripper had a speedy 3 mile walk. Tripper looks so cute wearing her Australian raincoat!

I need to head out and drop movies at the Blockbuster, grab a few things at the grocery and then get home to do some laundry and then crawl into my bed to sleep. 2 more days..... L, E

Monday, October 17, 2005

Last Monday at the old job

Only getting about 4 hours sleep last night really did not put my Monday off to a beautiful start. I think my insomnia has come back with a vengence, have to wait and see though I guess. My addiction to soda, specifically Sunkist, certainly has crashed into me again. I know I should drink water, but....

Today was my last Monday at my current job. I'm having very mixed feelings about leaving. all my feelings are happy I'm going, its just strange to know I won't be there anymore. I have spent 4+ years of my life working for the company and walking through the same doors and seeing the same people, I won't have that anymore. When I'm in the call center room I feel a little sad looking around, but when I'm in the room of hatred and misery (otherwise known as the room I work in) I'm not so nostalgic. I'm sad to be leaving, don't get me wrong, but I won't miss being in that room!! Kind of teared up at one point today. My coworker Heather was like "Are you ok, did you get grumpy" and I was "No, just sad".

I spend Sunday afternoon and evening and late night cleaning my house which was basically taking everything off the sheves, tables, etc and putting it on the floor so I could clean the surface. Finally did put almost everything back around 2am. I think its the anxiety, my body wants to keep busy. Was biting my lower lip all day too and that was blue-purple by this morning.

I wore one of my new pairs of courderoy pants today, so comfy and my ass looked exceptionally good in the if I do say so myself...;) Wore my new longsleeve shirt that I thought was red colored but I was told its "rose" colored. Anyway, its pretty and I'm pretty wearing it. Had some hairclip trouble - as in the hairclip I wore this morning didn't hold my hair so I had to t hrow it in the trash. Just kept my hair tucked into the back of my shirt, its finally long enough to stay there more or less.

So thank you to all who read this and comment to me. Helps to know you care. Kind of like a hug, just with no arms but it does make me smile. L, E


Once I was in the shower this morning I realized that I was out of shampoo, so I used my "Mr Bubble" body wash on my hair, its all the same stuff, right? L, E

Sunday, October 16, 2005

wkend reflection

Hi: Wow, ok. So I haven't been a very good blogger at all lately. But I do know why. And it s agood reason, I promise you, I'm just not telling...;)

Last week: It could have always been worse --

Monday: I should have been smiley happy because I had a surprise phone call but instead I was grumpy and even a little bitchy. Sorry Mr Shawn.

Tuesday: Long day, went to 'rents house for dinner but didn't even see Dad as he was at a meeting.

Wednesday: SSDD, not the worst day of the week My wrist started hurting again today, my left one that I hurt in my workmens comsentation a few weeks ago. Not happy. Started wearing my wrist brace again, so attractive.

Thursday: Rainy, put my jeep in a ditch on the way home and was quite annoyed about that. Would have been easier to deal with it if I hadn't been wearing my pink clogs and no jacket and my wrist brace. Actually its because of the wrist brace I went into the ditch. I was driving too fast in the rain on dirt road and couldn't make the turn, wheel slipped in my hand.

Friday: Day was ok. Set the kitchen on fire trying to make myself a cup of tea but there wasn't really any damage, I just need to clean off the stovetop and burners and scrape off all the flour I used to put out the fire, should be fun.

Saturday: Rainy, yucky. Did some "dress-up clothes" shopping for the new job and went to see a movie with my friends Evan and Alison.

Sunday, today: Rainy again. In at work (right now) to clean all my files and stuff off my computer. Such fun. Did laundry to wash all my new clothes too this morning and last night. Cleaned out my closet and drawers, making my nicer t-shirts that I wear to work now, my weekend shirts and my grubby weekend shirts are going away.

I have been craving Chinese food for 2 days now so I'm going to go pick some up and make myself nice and full and then take a nap! Join me? L, E

Friday, October 07, 2005

So fast

Things happened to fast and I am so excited! I accepted the new job on Thursday morning and gave me 2 weeks notice to my boss that same day. My last day will be Thursday 10/20/05. Then I have a 3 day weekend and I start my new job! So excited. So ready.

I know I should be saying so much more but I'm just feeling really emotionally exhausted. Thats probably because Wed & Thurs I was in those "have to share the deep feelings from the heart" mood to a few of my friends might have been told me then they wanted to hear. I have always been a big believer in making sure people I care about know it. I have been known to say "I love you my friend" to a close friend, althought I haven't done that for a long time. I tell my best friend Bethie that I love her and I tell Laurey (my dog) and Tripper (my family dog that lives at my parents house) all the time and I tell my friends son Silas that I love him. But thats about it really it. I know I can be sappy and cheesy, just part of me being me. So if you were one of the lucky ones who got to hear the feelings from my heart, I hope you didn't mind too much.

Tonight is the season opener for the University of Vermont (UVM) hockey team! Puck drops at 7:30pm. So psyched! I'll have a good idea of how the team will do this season after tonights game. The #1 player, Torey Mitchell, is injured, his back or legs, so thats going to hurt the team and the #2 goalie is hurt too, Travis Russell, but thats fine with me because he's not as good of a goalie as the coach thinks. So I'll have a full update on the game and team soon!

Going to be a rainy weekend, would be nice to be cuddled up in bed with a particular special someone and sleep in late and wake up with kisses and snuggles and then spend the whole day in bed, naked...I'll leave the details to your imagination.;) L, E

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Okay...I had my job interview today. Was a little nervous but not bad. Work up at 6 (yikes!) and then left at 7:30 all drressed up with make-up on and shined shoes. Found the place with no problem, about 20 minutes from my house so I was a little early and listened to music in my car in the packing lot of the buiilding a few doors down until just before 8. The interview seemed to go well, but it was kind of short. I was as comfortable as I could be, I wanted them to see the enthusiastic and positiveness in me and I know that all came across. So then I left at 8:38 and raced home, threw on different clothes (I wasn't going into my work dressed up, ppl would know something was up) and then raced ove rto owork, was only 2 minutes late.

My work day was fine. Boss called me and one of my co-workers (the 1 co-worker that is awesome, love this chick!) and told us that we (my department) is going to be taking over a big part of one of our clients from the call center and lucky me gets to take it on. Also I will be losing my big client I have now, my co-worker will be getting it and I'll be training her. I tried to be positive about it but I really wanted to pout because I like me big client, they are an awesome group to work with...but oh well. Went back to my desk and a few minutes later boss called me (just me) into her office again, review time! Review was fine, nothing I didn't already know. was a little annoyed to see how much other people in the departments opinions rated on me. I didn't get a raise. Wasn't really too surprised about that but was a little annoyed since I was promised one by my last boss but since she quit I have been screwed left and right by the company so, like I said before, I wasn't surprised.

Left workl at 5, zoomed home. 2 messages on my machine! Pushed play: (1) Hello, I'd like to imnterview you for the job you applied for, please call.... (2) Hi Erin, this is XX from this morning, we'd like to offer you the job! I was like "OMG!!" So, I'm calling her back tomorrow morning, I have a couple of questions: How much will I be paid, when do benefits start, will it be a problem if I take a week off in February? but I think I might be saying "Yes! I'll be there in 2 weeks!" I'll keep you posted!

Oh...and had dinner at my parents house...chicken...yum. L, E

Monday, October 03, 2005

Catch up

Hi: so sorry I haven't been blogging. I feel bad to because I have been giving one of my best friends so much crap because he hasn't been writing on his blog (its because of him that I started my blog) and I haven't been writing anything myself. I keep thinking of what I want to type, when Laurey and I are walking I'm all thinking of what I want to say but when I get home I just not been wanting to fight with my internet connection and 1/2 dead computer to get a post up but today I have decided to brave it and here it goes:

Wed - fine day, nothing big, nothing little.
Thurs - I think it raining again, just the usual SSDD.
Fri - Wasn't payday Friday so it wasn't as nice as it could be but I was very ready for the weekend!

Saturday - UVM hockey had a scrimmage and I went to watch the game and help hand-out the free stuff. Was fun. Team looked okay, I'll let you know how the season will be once I see them all in a real game. Walked Laurey with my dad, power walk! Gave me a blister on my right heal and left little toe...ouch.

Sunday - Covered my blisters with safe bandaids and just relaxed around the house. Hung out with my friend Jr. in the evening. We went to Blockbuster to rent a movie and ended up going to WalMart so he could buy some PS2 games and was fun.

Have to say the best part of my weekend was getting to talk with my friend Shawn in Korea. He always makes me laugh and smile so much and that is amazing, he is amazing.

Today was Monday and I was back at work. Just keeping with my feeling good, being comfortable and confident because that is who I am. I am still growing and realizing and I am such a beautiful person. Beautiful Me.

Oh! And I have a job interview tomorrow morning at 8am. Keep your fingers crossed. I don't really know so much that I want this specific job, but I want the interview experience and who knows, maybe I'll get it. As much as I do love the company I work for now, its not a good fit for me anymore and I have much more to offer then they are letting me. And I don't want to be someplace for 8+ hours a day where people hate me. And the crazy part is they seem to hate me evern more when I have a smile on my face, just 1 more reason to keep on smiling!

So email me, IM me, write me, think of me, I'm thinking of you. L, E

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