Tuesday, February 28, 2006


My dad took me and my brother to Hooters for dinner. It was unexpected. I had been looking forward to mexiacan ffod but my dad wanted to check out some boobies I guess so we went to Hooters. I had a cheeseburger and it was okay, nothing exceptional, but the potato salad it came was was horrible! Luckily my brother said I could have his pickle so that was nice. It was really crowded in there, the parking lot was full. The funniest part was right in front there was a big old truck all covered with mud with a 4-wheeler in the bed. It was perfect.

I went to Old Navy on my way home and was really disapointed by what they had, only bought a pair of pants and a cute little teddy bear. I was looking for a sweater or long sleeve shirt since its still freezing cold in VT but old t-shirts and summer stuff was there. Then I went to the big mall since Black Diamond store is going out of business and I wanted to check out what they had but it was really cleaned out and just crap there. I stopped at the "Magnetics" kiosk and was looking at a pretty silver bracelet. I've been having some write and arm pain and numbness in my fingers from typing so much at work, and now at home, so I was wanting to get a new copper or magnetic bracelet since I really think they work. The guy working the booth was nice but he kept asking me what sports I play...I guess its because I was wearing my UVM sweatshirt.... He was nice and I could tell he wanted to sell me the bracelet but it was $34.95 and I wasn't wanting to spend that much. To try to escape him I said that I would be back "after payday" and he asked me how much I had tonight and I said $20 and he said "Could you afford $25" and I said yes so I now have a very pretty silver magnetic bracelet. I do need to have it sized down a little so I'll get that done this weekend. I just hope it makes me look even prettier then I am already!

Once again I am wishing I had bought ice cream and cookies to feed my cravings! But tomorrow I'll get my Girl Scout cookies so thats what I'll be eating for dinner! I'll need to remember to pick up a gallon of milk on my way home....:) L, E

Tuesday, wish I was at home with my notebook

I woke up when the alarm started screaming at 6 this morning and came out into my livingroom after silencing it and there was my beautiful computer waiting for me to turn it on! So happy happy joy joy!!

Tuesday at work is okay...couple of people are grumpy and my boss yelled at me again. I split a pizza with a friend for lunch, we got the Pizza Hut cheesey bites pizza with peperoni and it was okay, just extra greasy. Would have been better with marinara dipping sauce so If I get one again I'll have to be sure to ask for some. Now I am wishing I was at home blogging on my own pretty notebook.

Now that I can check email and be online at home so easily I don't have the frantic need to check email so many times at work, at least thats how it feels today. I don't know why I check my emails so much anyway...I do have awesome friends who send me lots of emails (thank you thank you all!) but I really think I have an addiction.... Admitting it is the first step right? Do they have support groups for email/internet addiction? Maybe I could make some friends there...:)

Having dinner with my dad and brother tonight, dad said we could go out since mom is in Montana at Big Sky on a skiing trip (I"ll let you know if she brings me back a present and she should since I bought her new gloves for her trip just because I am sweet and nice) so I assume we'll get mexican food since thats my brothers favorite. I need to return some pants to Old Navy too. Hopefully I can convince my dad and brother help me transfer all the info I need and want from my old computer to my new one. Its not so easy since my old computer is OLD and it doesn't have the little memory stick thingie and the disc drive has been broken for over a year so other then emailing everything to myself I don't know another way to do it. So we'll see. If they won't or can't help me then I guess I'll be lugging both machines to Best Buy and pay someone there to do it for me.

So I have made a decision about my blog: I have been told that I write a lot on here and I know I do but how it was told to me made it seem that I write too much on here. Now with having internet at my house I'm sure I will be writing more too. So starting tomorrow, March 1, I will be blogging in a smaller font size. No big change, maybe it won't look like I am writing too much anymore.

I had a few ideas for names for my new computer: "DaisyDog" because I love daisy flowers and I love my Laurey dog but I don't think I should use dog, thanks Bethie for pointing that out. Also "CatPuck" after the University of Vermont Catamounts hockey team but I don't know.... And Bethie is right, I live in a building with rude people who throw their junk mail on the floor in front of the mailboxes and leave 1/2 eaten containers of french fries in the stairwell (no joke!). People in both buildings break bottles in the driveway and leave socks, shoes, trash, food and cigarette butts all over the property. Loud music from cars in the driveway and garage and bass and music is always blasting from different units and the people above my livingroom fight all the time! But thats just condo life I guess. Oh yeah, and on Xmas eve someone let their dog pee and pooh in the elevator and didn't clean it up!

Anyway...I'm sleepy now that I stuffed myself with pizza. Wish there was a nap room at work! I hope you are all well. As always, thanks so much for reading me and commenting me! I love you all!! L, E

Monday, February 27, 2006

Its alive!

I am sitting in my own house on my own new computer writing to you all! This is a historic moment in the life of me. My new computer works like a dream and once I get all the free AOL crap and EarthLink and NetZero I'll be totally in love with it. And it has a wireless connection (free upgrade, love Dell!) and so I am 'borrowing' internet from someone in my building. My computer picks up 5 different signals so thats nice!

I named my computer "SnowballJack" but I'm not really feeling that name so I need some suggestions...help me out Kids! Maybe something with Yankees or New York City or flowers or daisies or hockey or yellow dogs.... Such a challenge thinking of a good computer name.

So I'm just sitting on my sofa with a big smile on my face and typing away! L, E

I got it I got it!

I got it! Woohoo! I'm so psyched! But I was good, I didn't even open the box, just dropped it off at my house and gave Laurey a couple of treats and took right off again for work. I'm such a good girl. And now I need to get back to work. Maybe I'll blog tonight if I get everything up and running so cross your fingers for me. L, E

Quick, quick!

I don't know if I'll have time to blog when I get back but I wanted to say Really quick that I am going to the UPS center to pick up my computer right now during lunchtime and then drop it off at my house (too cold to leave it in the car) and then hopefully make it back to work in 1 hour! I am so excited! My New Computer!!! Woohoo!

My weekend was okay overall. Bethie and Alison called just to say Hi and that was so sweet and awesome of them! Hockey was good too, UVM tied both games with BU and thats awesome since BU is ranked like #3 in the country. Watched the seniors kiss and cry g'bye...so sweet.

I'll write more later if I have time! L, E

Friday, February 24, 2006

Finally Friday

Its finally Friday and I'm ready for this work week to be done. Going to hockey tonight and tomorrow night and the parade tomorrow afternoon. Going to be fun! My order came from Old Navy and the jeans are so cute I can't wait to wear them!!! They will look adorable with my pink clogs and make my ass look exceptionally sweet...;)

Just killing time at work until its 5 and I can go home and scoop up Spaz and get to my parents and hockey and then back home....

No plans yet for Sunday, I guess I'll have to schedule a couple of naps and movie watching and (unfortunately) cleaning and picking up my house and laundry. And I took off Laurey collar the other night and now I can't find it so I need to search for that.

Oh! The drivers door to Peep Jeep is making a horrible squeeling noise when its opened and closed. It doesn't look like it was hit and I know I haven't hit anything on that side of Peep lately although I did hit the side of the bridge right next to my house a few weeks ago and did a little damage to the right bumper but thats what bumpers are for, right? So I will see if I can get my dad to look at it this weekend and he also needs to look at my garbage disposal since that is broken too. *sigh*

I probably won't blog until Monday but I will check emails tonight and tomorrow when I'm at my parents so email me!!! L, E

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stupid UPS, I'll tell you what Brown can do for me!

I just checked the tracking on my computer again and now it says it will deliver on 2/27/06, Monday. So I'm sad but oh well.... I'll just have to be happy with my Old Navy stuff this weekend and I'll get to play with my new computer next week. But I should be working right now! Bye! L, E

Reset the alarm

For the first time ever I reset my alarm this morning when it started screaming at 6am. I changed it to 7 and was back asleep right away. So when it went off again I had to get right up and into the shower...no TV and Cheerios time this morning. I just stood in the shower telling myself over and over "Must open your eyes, you need to wake up!" and it kind of worked since I managed to wash what needed to be washed and dry off and lotion and get dressed and out the door to work.

Oh! I checked the Dell website again today and my computer has shipped and it says it will be delivered tomorrow!!!! I am so psyched! I wish now I had it shipped to my parents house though since its almost impossible to have packages delivered to my house since its a locked down building but sometimes the driver is really nice and comes after 5:30 so hopefully that will happen tomorrow! Also, my Old Navy package should be at work for me tomorrow too so I'll have extra cute new clothes to wear this weekend! Woohoo!

Can't wait for the weekend...I need sleep! L, E

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Get over the HUMP DAY

Its past 1 on Wed so my work week is more then half over and thats a good thing! I have a busy weekend coming up...busy for me. UVM hockey is at home this weekend and Saturday we say G'bye to the seniors. Also Saturday is Mardi Gras so there is a big parade downtown and Laurey and I like to go and watch. So I will be busy but never too busy for my friends! And since its a hockey weekend I'll be at my parents (I goto the games w/ my dad) and I'll be able to check and send emails!! Woohoo! And hopefully by the weekend after that my computer will be to me so I'll be online at home again!

I went to McDonalds for lunch today. I probably shouldn't have...I should have saved the money and calories but I went anyway. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich meal and the sandwich was pretty good and I also ordered a HappyMeal because I wanted the prize that comes inside! I ate the fries from the HappyMeal and most of the cheeseburger and all of the chicken sandwich and I am stuffed full so I asked around if anyone wanted the fries that had come with the chicken meal but no one did so I threw them away. I'm not very good at throwing away food...usually I'll just finish it even if I'm full but I didn't want to do that today so as hard as it was I threw them away. And Sarah promised she wouldn't let me pick the out of the trash and eat them. J/K, I wouldn't do that...really I wouldn't! Oh, my prize in my HappyMeal was a mini beanie baby thats red and has a little hat on...his tag says "Happy Meal 25th Bear". I'll have him sit on the shelf above my desk at work next to my hockey puck and little soldier guy and Alien and Shrek. [Bethie gave me the Shrek!]

No plans tonight, just relax after walking Laurey and watch some TV and hopefully get a phone call or two! I hope your hump day is good! L, E

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday is better

So my yesterday actually ended much better then it started. I went to my parents house after picking up Laurey after work and just my dad was there. After he took some very yummy smelling bread from the oven we took Laurey and Tripper for a walk and that was good since my dad walks really fast with his David Hasslehoff long legs and I have to move my ass to keep up. We talked about my new fish, Superman, and he told me about how he and my mom had a big fish tank when they were first married and I was a tiny baby.

Then my dad made some really yummy hamburgers on the grill and we have them for dinner! I don't know if its him or the grill but burgers on there come out amazing good! Laurey had fun lying under the table and hoping for some burger but I wasn't sharing at all!

Then, since I have my tax refund, my dad and I looked around online for a new computer for me. We checked Costco and Dell and decided on a Dell Inspiron 6000Intel® Pentium® M Processor 735 (1.70GHz/2MB Cache/400MHz FSB). It cost a total of $887.20 with handling (free shipping) and while its not a #1 best computer it will be just fine for me. I only wanted to spend $650-700 since I need some of my tax refund to pay my condo assessment and my dad had said he would be willing to loan me some money but I'd have to pay him back. So he charged my computer on his VISA and I said "I can give you a check for $700 now..." and I went to say "how do you want me to pay you the rest?" but he said "Thats fine, thats enough". Sometimes my dad can be such a rockstar! I know it was because my mom wasn't there (she would have never let him do that for me) and also because he had just ordered a new computer through his work and I'm sure its much nicer then the one I ordered so he felt a little guilty but I don't so much care since it really helps me out!

So that put me in a good mood and then after I got home one of my friends called and we had a very nice conversation...he had me laughing and smiling and I really needed that!

So today is Tuesday and I'm not going to my parents for dinner like I usually do...I had dinner there last night and thats just fine, especially since my brother and mother weren't there. It was nice to just hang out and spend time with my dad...haven't done that in a long time! I'm at work, blogging during lunchtime as usual, and I can't wait for the workday to be over so I can go home, walk Laurey and relax on my sofa! And yes...I am okay! Thank you to Bethie and everyone who emailed me and gave me advice and support and made me laugh.... I love my friends!!! L, E

Monday, February 20, 2006

The word I hate the most

Well...this might be kind of a bitter post but its happening anyway!

The word that I hate the very most is "busy". Thats because when someone says it to me (as in I was just so busy, I was too busy, Just keeping busy) it means I am too busy for you Erin. It means that they can't find 30 seconds to send me email saying "Hi, I'm alive and don't hate you". They can't find 2 minutes to call me and say "Hi, I'm alive!" But I'm sure they find time to eat and sleep and at least check their emails...maybe even email to other people. But they are busy...too busy for me.

And in case you are wondering if I am specking about 1 specific person, I am not. Some of you might even think you know who I might be talking about...but you probably aren't correct since its not just 1 person I am hurt by, its many. I cried this weekend, more then I have in a long time. But it wasn't easy tears, just made me hurt more since I couldn't cry as I should have and wanted to and that hurt even more. Maybe I'm just being self distructive and over sensitive and paranoid. I can be all those things. My brain won't slow down, just going on and on. I feel I was lied to and I feel that I don't have the support I need. I don't have anyone to hug me and I need to be hugged. *sigh*

Yeah, this is a bitter post. And when I started blogging I promised myself it wouldn't be all emotions and crazyness but today's post is.

My weekend.... Saturday I spend it on my sofa watching TV and movies. Laurey and I had a fight but instead of ignoring me she just kept on annoying me. My phone rang once. I did my picking up and cleaning since I didn't have anything else to do and Laurey followed me around with her favorite toy in her mouth.

Sunday I sat on my sofa all morning and most of the afternoon. I called Evan around 3 and he told me to "bundle up and take Laurey out" and I listened to him and I am so glad I did. Laurey and I walked 2.25 miles and it felt so good even though we were walking into the freezing wind all the way home. Laurey didn't like that and kept turning away so I took off my neck warmer and put it on her neck and covered her ears and then she was much happier except then I was really cold! We made it home and once I had warmed up again I went to the grocery and bought actual food and then came home and made dinner. Laurey and I has sausage and pasta and it was okay, I wasn't hungry but I hadn't had anything other the cheerios for breakfast for the past 2 days so I needed eat something.

Today is Monday. I turned on the 'word verify' thingie for comments on here because I had a bunch of spam ones left. My tax refund has hit my checking account so I'm going to helpfully get my dad to help me with ordering a new computer tonight or tomorrow night and then I can pay some bills with the extra. Thats about it. I want to cry. I want to be at home with my head covered with my blanket. *sigh* But I'm going to walk Laurey again tonight and eat some dinner.... I hope everyone had a better weekend then me. And please...yes this post is bitter but I feel a lot better after typing it and while I don't feel 100% okay right now I am okay. L, E

Friday, February 17, 2006

Pack of Dogs Kill Alligator In Florida...graphic picture..

Pack of Dogs kill Alligator In Florida
Dogs savage an alligator.Sometimes nature is cruel but, there is also a beauty in that cruelty. The alligator is one of the ultimate predators but can fall victim to the kind of implemented 'team work' strategy which is possible due to the pack mentality and social structure of canines.

That is from my dad and I thought it was so cute I needed to share it with you!! L, E


Yesterday I took Laurey for a walk after work. It had been awile since we walked more then just in the parking lot of my condo. We drove up to the college right next to where I live and walked around there for probably 20-25 minutes, did about 1.67 miles or so my pedometer said. I was hoping it would tired out Laurey and me so we'd both sleep better. Laurey slept like a rock! She didn't annoy me at all like she usually does in the evenings. I crawled into bed at 9 and was all relaxed and read my book for a few minutes but as soon as I turned off the lights the raging insomnia kicked in and I was wide awake until after 10something. I was tired, my eyes wanted to be closed but I couldn't fall into sleepy-land. I'm still coughing today and feel sick/exhausted but I guess I'm better. My throat isn't as sore. Just going to try to rest and relax this weekend...no plans.

I need to work and I have been slacking all day already. So I hope you all have nice weekends. I'll be on my sofa trying to get better and hoping my phone rings. My computer at home totally died so I don't have internet and thats hard since my addiction to email and blogging and online can't be feed so I'll be a hurtin' little girl. L, E

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Its Thursday and I need some sleep

I turned my light off at just before 10 last night and I was alseep right away but I'm still exhaunsted sleepy. I guess I need more then 8 hours a night. I know I don't have to get up at 6, I just need to be in the shower by 7 at the very latest to make it into work at 8. I have never thought I really needed that much time getting ready in the monrings but I guess I do since I'm in the shower for about 15 minutes and then I put on lotion and comb my hair and brush my teeth and pick out clothes and put them on and then I usually blow dry my hair a little so its not dripping wet and then I put on shoes and by then its usually 7:35. I take Laurey out on her leash and sometimes she's quick and we are back in 2 minutes but usually she likes to sniff around and it takes 5 minutes. Then I'm on my way to work. My weekend routine is mostly the same except depending on what I am doing for the day I will put on clean pj's/around-the house clothes and not dry my hair. I always use lotion, I like being soft and smooth.

I'm feeling sicker today then the past few days. I think its because I woke up with a headache and sore throat. My headache has gone away for the most part but my throat still hurts and my ears are clogged and hurting a little too. I expelled the hugest booger this morning, it looked like a little tiny jellyfish...it was kind of cool and I know you probably didn't want to know anything about it I just had to share. I didn't save it or anything. And I know its weird and gross to check your tissue after you use it, I do because I have been blowing my nose so much I'm worried I'm going to start leaking brain and I need all the brain I have!

Did I not write about anything interesting enough for people to comment about yesterday or has no one had a chance to read me? I sure hope I haven't lost my friendly readers!!! L, E

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shamrock Shake

Mmmmm! I had a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds for my breakfast this morning! I know...I shouldn't have but I fell asleep on the sofa this morning and woke up to a leg cramp (in my right leg this time, I was woken up at 4 with a cramp in my left leg) at 7:05 and I should have been in the shower 7 minutes earlier! So I didn't have time to eat my Cheerios so I zipped though the McDonalds drive through since its right on my way into work and they had a big sign about the Shamrock Shakes so I had to get one! I remember them being a little yummier, this one was really sweet but I guess thats just how they are.

One of my co-workers is out today so I spent most of my morning and early afternoon at the reception answering the phone and catering to the whims of our owner and CEO. Thats also why my blog posting is later then usual since I had to wait until 1:30 for lunch. But I'm not feeling hungry...I guess the shake filled me up...so I'm just back at my own desk now. I bought some fruit snacks from the vending machine since they say "100% Vitamin C" on them and I thought that would be healthy for me since I'm still sniffling and full of too much snot but they aren't tasting so good so I onlt ate about 2/3's of them.

To my Anonymous blog commenter: You are very nice to say that you love me. And to say you will send me flowers and chocolates but as trusting as I am, I'm not going to post my address on here so you'll have to email me directly to get it...and show who you really are....!

I had dinner at my parents house last night as usual on Tuesday. The food was alright. My bro yelled at me and my mom thought it was funny. Laurey got yelled at by all 3 of them for trying to stuff her huge body under the table and making it move. Then I went downtown to return a pair of jeans to Old Navy.... Yeah, I shouldn't be allowed into the store alone. I really ment just to return the jeans, they were $35.00 and I could really use the money but instead I walked around and ended up buying a cute tank top for $10 and jeans for $10 and a pair of cargo pants for $24. I'm going to return the cargo pants though, they don't fit well and I don't like how casual they are since I'd like to be able to wear them to work and they aren't appropiate really. So that means another trip to Old Navy in my near future...*sigh* It wouldn't be so bad except I saw the cutiest jeans ever when I was walking out and they are $34.50 and I can't afford that but I know I'll want to buy them. I went into Victoria's Secret after and they have just the cutiest and most expensive stuff. Wow. I saw tons of stuff I would love to wear but theres no way I can afford it! I would love to replace my underwear collection, especially since I am really needing to, but pretty stuff is expensive! And the ironic part: I'd need the sexy underwear so I could be a hooker to make the money to afford to buy it!

Today is nice and warm outside, feels like springtime! But this weekend its going to be really cold and windy with -30 for a windchill so I guess I'll be hybernating on my sofa again. Thanks to everyone has been emailing me and commenting on my blog...you all are giving me such nice days and smiles! THANKS! L, E

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why Valentines Day Sucks or Happy VD!

This is my top 8 reasons why Valentines day sucks --

#8: So commercial!

#7: Are we suppose to only celebrate love on just one day?

#6: Chocolate and candy give Erin a fat ass!

#5: The price on flowers, chocolates and candy is jacked up sky high.

#4: All the people saying "I love you" and kissing is disturbing. And what is up with "be mine"??

#3: A baby in a diaper with wings and a bow and arrow...watch out!

#2: Single people become extra bitter!

And the #1 reason why Valentines day sucks is:

No one is saying "I love you" to me and giving me flowers and chocolates and candy!! Or even a card, I really wanted a card!!

Oh, but Laurey did give me an extra sweet Valentines present this morning. Around 4:30 I was awakened by her throwing up in my livingroom on the carpet. Once she had finished with that, she came into my bedroom and whimpered to make sure I was awake. The she laydown on my bed and didn't get up until I was out of the shower. Such a sweet pup!

But if you want to send me flowers or give me chocolates and/or candy you still can! Tomorrow is fine, or next week or even next month! And you can send me cards...love cards!

So please don't think I'm bitter about this whole "holiday". I'm just having a little fun with it all! Happy Valentines to you and yours! L, E

Monday, February 13, 2006

snotty weekend

I feel so loved! So many new people have been reading my blog and commenting! I just love it! I'm such a lucky little girl...;)

My weekend was mostly spend on my sofa trying to rest, sleep and relax. I mostly used tons and tons of tissues and drank some water and begged Laurey to "lie down and leave me alone, please baby!!" I didn't even go to hockey on Friday and my dadwas was somewhat understanding about it but a little annoyed. Saturday I met my friend Heather and pizza hut and we gobbled dinner and then went to the hockey game. It was a fun time but I felt bad because I was only at like 35-40% "me" and I had no voice at all to yell. But Heather said she had fun and I'm so glad we hung out and she came to hockey with me.

Sunday was more sofa time and I had a very nice extra long distance phone call with my friend Shawn in Germany and it was so nice to hear his voice again! He's still so unsettled and staying with a friend so we have hardly any contact with each other and that sucks but he made me smile and laugh and that was some of the best medicine I could have!!:)

On Wednesday when I was sick I went to Blockbuster and rented 3 movies: "In Her Shoes", "RedEye" and "Elizabethtown". I liked "In Her Shoes"...the book is better but overall the movie captures the book and its good. "RedEye" was better! The main character women is so pretty and she kicked some serious ass and that was fun to watch. The villian guy was creppy but then he's suppose to be creppy. "Elizabethtown" was kind of lame...just not my type of flick but Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst are cute and they were fun to watch even if I did have to fast forward a lot towards the end. I need to remember to return them tonight so call me and remind me, ok?

I'm thinking I might bake some cookies tonight, chocolate chip cookies. I'm kind of feeling a baking mood comming on. I have been craving devils food cake with white frosting but I know if I make a cake I'll eat the whole thing and that wouldn't be good so I've been good. Baking cookies is safe for me since I just eat a little of the cookie dough and usually none of the cookies. Would you like some?

So I need to blow my nose again and finish my lunch and get back to work! I hope you all have a rockin' Monday! L, E

Friday, February 10, 2006

Sleepy cough cough

So sleepy and exhausted! When I blink I have a hard time opening my eyes again. Last night when I came home from work I fell asleep on the sofa and slept from 6:30ish until 8 when Laurey dumped 3 or 4 toys on my face and I woke up choking on the "hair" from her favorite toy. I was not pleased.... Laurey can't seem to understand or care that I am sick and need to sleep but she did let me sleep all night and didn't wake me up to go outside...a miracle!

I'm at work again today and my ears are still clogged so I have a bit of vertigo going on so my world is spinning a little. I walked/fell into the wall a few times yesterday but no injuries to myself or anyone else. I think I just need a weekend of rest and sleep and I'll be well on the recovery road. UVM plays hockey against Maine (I think) this weekend and I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight and not go to the game. I hope my dad won't be too upset with me. And my friend Heather is going to come to the game with me on Saturday so that will be extra fun!

I want to sleep but I need to go and answer the phones.... I hope you all are having a nice Friday and will have a nice weekends. And send me emails!! L, E

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sorry...I have bronchitis

I haven't been able to write for a few days since I was at work only until 10:30 on Tuesday and not at work at all on Wednesday. I have bronchitis (sp?) and while the doctor said I won't die, I sure feel like I could. I have been coughing since Sunday and today it has mostly moved into my head and nose and I'm sniffly and congested and my ears are completely clogged so its really hard to hear. Ooopps.... I just coughed so I guess thats not all gone too. My hands are like ice and I'm freezing cold even thought I'm wearing my 'emergency' sweatshirt and the heater is on. Probably have a fever...*sigh*

And the worst part is Laurey has been so mean to me!! She won't let me sleep, just keeps whimpering and dropping toys on my face. She wants to go outside over and over and to eat tons of treats. I have just wanted to rest and sleep the past 4 days and she won't let me. She woke me up 3 times last night before I put her in her cage and then she woke me up again with her whimpering. Its just too cold for me to walk her and I know what she needs is exercise. Hopefully it will get warmer outside and I'll get healthy again so we can start walking after work. I wish she was one of those dogs would are all sweet and nice to their owners when they are sick, they cuddle next to them and keep them warm and are nice and quiet...my parents dog Tripper is like that. I useto call her the "Get Well Dog" because she'd lie on her dogbed next to my bed when I was sick and she's just stay with me. I guess Laurey's just not like that.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me nice emails wishing me to feel better! It really helps to know you are thinking of me and you took the time to type to me. I love emails!!:) Always gives me such a smile to have one waiting for me when I log into yahoo. L, E

Friday, February 03, 2006

Need some opinions on this:

There is this guy that I kind of know. Basicilly he dated a friend of mine but it didn't work out and he comes in my office to fix the computer systems. One time when he was here I asked him some for some guy advice and he was all funny and chatty. So I emailed to him (I had his address from when he worked on my computer when I started) and he was all funny and friendly again so I was like ok...I have a new friend...:) But in his last 2 emails back to me he has made comments like "Good luck" and "sounds like you have plenty of help" when I asked him if he would help me research a new computer {he works for a computer company as tech support}. And then I emailed him today saying Hi and asking what he was up to this weekend and saying what I have planned...being friendly... and he says back "How pleasant. Nope no big plans for the weekend. I fly by the minute so I never quite know what’s going on. Sounds like you have an exciting weekend planned. Have fun!" So I really feel that I am being brushed off. What he said certainly didn't mean for me to reply back. Its not such a big deal...but I was thinking he would be a nice friend. Oh well. I'll leave him alone.

Anyway....its Friday and I am wearing jeans today (we can only wear jeans to work on Fridays) and my cute striped t-shirt from WalMart and my UVM sweatshirt and my pink clogs and pink socks. Just thought you'd all want to know!

Thank you thank you thank you to my new readers and commenters and welcome back to you who have come back to read me again! You all rock! L, E

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The rodent said 6 more weeks of winter

So that poor groundhog saw his shadow this morning. That poor little guy! He was all cozy hybernating asleep when he heard a knock at his door. He probably just had enough time to turn over and flip "the bird" before his door was opened (without an invitation from him) and he was jerked from his warm bed and had 10000 camera flashes going off. I just hope he was stuffed right back into his house pretty quick and maybe he'll think it was just a dream/nightmare. Not that it so much matters if he saw his shadow or not, and I'm sure he was blinded by the camera flashes so he wasn't seeing anything, because its winter time and seeing a shadow or not isn't going to speed up the earth and make spring come. But it would be nice. I would love to lay outside in the sunshine and doze or read a book and have Laurey come over to me all panting and wanting to go in the house and lie under the A/C. Someday....

I'm getting an upgraded dishNetwork DVR box this Saturday. The appoitment is from 8-noon and I'm hoping they will show up right at 8 since I need to leave for my parents at 10:30. I'm helping my mom with her children's book drive at the UVM basketball game. I get to collect the books and write the names of the donators on bookplates and put them inside. I was hoping for a free t-shirt or something for my volunteering but I guess just the satisfaction of helping will be all I get. And I figure it will be just what I need to tire myself out for my Saturday afternoon nap!:)

My friend Alison invited me for food and movie this Saturday too and I would love to go with her and her friends but I am totally broke! Stupid me didn't notice that a payment hadn't posted to my account and spent too much $$ and then when the payment did post it overdrew me and gave me like 5 overdraft fees and such since it made other payments put me into the negative. *sigh* So now I have no money for a week...and when I say no money, I mean absolutely zero money!

I made the yummiest dinner ever last night! I cooked up "Peasant Pasta" a reciepe from the Food Network's Rachel Ray and it turned out amazing! Its the 3rd time I made made this dish and I have it perfect now! I brought in left-overs for lunch for me and my friend Sarah along with some garlic bread...yum! And now my stummy is all happy again. Only 3.5 more hours until I can go home and then only 9 more work hours until the weekend! Woohoo! L, E

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not a good combo

I'm cold and tired...not a good combo. I just want to curl up and pull my fuzzy blanket over my head and sleep. But I'm at work. *sigh* I even have the heater on and its helping a little bit but I'm still cold.

I have invited 3 different friends to come over for dinner this week but they all have said no. I guess everyone is sick and/or just wanting to hybernate at home...or no one likes me. I'm dead broke so I guess its for the best. I'm going to make the pasta and sausage dish tonight and then I will have left-overs for a few days and hopefully other then for milk and cereal I won't need to go to the grocery this week. I do have to get gas in my jeep or I won't make it into work tomorrow. I guess I'll return one of the book I bought at Costco over the weekend and that will give me a tiny bit of cash.

So I don't so much have anything to report or say. Just wish I was sleeping, all cozy and warm. Maybe even not alone. L, E

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