Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gas prices are:

still crazy.... I paid $2.859 yesterday, 13.992 gallons was $40.00. Now I _know_ that gas will next be .98cents like it was the weekend I bought my Saturn in April 1999 but the news keep saying how much gas prices have some down and yes...they have come down from $3.00+ they still are crazy high. And immediately after the presidental election prices are going to go right back up and higher.

I've been feeling more serene this week. Serene sounds like of strange but I'm not as sad and unhappy as a couple of weeks ago and that is good. Today my 'big plans' are to vaccuum and then use the carpet cleaner machine I borrowed from Evan. And do laundry, need to wash the bedding. Today is cold - high expected of 37, yikes! Tomorrow should be a little warmer, 50, so Halloween costumes won't be snowsuits! I have some ideas of what I'm going to wear/dress-up in.

I'm also starting to think about what to buy for peoples for Xmas. Any ideas? L, E

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things happen but....

Do you remember when you were a child and anything out of the ordinary was a HUGE event in your life. New shoes were amazing for weeks.... New clothes were almost not worn they were so precious.... And if something bad/sad happened it was the same...the feelings would stay with you for weeks. At 33 (almost 34) that just isn't so anymore.

I almost think my new and sad/bad things should stick with me for longer. I live a very small life - I don't mean that in a bad way, I just have a small life. I think what takes a lot of "joy" and "amazement" out is paying for everything myself. Sure new shoes are still exciting even when I buy them but since I'm also buying food, electricity, gas, etc...its just not the same. When you spend money almost every day buying something that is a higher price or unusual just doesn't hold the same magic.

Last week Monday my dad and I went to Costco and I bought my new home theatre system! Woohoo, right?! Yes, I was crazy excited that evening and was bouncing around with a huge smile on my face. The next day I was the same, all smiles and goofy grins. But really the pure joy and childish bubbly-ness was more or less gone in a couple of days. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my new home theatre! Its perfect, exactly what I wanted.

Check it out here:
(Costco is sold out so I'm sending you to the Sony website)

My old DVD player was totally dead so I pitched it into the metal/electronics dumpster at the Chittenden Solid Waste District (fancy name for the local dump) along with the fan I had bought at my work early this past summer that is now dead:(. My friend Shawn (lives down the street with his dogs Wranger and Bailey) took my old theater system.

Oh...poor Wranger! Last Thursday Shawn and I pulled a tick off the side of his face. Friday, when I stopped by, the same side of Wrangers face was all bright pink and nasty looking - Shawn thought he had gotten into some grease or something. Then on my way home from work on Sunday I saw Shawn in his front yard tuning up his 4-wheeler and there was Wranger, next to him wearing a c-collar (cone, lampshade)! I pulled right into the driveway and jumped out to see what was wrong with my boyfriend (Wranger). When Shawn work up on Saturday morning he could see there was something very wrong with Wranger! Wrange wouldn't get up, couldn't even really move. Shawn scooped him up and took him right to the Emergency Vet Office and $500+ later the whole left side of Wrangers face had been shaved and 2 more ticks removed (from under his skin!) and the puss/infection drained out. Wow! Poor Wranger! If Shawn hadn't taken him right to the vet he would have been dead within 12 hours or so, his face was so full of poision. When I saw him the whole left side of his face was 1 huge nasty scab but he was alive and running around, banging his cone into everything! I have checked on him every day since and he is definately well on the road to recovery. His scab is starting to flake off and he is definately back to his goofy, ball retrieving self. And he definately hates wearing his cone! We've already had to duct tape it in 2 places (and if he was my dog I would have bought him a new one) but he'll be out of it soon. Poor Shawn was so upset when I saw him on Sunday - He just kept on saying "He's my baby boy!".... I know exactly how scared and worried he was. When Laurey ate out her external AND internal stitches after her first hip surgery and her skin and muscle was just hanging open...I had no idea what to do (it was 2am). I just stayed awake with her to make sure she didn't keep biting at it and pet her head - soothed me as much as it did her.

Okay.... I'm working today (Saturday) 11-4:30, tomorrow (Sunday) 7-3:30 and Monday 8-4:30. Then I have off until Friday, Halloween, working 11-4:30. I'm actually kind of excited to be working on Halloween! 2 years ago when I worked Halloween I wore my hockey jersey as a costume but not while working, I didn't want to poke my pin nametag through my jersey, and its actually very warm to wear. This year I'm thinking of braiding my hair in 2 and wearing my pretty (and kind of old fashioned) April Cornell dress with a while blouse and maybe my yellow bucket on some fake freckles. I wouldn't be someone specific, just a cute old fashioned girl. Just I'd have to wear my sneakers with the outfit - not really cute! - but I don't have any cute-type shoes that would be acceptable to wear to work.

Ooops. Its just about 9:30 and I need to jump into the shower and clothes and get my lazy butt to work! I hope you are good too and have a weekend! L, E

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kevin Smith's next

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Strange Happenings With The Dog

Monday I worked from 7-3 and then zoomed home and took Laurey out for a quick yard use and then boosted her into the backseat of my jeep. We drove over to Northfield Savings Bank - I had an appointment there so I could be taken off the Condo Association bank accounts (long story why this this is happening, I will detail later, promise). So I arrived about 15 minutes early and then ended up sitting around until 4:30 since neither 'gentleman' who was to meet me showed up. Laurey stayed in my jeep, I watched her through the big picture window (the bank lobby is crazy nice, I would live there if I could). She was generally sitting next to right side the window, sniffing through the 1/2 opened window but she did bounce to the left side window some too. I have never really watched her while she is alone in the jeep, only when I was walking from the store/wherever to my jeep. She is so cute, just relaxing and enjoying the nice day.

When we were leaving the bank, I backed out of the parking space and as I pulled forward I heard a bump/clunk and thought to myself "what is in the trunk that would make that noise!?" was my dog! She has been riding in my jeep for 6+ years and never jumped into the back before.

Okay, actually not totally true: Once she did jump into the back but that was because we were at the airport picking up my dad, the trunk door was open and she could see him and jumped into the trunk and out to get to him.

I have no idea why she did what she did but she didn't seem to really like it back there. She couldn't stick her nose out the window and there was more room to slide around in. But she did stay in the trunk the whole way home, just looped her right paw over the back of the seat.

My dog can be a big goofball. She gets crazy excited and loves to have a toy in her mouth when ever someone is around - just to show how cute she is. She hates the vaccuum. She loves to walk. She will swim in just about any body of water. She has the most beautiful big brown eyes. She stretches out and takes up more of the bed then you would ever think possible. Right now she is sleeping on the floor, not snoring but with her lip curled up above her teeth. She is my baby.... L, E

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