Saturday, December 31, 2005

and to end out the year

Hi All. Let me start by saying H A P P Y 2 0 0 6 ! ! !

Ok..let me recap the end of my year:

Thursday was an amazing day! Everything was just going along, the day dragging at work when I heard my friend Sarah say "I'll take those!" and then she came around the corner of my desk and said "You have flowers!" and I did!!! A very beautiful dozen long stem red roses with purple and white little flowers in a pretty vase and a very sweet little note from Shawn. I'd like to say the my face was rbight red for only a few seconds but I'm sure it was much longer. I was very surprised and flattered and happy. Needless to say I had no attention span for the rest of my workday. So once I got home I called Shawn to says thanks you thanks you over and over,

Friday was my 31st Birthday! [Yes, I am old *sigh*] I met my parents and brother for breakfast at a vert yummy place called Sneakers Bistro. Then I went and had the 4 snow tires my friend Evan gave me put on my jeep so hopefully I won't be crashing into anymore curbs. Then I stuffed Laurey and my huge travel bag into my jeep and dropped her off at my parents and zoomed down to CT to spend the long weekend with my bestest friend Bethie (see 12/24 blog entry) and her husband Mark. It took me over the 5 hours it should have to drive there, was at a dead stop 3 times on the major highways...but that happens...and I made it there just in time. We went to the best italian place for dinner and I had the yummiest salad ever and a gyro sandwich for good! Then we waddled out to the cars and ended up at their house and watched "Into the Blue" which I recommend. If you watch closely you can see Jessica Alba's nipple.

Woke up and was relaxing in "my" bedroom and then Bethie came in a 'snuggled' on the bed with me. Whined for about 20 minutes until she loaded up a laptop so I could check emails (I'm quite addicted!) and then had a very surprising and welcome phone call from my Mr. Shawn...excuse me, I should say drunk dial from my Mr. Shawn. Poor guy couldn't talk for too long before having to go to sleep. Then I went to take a shower but as soon as I turned it on I could hear pounding on the ceiling, Bethie was on her shower upstairs and I guess I was taking all the hot water...haha! We hit Dunkin Donuts for a late breakfast. Then went to BestBuy where I looked away for just 2 seconds and they ditched me. I was able to either burst into tears and/or run outside to check if their car was still there when Bethie finally found me. I'm sure I was looking like a lost, sad little puppy. They bought some PS2 games and CD's. And then we hit Costco...can I just tell you how I love that store! I bought a book, cookbook and 2 DVD's. Went to Outback for lunch...yummy steak...and then back to their house where we all played the Shrek 2 game. I played for about an hour but I'm just n ot such a video game chick but I was more then content to sit and read my book and watch out of the corner of my eye.

Finally we ended up stopping by their friend Ed's house to say "Hi and Happy New Years, Dude" and now we are at Mark's sister and her families house. They have a huge TV so Shrek 2 is going again and I am just taking a few minutes for myself and to feed my internet/email/blog addiction after stuffing myself with chinese food.

So its almost has the time gone? I wish for an amazing year for you and for me. Lots of smiles and laughing and winning Yankees games. So smile for you and smile for me. And send me emails!!! L, E

Thursday, December 29, 2005

No internet access, I'm not ignoring you!

Well...I guess that is kind of a lie because I do have internet at home but my computer is so old and slow and my dial up is killer slow too. And when I try to blog it hangs me up and that is really annoying. So I usually try to blog when I'm at work (like right now) or at my parents house. I had planned to write on Tuesday when I was at my parents but I made the mistake of clicking the down arrow next to the address bar and saw what my dad had been looking at before and that kind of threw me.

So my Xmas was okay. We (Dad, Mom, Ryan and Tripper the dog) all drove to my Grandma's house in Canton, NY. {Grandma is Dad's mom] We left around 9:30 and were there in good time. Basically I ate the whole time I was there. I figuered if my mouth was full of food then I couldn't scream and curl into the fetal position under the diningroom table. It worked! No screaming! No fetal-ing! Woohoo! I made french toast caserole for breakfast and it was pretty good even though I'm not the biggest fan of eggy bread. I got to sit in the front seat of the car on the way home, some smiling complaining took care of that! It was nice because I had the seat heater (ass warmer) on the whole time so I was cozy warm. Even had a nice little nap.

Present time when we got back. Highlites:

My dad gave me a new copy of the same book he gave me last year.
My mom gave me a hairbrush with hair in it, I think it was her hair, but its still nasty.
My brother gave me the exact DVD I asked for, Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 2!

Then I picked up Laurey at the kennel and we went home! Poor Laurey had the shit kicked out of her at the kennel! She was limping much more then usual, especially since she was on doggie pain killers and she had 2 big boo-boos on her lips. Poor thing! She was on her dogbed asleep within 2 minutes of being back in our house.

Monday, Boxing day, I pretty much just chilled on my sofa and watched seaQuest DSV on SciFi channel. I remember when that show was on TV and I thought it was so great. Yeah...its not so great now but it was entertaining. I did get shorts...didn't do anywhere until 7ish when I went to the grocery. Nice day!

Tuesday I went to my parents so my dad and I could go to Old Navy to exchange the shirt I bought for him that he didn't like. I won't share the details on that shopping expedition, you would pee your pants laughing at my misery.... Then I went to the UVM (University of Vermont) bookstore to exhange the ugly sweatshirt and shirt my dad got for me. Picked out a cute sweatshirt and hat. I wasn't planning to but I stopped by my old job to say Hi and Merry Xmas and Happy 2006. Got a hug from my old boss and friend Heather.... Still so glad I'm not working there anymore!

Wednesday I spent my lunchtime at the post office, mailing back to REI the cute shoes I bought that are the wrong size. Then I ran to the grocery since I was totally out of toilet paper at my house and had been using tissues for 1/2 a day! My friend Tay came over and I bought him italian for dinner. We watched Alien vs Predator...Predator and Human win! and then he picked up the bags of doggie poopie on my deck and threw them in the dumpster...that was his Merry Xmas and Happy B'day presents to me!

Tomorrow, 12/30, is my 31st Birthday! I'm old. *sigh* But I still feel young! And I really hope I still look young! I'm driving down to CT to spend a few days with my bestest friend Bethie and her husband for my B'day and eat ice cream cake...yum! But you all can send me nice emails with Happy B'day wishes and smiles. L, E

PS- Damn I wrote a lot!

Saturday, December 24, 2005


I don't want to whine about my Xmas weekend and how I'm worried it will be miserable so I'm going to talk about my bestest friend who I call Bethie!

I first met Bethie in high school. She was really smart and cute and walked very fast down the hallway. We didn't have any classes together but we had friends in common and we both hung out in the hallway of B building. We would have lunch together. I remember she liked to put a lot of salt on her food and I never put salt on my food at all. We didn't really become close friends right away but her senior year we did. In fact we went to the prom as a group with another frined, Lee Ann, and Bethie's date Brent. It was a fun time! Now you need to imagine me in a gold dress with a poofy short skirt and silky panty nose, white socks and red Dr Marten's shoes. Yes...its quite a picture! Bethie wore a very pretty blue dress, she looked beautiful as usual!

I introduced Bethie to her now husband! We had been at "Latin Day" at the University of Vermont and I was like..."lets go visit my cool college friend Mark!" and Beth was like "no...." but we went over anyway and I don't know if it was love at first sight but now they are all married! Bethie had stayed the night at my house the night before "Latin Day" and my dog Buddy ate all her bagels, poor little guy had his stomach dragging on the ground!

I have always been able to count on Bethie for support and advice and to make me laugh and to help me when I needed anything. She is always sweet and understandiung and doesn't yell at me when i do stupid things. She was a big support for me when I moved back to my parents house from Washington and that bad situation there and she was so encouraging when I was in school and working very hard to get my life back under control and together.

Whenever Bethie comes up to VT to visit her family and her husband's family she always makes sure to include me. in fact I think I'm an honary member of her family and her husband's family. They all have been very nice to me too and I am lucky to have such a large and interesting extended family to be part of.

I have spend quite a few of my birthday's with Bethie and Mark and they always buy me ice cream cake...yum! In fact I'm going to be driving down to visit them in CT, 5 hours away, on my birthday next week. I am so lucky to have the bestest friend ever! I love you Bethie!!:) L, E

PS- I'm typing this on my dad's crappy laptop and the shift key doesn't work so well so if there are typos please forgive me!

PPS- What is so funny and ironic about my blog-spam is that I have a pair of Ugg boots but they are yellow and not black but I love them and they are cozy and cute!

Friday, December 23, 2005

The day before the day before Xmas

So I haven't been ignoring my blog this week. Just been busy during my lunchtimes and emailing to ppl rather then posting here. Yesterday (Thurs) I spent almost my whole lunch at the post office...I'm sure a nice friend.

So today is the day before Xmas eve and I am so wanting to leave wark early especially since I have nothing at all to do. Just sitting at my desk and sitting...quite annoying but at least I'm getting paid more at this job to sit then my last one.

I'll be going to Grandma's house in Canton, NY tomorrow and back home on Sunday, have to get to the kennel before 6 to pick up poor Laurey who will be spending Xmas eve and Xmas day with the other left-behind dogs. I know she has no idea what day it is and all but I know and I'll miss her. But she'll be having the doggie sex and playing and running around and barking and probably won't even think about her mommy. L, E

Monday, December 19, 2005

Lots to tell you!

Oh...I have so much to tell you all! I had a very nice weekend and got to spend time with my Uncle David and Paul and some other old family friends and also with Evan and Alison and have some very nice quailty phone time with Shawn, it was just a nice weekend all around!

Friday was okay, was almost late for work since I fell asleep again on the sofa but I woke up at 7:10 and made it in just in time! Hung out around the house Friday night after playing in the snow with Laurey. I pelted her with snowballs and then she tackled me down and we had a fun time. She's so cute playing in the snow and she sniffs and sniffs and her nose gets all snowy!

Saturday morning I met Evan and Alison for bagels at 9:30 so I was up and out of my house early for a wkend. Came back and talked with Shawn...:) Wanted to take a nap but instead baked 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies for hockey party that night. Went over to my parents house at 4:30 and people started ariving right away. Uncle David and Uncle Paul were there and Scruff and Krista and Gordan and lots of people I knew and didn't know. Had at least 30 hugs and handshakes. Had a nice chat with a guy who I use to babysit! It was creepy having him checking out my boobies and I useto give him a bath! But flattering too...;) UVM ended up losing to St Lawrence 1-2 so that game was disapointing in the score but both teams really wanted to win and it showed so that was fun to watch.

Sunday started out with calling Shawn right away and waking up talking with him. Lucky me got to talk with him twice over the weekend...:) Then Evan and Alison picked me up and we went to Vergennes for lunch at Alison's mom's house. She was very sweet and funny and her two lab dogs are wild but sweet. Then we hit Costco where I only bought some socks, they didn't have the books I was looking for...oh well. They dropped me off at 4 and I was out asleep in about 2 mins! Laurey woke me up at 6:30 and I took her outside and then went to Walmart but didn't buy anything...didn't find anything I really needed.

Crawled into my nice clean bed (washed the sheets and blankets) after stuffing my comforter into the cover (such a pain!) and was wide awake, tossing and turning until 11ish so now I'm sleepy today. Actually made it into work a few minutes early which is amazing since Shawn called me when I was in the shower and then I called him back and sat around naked talking to him. So now I'm at work and its lunchtime and I ate my salad, wishing it was a cheeseburger and fries or eggs benedict. I need to do my Xmas cards tonight so at least most of them will arrive before this weekend! But I have all my wrapping done and just need to pick up 1 more gift as soon as its ready and then I am done for Xmas, just have unwrapping to do! Woohoo!! L, E

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not too much to say...

...just freezing cold! I made a couple of mistakes and I think my boss is annoyed with me. *sigh* I feel like such a loser. And yesterday I got a mean email from some guy who said that I took too long in getting back to him.

Just want to go home and cuddle up under my blanket and zone out on tv and then sleep. Wish I had cuddles...that would help too but maybe Laurey will be nice to me and give me a hug.

Oh! Laurey didn't go "#2" for 36 hours! I think it was just the cold, she wouldn't stay outside long enough to go so she just held it. I didn't leave her in the bathroom this morning when I came to work since she had just finally gone but maybe I should have...I'll see what I get home.

So think good thoughts for me, I could use the warm feelings! L, E

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Feeling like I have been kicked / Fun morning at work

So I spend Tuesday feeling like I had been kicked...emotionally kicked, not physically kicked. The phone conversation I had with Evan Monday night really upset me and then I couldn't sleep and all day it just kept going around in my mind. Then going to my parents for dinner didn't help at all since I got there at 5:50 and Dad wasn't even getting home until 7 and we were waited to eat until then.

Dad and Mom 'announced' we would be spending Xmas with Grandma (dad's mom) in Canton, NY about 3.5 hour drive away. Dad wants to drive there and back in 1 day and Ryan (my brother) wants to get a hotel room and stay over night. To be honest I don't mind driving there and back in 1 day but I am not going to do it in the same car with my parents and brother...that is way too much bonding in too small of a space. I tried to talk with my mom about that and she got all hostile and said "We'll just have to see what we let you do" so I don't know exactly what will be happening. Also its too late to put Laurey in a kennel, the only 2 that I would leave her at are booked so I don't know what I will do with her if I have to be there overnight. Even if I go for the day she'll need to be taken outside at least once since I'll be gone for at least 12 hours, probably more like 16.

So I did some shopping therapy at Old Navy on the way home, found some very cute stuff for me and for Xmas presents. Called Evan when I got home, before I even took off my shoes and told him how he had made me feel and why he needed to understand me more and how he hurt me and upset me. He listened and I hope he heard what I was saying. Its just so hard when someone you value so much makes you feel bad about how you feel and what you have done, especially when its about trust. So I hope we'll be okay. I'm going to dinner at Evan and Alison's house on Thursday night so I guess I'll see then.

This morning it was very cold out, only around zero when I bundled up and took Miss Laurey outside. She only did her #1 business and then started holding up her paws and dragging me back to the door. I guess she was too cold to do #2. So I left her in the bathroom so if she does have to go it will be in the tile floor and not my already ruined carpet. I realize the carpet is ruined and not worth saving but it will be a lot easier to clean the tile so thats why she is in the bathroom.

It was a fun morning at work for me. I got to look up flight information for one of our Sales Managers and even book the flights for him. I get a kick out of looking at flight info and prices online so it was fun for me. And using the company AMEX card was fun too!! I wonder if I'll ever get my own company card...probably not.

So stay warm! L, E

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Catch up!

Ok...I'll catch you up on me:

Friday night I went to the Barnes & Noble and apent too much money on books...but I just love that place and I haven't been there for a long time and I really wanted some new its okay, right?

Saturday I have a very nice phone call in the morning that made me all smiley...thanks Mr Shawn. Then I finally went to Barre and picked up Bethie's Wedding dress from the shop. UVM hockey game was fun, they won 8-4 over the USA under 18 team.

Sunday...this was my slacker day. Woke up and watched TV and then took a shower and then took a nap on the sofa. Met mom at a warehouse sale at 2:45 and at 5 finally dragged her out. Went into my old job to say HI to a few old friends. Had dinner and watch 'Mr and Mrs Smith' with my friend Taylor. Crawled into bed too late at 11.

Monday, went to work and then took Laurey out after. Tried to do some shopping during my lunchhour but couldn't find anything. Went to Toys R Us to get a few Xmas presents and also PetsMart. Spend about an hour wrapping. Had a upsetting phone conversation with Evan. Couldn't sleep so my eyes were open until after 11.

Tuesday (Today) SLEEPY and still feeling like I have been kicked. Oh well. The big excitement this morning was that someone (we know who but no need to say names) left spoiled milk on the counter in the kitchen at work and the paper carton exploded and then whole place smelled like sour milk/dogshit/vomit but its mostly gone away so its not too bad in here now. Had salad for lunch with italian dressing, was okay, would have rather had pizza!

So I have dinner at my parents tonight and then I'm going to Old Navy and then to bed!

Oh! Thank you so much to K.Restoule and Bethie for reading me and commenting. Is anyone else out there reading me? If you are say Hi! L, E

Friday, December 09, 2005


I ate so many peanuts last night that my stummy hurt! I don't know why, I just kept on eating them. I guess thats because they were on my lap, and they were yummy. Oh well. Was in bed by 9:30 again but I woke up with an upset stummy still and a headache so I have been drinking extra water and I feel a little better now...headache is gone....:)

Beautiful softly falling snow this morning but slippery roads so the drive into work was more "fun" then usual. I actually was in about 5 mins early and since most ppl were a few minutes it was a slow going morning. I like Fridays since we can wear jeans and I wore my yellow Ugg boots, so comfy but they could use a little more traction on the bottoms.

Weekend starts at 5 tonight! Woohoo!! Going to hang at home and watch "Mr and Mrs Smith" or maybe go to Barnes & Noble and check out some books or maybe just crawl into bed early...I'll let you know...:)

L, E

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I can cook!

I made such a yummy dinner last night!! I made chicken with parmesan cheese and oven roasted potatoes with a little onion for flavor and green beans (from a can but I did microwave them!) and tomato and basil for on top of the chicken! SO YUMMY!! My friend Sarah came over and she said it was "awesome" and thats a very high compliment from her....:) I just wanted to share with you all that I CAN cook! Woohoo!

Very cold last night and today is around 9 above zero. Snow on Friday (tomorrow, woohoo!!) which sucks because I can't wear my clogs to work but I can wear my Ugg boots so thats okay.

Need to get some Xmas shopping done this weekend and going to hang out with Evan at a car auction again so I'll be busy! No sleeping all days for me this wkend!

I was in bed with the light off and my eyes shut by 9:30 last night and I woke up feeling less tired then usual so I think the earlier bedtime wil work...just need to keep it up! L, E

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Middle of the week

So its after 1 on Wednesday so that means my work week is more then half over and I'm very happy about that. It not that I don't like my job, in fact I do like my job, its just that I could use a weekend to get some sleep!! I really did have good intentions of going to bed at 9 last night! I was home by 8:30ish and sat on the sofa to read the newest PEOPLE magazine and then when 9 came along I realized the "My Name is Earl" was on TV and that is just the finniest show ever so I decided to watch it and then at 9:30 "The Office" came on and normally I don't like that show but I started watching it was was kind of funny so next thing I knew it was 10! Then I did get my lazy ass off the sofa and crawled into bed and read my book for about 20 mins and then I was asleep. So 10:20 is much better then 11 like the past few nights so I had a small improvement on my bedtime!

6am came very early this morning! My alarm screaming really was more unhappy then usual because I had just rolled over and pulled my hat down over my eyes and cuddled my bear and was so comfortable when it started screaming and I can't ignore it so I got up and looked back at my bed, all cozy and warm, but I didn't crawl back in because if I did I knew I wouldn't make it into work so I went out to my sofa and watched some TV before jumping in the shower and then clothes and taking Laurey out so I could leave for work.

Finally remembered to bring in my sunshine simulater lamp so that is set up on my desk at work now and I think that will help me too. It certainly can't hurt. I'm sure ppl would say that the fake sun bulbs doesn't do anything, its all psychological but thats fine with me...whatever works!!:) I also took all 3 of my vitamins this morning, was slacking on taking them too for awile, so I think that will help get my insides and body feeling good too. I still need to get a haircut at some point, just the ends trimmed up and I have been craving and manicure and pedicure (have been wanting another ever since I had them done for my best friends wedding last summer) and I'm going to be walking with Laurey every night, no matter how cold it is!! So watch out...I'm going to be back to ME very soon! L, E

PS- If you haven't watched "My Name is Earl" on NBC Tuesday nights at 9:00pm you should! So funny and Jason Lee is awesome!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The vet....

The vet put her finger in my dog's ass and pulled out shit. read that right! I was quite shocked but I guess she needed fresh shit to check out. I had been planning to see if Laurey made it through the workday yesterday before making an appoitment for her with the vet but I coulnd't do it so I called and made an appoitment for her yesterday afternoon. She didn't have any "accidents" on the floor but I took her in anyway since I was worried and I wanted to make suer she won't be having any more "accidents". So she's bugs or worms or anything but just to make sure she's on a bland diet for a week and I have pills to give to her if it happens again. And she is in restricted exercise and extra pampering. I have no idea how my dog can be pampered anymore then she is already but I guess I should try.

All yesterday afternoon I worked on my attitude and mood and by 5 I was feeling pretty good. I folded and stuffed invoices into envelopes for about 2 hours (from 3-5) and made it into a little mental game of looking at the city and state the invoice was going to and that was fun. Yes...kind of lame I know but it worked for me. I didn't get a chance to sit down until 8:15 once I left work because I had to go home and get Laurey, take her out, drive to Evan & Alison's house and let their dog out, drive to Hinesburg (30 mins) to the vet and then drive home and jump in Evan's truck and pick up Evan and Alison at the airport! It was so nice to see them....! I didn't realize how much I missed them until I found myself all smiley knowing I would be picking them up in an hour or so.

Evan and Alison had a good trip to Italy and England...both were exhausted so I didn't get to hear any stories yet but I'll be sure to pass along anything exceptional....:) Alison did get me a very cute magnet from Rome (or Roma) and that is already in a place of honor on my fridge, next to the ones Bethie has brought me back from her travels.

They brought in an Xmas tree for the front area at work and it smells so nice and pine-y!! I get to help decorate it this afternoon and that will be fun. I'm not getting a tree for my house, no extra room in my 604 square feet, and I don't think my parents are getting on so this will be the only tree I'll get to help decorate and enjoy this season. I think it would be very strange if I laydown on the floor and looked up at the tree like I love to do so I guess I won't try that at work....oh well.

I guess all my faithful readers (all 2 or 3 of you) have left since I didn't write for so long...I'm sorry!! I hope you all come back and read me again!! L, E

Monday, December 05, 2005

I need to write here more

Hi: I have been such a rotten blogger of late. Sorry! Just been feeling so sad and miserable and down and not wanting to be all whiney on here about it. I don't like it when I am this way and I know other people don't like me when I'm this way. I don't know if its the season change and darkness or if there is something else pushing me down but I need to get my ass in gear and start smiling again and be ME.

But then who is ME? I think I am smart and beautiful and smiley and fun and friendly and sweet. I'm not perfect at all but I try to do my best and make the important people in my life happy too.

So that is my goal for this week...start being more me again!

Poor little Laurey has been sick for the past few days. Thursday and Friday I cam home to huge nasty messes all over my livingroom carpet...yuck! My house smells like shit and vinegar (vinegar is suppose to cut the bad smell but its really not any better). I left her in the bathroom today when I left for work so if she does have to make a mess it will be on the tile floor and not the carpet again. Although I don't know why I bothered since my livingroom carpet is completely ruined. *sigh*

Everyone around me seems to be in grumpy, unhappy moods. Maybe its the season (holidays tend to make people miserable) or maybe its just me. I don't know. Just feels like I am drifting apart from everyone I care about and I don't want that to happen! I love my friends and I don't want to lose or grow apart from any of them.

I'm at work right now, using my lunchhour to type on here. Had salad for lunch and it was ok, would have rather had grilled cheese with tomatoes (yum!) and fries but I need to save my money and my calories. Its so cold in here my fingers are numb and I just turned on the space heater, hope it helps quickly! At my last job I would have just put on my hat but I promised Evan that I wouldn't wear my hat at work ever again.

Anyway...keep your fingers crossed for me that Laurey will make it uuntil 5:30 without crapping in my house!! Email me, call me...don't forget about me. I miss you. L, E

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