Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tues Evening

I didn't get a chance to blog during lunchtime at work today. We had a pizza and cake party in the warehouse for one of the goggles makers retirement so I was gabbing and eating pizza and cake so I didn't have my usual time online. I hope you can forgive me...:)

Just about everyone is back in the office from "the shows" except my boss and her boss...they won't be back until Thursday and Friday. So I'm still left alone to drown. Yes, so I kind of made 2 really huge mistakes and I am really freaked but I should be able to fix one of the tomorrow and it will be okay but the other might just be done. Have to wait and see. I just don't want to hear the rude andd condencending tone in my bosses voice that I know I will. And no one told me that i have to change the season on all orders I have been entering so I now have to reenter 6 huge orders that take me 20 minutes at least, quite annoying. Oh well. I'm getting paid, right? I had no attention span for work today and that didn't help too.

I made a big decision not to adopt the puppy one of my coworkers was going to give me. As much as I would love a cute cuddly puppy i can't afford the additional costs and I don't know how Laurey would handle it. And without knowing exactly how Laurey's health is, I don't want to stress her with a puppy and big change like that. so no new baby for me right now.

There was a condo board meeting last night. I went. It was okay. I'm now the vice president of the board which is what I wanted. So I guess overall it was a good meeting. And I'm getting my dish network box upgraded on saturday so that will be fun to learn how to work the new box.

I'm at my parents house right now waiting for my dad to get home so we can have dinner. My mother slopped some chicken and white beans and veggies into the slow cooker and is calling it dinner. I guess it could be worse, she could have added some nasty cheep wine to it like she usually does. She's also making biscuits and they will be good but we only get 2 apiece and I could probably eat 4 since they are tiny. Once again...oh well. I'll probably have a grapefruit when I get home, love grapefruits!

Thats pretty much it. I'm sleepy and I hope to get to sleep early tonight. Just waiting for the week to be over with! I love weekends! L, E

Monday, January 30, 2006


I really find it annoying that I don't have the time and computer to be able to blog on the weekends. I guess I could from my parents house but I tend not to want to stay there long enough to blog and email and all the other things I do online. So my Monday posts are always long and catch up, here goes:

Friday night.... I didn't want to go to hockey, I just wanted to sleep but I went to hockey anyway and UVM lost. Very sad since they were playing the very last ranked team in Hockey East.

Saturday.... Dozed most of the day on the sofa. My phone didn't even ring all day. Laurey and I went to my parents around 5:40 and I loaded TurboTax onto the laptop and then we went to the neighbors for dinner, cheeseburgers and fries...yum! Went to hockey were UVM managed to win in overtime. The was "Rally's Birthday". Rally is the UVM mascot. So to celebrate his B'day there were 12 or so other mascots from various places there. Some were cute, like the mouse and moose, but some were just scary like the huge ARMY man and the blood drop from the Red Cross. And some were just weird like the the white bear with the bear head and hands and female human legs who tried to hug me in the lobby when I walked in. And Champ from the VT Lake Monsters tried to have me take his arm to lead me up the stairs but his googly eyes creeped me out! I think mascots are too close to clowns and clowns are pretty much the same and mimes and they are just strange!

Sunday I woke up and made a extra long distance phone call. I was just as confused and hurt as I was before I called but at least I was able to hear his voice and that helped. Evan and Alison called just as I stepped out of the shower and we met at Costco and did some shopping. {Love that store!} Laurey and I went over to my parents after and I did my taxes (getting back $826! so I'll be buying a new computer as soon as I get the $$!) and then my dad and Laurey and Tripper and I went for a walk. It was chilly in the wind and my dad and I were both 'nose rocketing' the whole time. Laurey and I went by the grocery on the way home and then ran into my old job to return a CD to a friend and got 3 hugs which was nice, ppl there miss me!!:) Came home and watched "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and had peanuts and grapefruit for dinner and then some garlic cheese bread.

I tried to go to bed early, was under the covers by 9:30 but was wide awake so I didn't turn off the light until after 11 and now I am exhausted and grumpy. I printed out my tax forms and its all set to mail to the IRS! Just need to stop by the PO on the way home since I was too lazy to go during lunchtime. Oh! I had a very weird dream last night that a whole bunch of my teeth fell out and I was running all over a strangers house looking for a baggie to out them in so I wouldn't lose them and all I could find was tupperwear but I wanted a baggie so I could keep them in my pocket. I made sure to count and feel all my teeth this morning while I gave them an extra good brushing. Laurey must have had a weird dream last night too because she woke me up twitching and whimpering so I gave her a hug and rolled her over and we both were back to sleep right away, no idea what time it was but it was very dark.

I have 20 minutes left of my lunchtime and I want to sleep but I know I can't do that. And I have a condo board meeting tonight so I can't even put on my pj's when I get home and while the meeting is suppose to end at 8 there is no way that will happen so I'm sure I'll be there until 9. *sigh* I just need to make sure the board president and everyone else understands that I am not the secretary anylonger as without a working computer or easy access to a computer I am not able to fulfill the duties. I have said this at least 4 times to the president and at the last meeting to everyone but somehow I am still listed as secretary. Anyway....

I hope your Monday is good and you are smiling. Pass those smiles along to me, ok? L, E

Friday, January 27, 2006


Well, its Friday and I am ready for the workday to be over with! I had the worst headache this morning, even feeling sick to my stomach from it, but I took a tylenol and I feel okay now. I have hockey tonight and to be honest I'd much rather just snuggle on my sofa for a few hours and then go to bed early but my dad would freak if I didn't go to the game so I will. And Laurey loves going to my parents house too.

I'm totally frustrated with the shoes I bought! The size I normally wear is a tiny bit too small/tight but the next 1/2 size up is too big and I feel like I'm wearing clown shoes. *sigh* I really like the shoes but I want them to fit me well. So I guess I'll wear both pairs this weekend and decide.

The clothes I ordered from Old Navy came today, woohoo! I now have a new cute blue sweater and striped v-neck shirt and jeans with a flower on them! I bought the sweater especially for work since it is always so cold in here but its cute so I would wear it on the weekends and evenings too.

I want to crawl under my desk and take a nap right now. Or even better, crawl into the computer office and under the desk in there, where its warm, and take a nap. But I need to work.... L, E

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dumped on

Vermont was dumped on with snow and I have been dumped on with work. I'm so annoyed and frazzled.... For the past 4 work days I have been bored crazy with nothing to do for at least 1/2 my workdays and now I have too much work that I won't get it done today at all and probably not even by the end of the week. {And to quote Jay and Silent Bob....}

My friend Heather came over for dinner last night and I cooked chicken with parm cheese (so yummy!) and rice and salad and she made garlic bread (also so yummy!) and it was fun to hang out with her. She hung around until 8 and we talked about lots of things. She has such a good and spunky perspective on life and that is very helpful for me. She's all in love with her boyfriend and he's a great guy, I know him too. They had been having some problems but have worked things out and are tighter then ever and I am so happy for them! Laurey had fun with her too, she loves when company comes over. And Heather even brought me a cute little plant to add to my garden on my table, she's so sweet!

I was in bed nice and early, at exactly 9:20 and then turned out the light about 20 minutes later. Laurey woke me up around 1 and I let her out and she piddled on the deck since it was covered with snow. Then she woke me up again at 3:30 but I wasn't putting her out again so I put her in her cage and went right back to sleep. My alarm screamed at 6 and I let Laurey out of her cage and outside and she rolled around in the snow, so cute, except she comes back inside all covered and then shakes and snow goes all over. Made it into work on time even though the road weren't great and most ppl I work with were a few minutes late. Plus its Thursday and that is just a hard day to get to work on time with anyway.

UVM hockey this weekend! Should be fun I hope. Go Cats Go, right? L, E

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wed slow day

My moods have been so up and down and its really getting to me. I feel pretty good today except I'm sleepy since I stayed up until 11 watching "Flightplan" with Jody Foster and then read my book for a little while last night. I was moving around early this morning picking up my house and loading the dishwasher and stuff since my friend Heather is going to come over for dinner tonight. Heather is an awesome chick! She took over my big client when I left my last job so I want to hear all the gossip and info from there and spend some time with her since we have been trying to make plans for months now. I'm sure Laurey will love the company too.

Last night I was told that I am demanding. I guess I am. I've never really thought about it too much before. I guess since I'm always trying to make my friends happy and smile that I don't realize the flip side might be that I demand so much of them. I'm not so worried about it because the friend who told me can be an ass at times and he annoys me quite often. And I think he might have said it to upset me on purpose...like I said he can be an ass.

Its snowing again today and the world (at least my tiny part of the world) is pretty!

Yesterday, when I had no work to do while at work, I joined 'myspace.com' since my friend Sarah is always raving about it so you can
find me on http://myspace.com/girlanddog74 too.

Oh, and you all should send me lots and lots of emails since I have been checking my email at least 1000 times a day lately and its lonely with no emails there. L, E

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Feeling Money

I'm not feeling very happy today. In fact I'm pretty much miserable. Coming into work to an empty yahoo email inbox didn't help too. So I spent some money. Not too much.... $70.00 at OldNavy.com and then $40 at Best Buy but its money that I really shouldn't have spent since I need to pay my phone bill and stuff but I did anyway.

It snowed a little yesterday and that made it pretty outside. I like where I work because the building is surrounded by trees and they look so nice with the snow. I like trees.

Gee, I'm just a barrel of laughs and words of wisdom today. *sigh* Sorry. L, E

Monday, January 23, 2006

Scary wkend

My wkend started out with a message on my answering machine from Laurey's vet saying that she needed to talk with me about the results from the full blood panel they did on Laurey. I got the message at 5:25 on Friday night and the vet's office was closed. So I spent an unhappy night wondering what was wrong with my dog and if she would be dying or not. I had no idea what could be wrong. I called the vet at exactly 9 am Saturday morning and she said that it wasn't too bad, just one of Laurey's liver enzimes is highly elevated and since she is just 7 years old this is worrysome. And she had a liver panel just over a year ago and this result is much different then that result. The only thing we can do is wait and have a anoth liver panel done in 3 months. I asked what could cause this and the vet said some madicines could do it but Laurey hasn't taken any of them and she said that chronic pain might be putting stress on her body and its showing up in her liver. My heart was breaking. I am so worried and scared. But there is nothing I can do. We have her yearly check-up in February with our normal vet, the Dr who did her hip operations so he'll go over the blood results and maybe he'll have a different insight.

My dad come over at 10:30 with the family dog, Tripper, and he brought me the pots and pans set that my parents bought me for my B'day. The are very nice and I'm excited to get to cook with them soon. He snooped around my house while I took everything out of the box and then we loaded up the dogs in his truck and drove up the hill to St Michael's College to take a walk. We found a nature trail through the woods behind the college and walked along that, it was very pretty and fun. We saw a beautiful beaver damn, absolutely perfect! Laurey and Tripper both had fun splashing throught the mud. Then Dad dropped me off and I hung out at home until 6:30 when I went to meet Evan and Alison at the movie theatre. We saw "Hostel" which is a horror movie but the first 1/2 was all boobies and if I liked looking at other chicks boobies then I probably would have enjoyed it more. The second 1/2 was gorey and I had to cover my eyes more then a few times. Came back home and had a little trouble falling asleep, my room seemed darker then usual.

Sunday was pretty much just spend on the sofa. Watched "Office Space" and "Wedding Crashers" and took a nap. Laurey was her usual annoying self. Kept making me put her outside and then wouldn't do anything out there except roll on the cold ground. FIinally went out around 6:30 to buy lightbulbs since the light in my bedroom was out and only 1 of the 3 bulbs in my bathroom were alive. Picked up Wendy's for dinner but didn't eat it all since I really wasn't so hungry. Washed my sheets and blankets so it was nice crawling into bed, always love the feeling of clean sheets. I didn't turn off the light until after 11 but woke up feeling fine. I guess the 3+ hour nap helped.

So I hope you all had a nice weekend. L, E

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stress at work

Its crazy busy at work right now, getting ready for "the show". Everyone is stressed and needs things right away. I have stacks of papers on my desk and that annoys me but I just need to finish up today and then my boss and 1/2 the company will be gone and I can organize and take care of things how it works for me. I'm kind of looking forward to being on my own and handling everything that comes in. I think it will be good for me!

I'm definately looking forward to this weekend! Going to do some relaxing around my house and picking up and cleaning since I haven't done that all week. And I bought laundry soap so I can do laundry too. I know...I'm such the party animal...;) If the weather is nice then Laurey and I will get out walking so keep your fingers crossed for that, we both need the exercise! Looks like Saturday will be 40 w/ rain and snow and Sunday 28 with sun. Hmmmm.

I bought some cute new pencils at the grocery during my lunch today, they have dogs on them! They were more expensive then the plain ones but they are cute and fun and made me smile so I bought them. I already sharpened a cute purple one with little brown puppies on it! I also got a cute pen yesterday that has skiiers that go back and forth when you tip the pen. I love cute and fun things that that! Ooops! Need to get back to work! L, E

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday, tuesday

Today is Tuesday and I wish it was Friday since I could use some sleep! I stayed up too late last night first reading People magazine and then a book in bed. Oh well. I did have a nice evening. My friend Taylor came over and we went to the grocery and then made dinner - spaghetti and meatballs, all from scratch - and then he went home and I was watching TV when my phone rang and Bethie was on the other end so I had a very nice conversation with her. Poor Bethie was stuck at work all alone but she is so smart and got the job done...woohoo! 6am came so early this morning and Laurey didn't even budge from the bed when I got up...lucky pup. Its killer cold again today outside and inside my work. I need to buy some sweaters or something to wear into work, I'm so sick of being cold here all the time even with the space heater running on high.

I must have gone to the bathroom at least 5 times while I was at work yesterday! I have been trying very hard to be drinking lots and lots of water and I guess its working! I switched to my big cup with the pretty pink straw that I got at the fair last summer when I went with Evan and Alison and I keep it filled with ice and water and just keep in drinking it. At the very least I am getting extra exercise with the multiple trips to the bathroom, right?

Going to dinner at my parents house tonight. They were in Colorado for 6 days so maybe they'll have a present for me. I asked for a magnet...I love magnets and my fridge is covered and now I am working to cover my dishwasher and hood for the stove. So if you go anywhere buy me a magnet!! L, E

Monday, January 16, 2006

last week, wkend

I can't decided what kind of mood I have been in for the past week or so. I know its not a black/dark mood but saying I have been sad or unhappy isn't right either. I just haven't been in a good place the past 2 weeks and with that I have so much stress and anxiety and thoughts and it just keeps getting worse and going around and around.

Saturday Laurey and I went to the vet.... She has a cyst in her foot (I already knew that) but its quite large so she's on antibiotics for 3 weeks and those should also take care of the infection. Laurey just loves the vet and she had fun rolling around and playing. She even got to go in the back room for her blood draw (they are doing a full blood panel to see how she is doing overall) and she got to sniff at the cat that was sitting back there. The vet would also like to take x-rays of her shoulders to check on her arthritus but I can't afford that right now. I really hate it when I have to say "no" to the vet because I want Laurey to have everything she needs done. She's such a tough dog and I don't want her to be in pain. I bought her a new 'cone' or e-collar since her old one is wrecked and the vet said she has been chewing on her foot with the cyst but I haven't seen her do it so I haven't been putting the cone on her.

Sunday (yesterday) I did nothing all day...just dozed on the sofa. I took a shower around 1 and didn't even really get dressed, just put on a shirt and shorts (mind you it was about 5 degrees outside and bitterly cold wind!) and then went back to my sofa. At 4 Laurey started realy bugging me to take her out and I was asking myself "It was just 1, where did the time go?" and then I was like "whatever, it doesn't matter." It took me 30 minutes to get up, put on pants, my Ugg boots and hat, gloves and jacket. It was killer cold outside with a brutal wind! We were only outside for about 30 seconds before Laurey started limping with her little back paw held up to her body. So we kind of jogged over to the dumpster so I could put the dogshit bag (thank you thank you to Bethie for restocking my bag supply when I visited her a few weeks ago!) in and then went inside...and back to my sofa. I did go out to get food around 5:45 even though I wasn't hungry but I hadn't eaten since I had cereal in the morning so I had some dinner but not too much. I watched Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith to try to cheer myself up and while it did give me a nice warm feeling (Hayden Christensen = Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader) is so beautiful) but it didn't calm me like I hoped it would. I turned off my light around 10:30 but cried for awile before I fell asleep. Woke up at 4:00ish and was wide awake so I woke up Laurey and let her outside and then lay on my back for awile trying to fall asleep again. When my alarm went off at 6 I really didn't want to get up but I did and even made it into work exactly on time.

I just don't want to keep feeling this way. I realized that this morning when all I wanted to do was crawl under my desk and cry. So I need to kick my own ass and get up and going. Just so hard too with the stresses on my job...this is our killer busy time and more then 1/2 the company will be in Las Vegas for 2 weeks starting the end of this week and all the customer service will be on me and its just a lot of pressure. I know I will be fine and be able to handle it all. Just have to see what will happen and take it on as it comes.

My phone hasn't been ringing at all lately. Sometimes I feel that I am always the one to call my friends. I miss my weekend talks with Shawn. I do like the winter and snow but the brutal wind and cold are just too much and I want to hybernate on my sofa under a blanket.

This whole post sounds unhappy and jaded but I don't want you to think that I am. Maybe its just a hormone drop or the weather/winter is just effecting me more then I can deal with...I don't know. But I am okay. L, E

Friday, January 13, 2006

No blog

I haven't blogged all week. There are reasons why. But its all good.

I hope you all are well. I'm okay.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sleeping for 10+ hours

I'm actually feeling a bit better today...sleeping for 10+ hours probably helped! Last night when I got home from work I took Laurey outside and then changed into my pj's and curled up on the sofa and watched tv for a few minutes before my eyes closed. Laurey woke me up around 7:30 since she was hungry for her dinner so I put her dogfood in her bowl and opened the mail and picked up a little and made a phone call and then crawled into my bed before 8pm. Laurey curled up next to me and we were asleep until the alarm started screaming at 6am!

I feel lots better but still sleepy, I could take a nap right now, but my brain isn't as foggy and I'm much more alert. I think all the caffene I had yesterday morning in a failed atempt to wake up gave me jitters and made me feel worse but I probably didn't notice since I was feeling so miserable and tired yesterday anyway.

I have a feeling I'll be going to bed extra early tonight too! L, E

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I should, but....

I know I should have so much to type about...the rest of my visit to my friends in CT and the drive home and what a bitch I was when I got home and how I cleaned my house and then couldn't sleep last night and all but to be honest...I feel so miserably sick all I want to do is curl up in the floor and cry myself to sleep. The crazy part is that I felt like I was going to throw up all morning but now that I had some food I don't feel like throwing up anymore. I decided to take a chance and have a couple of cheeseburgers from McDonalds. I knew I needed to eat something since I have only had tea, water and Mt Dew all day. Plus I figuered that if I was to throw up then I should have some food in my stummy. As I was chewing the 2nd bite I realized that the food was helping! Woohoo!

Oh...and its freezing cold too. Hands and feets are numb but its not cold in my office. So I think I have a fever. I need someone to tuck me into bed and give me hugs and cuddles and snuggle with me while I sleep...any takers? L, E

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I ate Hooters wings and they didn't stay with me for very long

Well my 'cherry' was broken when Bethie and Mark took me to Hooters tonight. We gobbled down 50 wings and about 25 minutes later I was not feeling so good anymore. I was able to make it back to their house and into the bathroom. They were telling me to run but to be honest walking slowly and carefully was much better for me. Only had 1 courtesy flush but I have to say I feel quite a bit better now.

I'm driving back to VT, home and Laurey tomorrow. Its been a very good and relaxinng visit to CT, Bethie and Mark for me but as always I'll be happy to be back home to my own bed, phone and puppy dog. L, E

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