Wednesday, May 31, 2006

since my last blog post:

Wednesday evening: Had class, was fun. Has a quiz that was 8 multiple choice questions. Gave my IM screen name to a guy in my class named Swichi and we talked on IM.

Thursday: Went to Swichi's dorm room and picked him up. We went downtown and walked around. He bought incence and we had fun. Went home around 3:30 and made movies plans with ZamMan and then walked Laurey. Met ZamMan at the movie theatre...kinda cute...and we say The DiVinci Code. Movie was alright...little disapointed at the changes made from the book but was good overall. Beautiful scenery! Movie is worth seeinng on the big screen.

Friday: Swichi invited me over to take a shower with him. Passed on that but went over after I took my own shower. We talked and watched some TV and did a little kissing. Went home at 2 to make a carrot cake for my dad's B'day. Cake come out very yummy! Went to dinner with mom, dad and bro and meal was okay...very long! Swichi told me on IM that he gets a "feeling" when he first kisses a girl and when he gets this "feeling" he knows its not going to work out. I was like "No kidding! You are 18, I'm 31! Was just thinking we could have some fun together". So we decided to be friends.

Saturday: Slept most of the day. Wasn't feeling so hot, sore throat. Baked cookies and Tay and his friend Red came over and ate them. Watched "Rumor Has It" very cute!

Sunday: Up and out of the house around 11:30. Went into old old job to say Hi and peak around. Met old high school friend and saw X3. Movie was good...little disapointed but overall liked it. Went home and slept. Throat hurt more and more. Tay and Red came over around midnight and we watched movies, hung out. Tay went to bed and Red and I talked until they left around 6am.

Monday: Slept until noonish. Throat felt so much worse. Slept most of the day but Laurey and I walked 5 miles. Didn't do too much else, just relaxed.

Tuesday: Woke up at 7 with throat KILLING. Called doc office at 8 and was there at 8:45. No strep, viral infection...doc said to keep taking advil. *sigh* Came home and slept most of the day, again. Made spaghetti sauce and talked on IM. Was asleep around midnight.

Wednesday, today: Woke up around 9 feeling a tiny bit better but still taking the advils. Have been relaxing all morning. Took a shower but its so crazy humid/hot that my lotion wouldn't dry. Now sitting on my bed with the a/c blasting and fan blowing. Class is tonight and I'm all ready for it! Can't wait to school already...:)

Sorry I didn't blog for a week. No reason really, just didn't. Have been reading your blogs though, don't worry!!:) L, E

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

S U N S H I N E ! ! !

Today there is beautiful sunshine outside! I can't stop looking outside its so beautiful.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon hanging out with Bethie, Kargurra and his parents. Bethie and Kargurra were working on their laptops, all hooked up to their jobs, and taking their conference calls. I just kind of hung out and we talked and I helped out a little around the house for Kargurra's mom. They invited me to dinner and we stuffed outselves with baked pork, potatoes, carrots and applesauce. Very yummy!

I had walked with Laurey and Tripper from my parents house and exchanged my school books for the right one and then left Laurey at my parents, so I picked her up on my way home. Crashed into a nap pretty much as soon as I laydown on my sofa. It had been one of the first days that I hadn't taken a nap or two during the day...:)

Oh, beautiful sunshine today!:) I've done most of my reading for class tonight and its not really the more entertaining, kind of dry, but interesting none the less. Laurey and I need to walk and I have to go out to Bethie's in-laws house to drop of some stuff that I forgot to give her yesterday. And I want to be at school a little early so that I can get a good seat.

I have movie plans to go and see the Divinci Code tomorrow so I hope that happens. Going to dinner with my parents and brother for my Dad's B'day on Friday, he's 61 on 5/27, and I'm going to bake him a carrot cake, his favorite! But overall no plans for the rest of the weekend. X3 is released on Friday and I really want to see that so I think I'll check that out. L, E

Monday, May 22, 2006

Made it!

I made it through another weekend. Saturday wasn't much. Sunday was a good day. I went and saw "Over the Hedge" with my friend Jason and it was really cute and funny. Then I went to my parents and dad, mom, Laurey, Tripper and I took a walk. The rain had just cleared and it was beautiful sun! So nice to be outside and walking around. Then watched "Tristan + Isolde" which was okay, nothing exceptional except I totally want to have hair just like Isolde had! Beautiful.

Today was Monday and my first day of school! I went and got my books at the bookstore around noon and managed to buy the wrong ones but I will exchange them tomorrow. I also picked up a parking pass so my jeep won't be towed, always a good thing. I left extra early for my class because the schedule said the room is in Joyce Hall but there is only a Joyce Student Center on the map so I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to find where I needed to go but Joyce Hall and Joyce Student Center are one and the same and I found the right room on the first try! There was another girl there, we were both 30 minutes early, and we chit chatted while waiting and that was nice. Her name is Nea (Nay-a) and I think we'll have fun together in class.

There are 18 people in the class and I didn't know any of them but it looks like a good group and some of us, including me, spoke up. I actually spoke up first! The teacher is kind of wacky but funny and keep me entertained. Sometimes he tends to mumble towards the end of a thought but that happens. In the synopsis of the class it says that we will be writting lots of papers...well we're not! We will have a quiz at the start of every class but he said it will be multiple choice or full in the 1 or 2 word blank. And there will be 2 tests but he'll give them to us as take-home. So I'm really feeling very very good about this class!! Oh, and the teacher let us go at 8, 55 minutes early.

Tomorrow I'm going to walk Laurey and Tripper from my parents house to exhange my books and then we'll check out the campus a little. The crazy thing is that I have lived within a few blocks of this school for most of my life. For 6 years I walked down the sidewalk right next to the school and I couldn't tell you where anything is on the campus! In my defense, they have expanded and built a lot of new and big buildings. But I did find my way around today and I'll check it out tomorrow a little more. The bookstore is teeny tiny but the lady that works there was really nice and said I could bring Laurey in sometime so I'll have to let her and Trip poke their heads in. Oh, and the notebook I bought has a pretty yellow color, it looks like sunshine...;)

I hope your weekend was good and your Monday was too...mine was! L, E

Friday, May 19, 2006


It rained all day and Laurey and I just kind of lay around and dozed. Poor baby isn't happy and keeps truyng to rub her eye on the carpet but I keep saying "NO!" and then she looks at me all hurt and unhappy. I might not mind so much her rubbing her ey on the carpet except sbhe licks the puss up after and that is SO nasty! She ate the tissue I had used to clean her eyes this morning when I was in the shower, she picked it from the trash. But the eye drops are working and her eyes are better already! The rain didn't let up all day so we just walked around in the parking lot a little and were both soaked.

I used my parents vaccum on my livingroom, getting behind all the furnature and under the sofa and was quite disappinted with the 'sucking' power of it. But its better then nothing that is for sure. I did some of the kitchen and bedroom and bathroom but need to do some more at some point. And I need to do behind the sofa too. Its all mostly dayhair. I changed the vaccum bag hoping that would help but it didn't so I took off the air filter, it was full anyway, and that helped a tiny bit. So I guess tomorrow I'll attack some more.

I'm totally craving something sweet, maybe chocolate mint, but I don't know what I want and I don't have anything really in the house. Need to go to the grocery tomorrow I guess. I'm so sick of cereal and sandwiches and even cheese and salad so I don't know what to buy. I guess mac & cheese would be good so maybe I'll make that tomorrow. Or maybe spaghetti and meatballs. And I want to bake cookies again this weekend.

Once again it seems that everyone I know is all busy for their weekend and none of their plans include me. Oh well. This is the last weekend until the middle of August that I won't have homework so I guess I should enjoy it!!:) L, E

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Most expensive dog in the world!

Once again my dog has cost me money that I really don't have. Yesterday I noticed her eye was really goopy and yucky so I cleaned it but today it was just as bad and her other eyes was gooping too so we made a quick vet trip and $86 later she has conjunctive-itis in both her eyes, with the left much worse. Now I get to give her eyedrops 3-4 times a day. Luckily she will hold still and its not hard and she will tolerate it since she knows she's getting a treat after.

Last night I did get some good sleep but not as much as I would have liked. I did make it to my parents to pick up their vaccum and got to hang out with my dad for a few minutes which was a nice surprise. I also dropped off the clothes and stuff I have had in the truck of my jeep for a few weeks at the Salvation Army donation center. Traffic is crazy! I don't know when it got so bad but its insane!

I'm sleepy now and have been dozing for a little while. But as soon as I lie in my bed with the light off I'm wide awake. Its a crazy mixed up world!!:) ~E

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yesterday, today and Monday

Yesterday I spent most of the day dozing and sleeping. Really didn't feel so hot. Laurey and I walked in the rain about 3+ miles and it was nice until towards the end we both were really soaked and that was kind of annoying. And I registered for my classes for summer school!

Today I pretty much did the same as yesterday.... I couldn't sleep last night, was tossing and turning until 2 and then I sleep all day again.... *sigh* Its really getting to me but I don't know what to do about it. Laurey and I walked again in the rain but didn't get as wet since it was just sprinkling and stopped for a few minutes. Every place is really muddy. And I really need new hiking boots and sneakers.

Monday, May 22. I will be starting school!! I know I had said June 5 before but talking with my counselor I decided to take two history classes along with the law class. So I'm signed up for:

Legacy of World Civilization I (Students will explore the nature and evolution of the major contributions of world societies from their ancient Near East origins through the 16th century. In addition to gaining a valuable historical framework, the student will also build critical thinking skills by taking an analytical and thematic approach. Themes might include: the changing status of women; the human perception of the divine; the question of individual freedom; culture as a mirror of society; the development of Western thought. Students will be evaluated primarily on writing assignments.)

Legacy of World Civilization II (Students will explore the nature and evolution of world societies from the 16th century to the present. This course will build on HIS 210, both in regard to historical framework and developing academic skills. Students will study history through a thematic approach and focus more on challenging analytical assignments. Themes might include: the expanding role of women; the influence of nationalism and imperialism; the expansion of individual freedom; life in the shadow of war. Students will be evaluated primarily on writing assignments.)

Business Law I (An overview of the entire legal system, with an emphasis on contract rights. The essential elements of a contract, the breach of contracts and the remedies for breach are discussed. Business and consumer laws, including white-collar crime, landlord-tenant rights, real property interests and administrative law are presented.)

So I'm taking World Civ 5/22 - 6/30, I'll be in class Mon and Wed evenings from 5:30 - 8:55. Then I'll be starting Business Law I on 6/5 - 7/14 and that will be Mon and Wed mornings, 9:30 - 12:55. And I'll finish up the summer with World Civ II from 7/5 - 8/11 and that is Mon and Wed evenings, 5:30 - 8:55, same at level I. Wow. I'll be in school in just a few days! So excited!!:) I still need to buy my books and they are crazy expensive too so Daddy is going to need to cough up the credit card for some help with those.

Tomorrow is Thursday. No plans...hoping to get over my sore throat and maybe see some sunshine! But I don't think the sunshone will happen. So I am putting clean sheets and blankets on my bed as soon as I'm done here and I'm hoping the snuggly-ness will help me go right to sleep. I'll let you know! L, E

PS- The mascot for my new school is a beaver...........feel free to laugh!

Monday, May 15, 2006


Well....I didn't think today would have any big news so I posted the one word questions and was going to call that my blogging for today and then my phone rang...............................

I have been accepted to Champlain College for Paralagal Studies! WOOHOO!! I am now a fulltime student and will be starting classes on June 5! I am so thrilled, jumping up and down, huggie and smiling happy excited!! And I have such great friends! I emailed my news out just a little over and hour ago and have had such nice and wonderful congrats emails back! I am so lucky!

Wow...I really hope your day had at least one really good point! Mine sure did!!:) L, E

One Word

One Word Survey:
1. Yourself: Sweet
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Sure
3. Your Hair: Pretty
4. Your Mother: Evil
5. Your Father: Buddy
6. Your Favorite Item: Laptop
7. Your Dream Last Night: dressing
8. Your Favorite Drink: Water
9. Your Dream Home: two-stories
10. The Room You Are In: living
11. Your Pet: Hyper
12. Your fear: Zero
13. Where you want to be in ten years: Settled
14. Who you hung out with last: Friend
15. What You're Not: Satisfied
16. Your Best Friend(s): Love
17. One of Your Wish list Items: Sneakers
18. Your Gender: female
19. The Last Thing You Did: Lunch
20. What You Are Wearing: Jeans
21. Your Favorite Weather: Sunshine
22. Your Favorite Book: Good
23. The last thing you ate: Pizza
24. Your Life: Progress
25. Your Mood: Optomistic
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: Heather
27. Who are you thinking about right now: Yummy!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Today I baked 2 batched of chocolate chip cookies, raspberry pie and deviled eggs. All very yummy! Then I hung around my house waiting for my parents to call to let me know when I could go over for dinner. They have some friends visiting from Australia and were in Ottawa, Canada picking them up. Laurey was crazy extra hyper all day and quite annoying. I took her out on her leash a little and she was dragging me and chowing on the grass. Then she ran all around my parents house and backyard. She tried to snuggle under the table while we were eating but she doesn't really fit so well down there but she squeezed in. My parents friends have a yellow lab back on their sheep station in New South Wales so they had fun petting Laurey and Tripper and compairing them to their working dogs on the station. I left the pie and cookies there and kind of wish I hadn't. Should have taken a slice of pie at least but thats ok. I forgot to take the vacuum again from my parents so I'll swing by there tomorrow and walk Tripper with Laurey. Going to have lots of rain the week...makes me feel sad. I miss my friends. Everyone is so busy. I hate busy. *sigh* L, E

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy brown stained carpet weekend

My house smells like shit. Laurey woke me up once in the night, no idea what time it was, and I let her out but she didn't seem to do anything so when she woke me up a few other times after I didn't get up to let her out again, just told her to go to sleep. Since we didn't walk yesterday I just thought she couldn't sleep and wanted a treat. But at 7:30ish she really started demanding so I got up and went to let her outside and instantly noticed the brown 'stuff' all over the carpet. *sigh* Why can't she go on the tile in the kitchen or bathroom?! She always goes on the carpet! So I let her outside and went to cleaning up the mess.

I really want to take out the carpet in the livingroom, its really nasty from Laurey's 'deposits' and her running around. And I have always prefered wood floors anyway. I really can't afford to but wood flooring or a new carpet but maybe if I look around I can find a deal and get some daddy help.... I'd also like to paint the walls in the livingroom, kitchen and bathroom. Dad mumbled something like "yeah" when I talked with him about it a week or so ago so I'm hoping I can get his help on that project too. Have to wait and see.

Today is rainy and cold and I just want to curl up and sleep. I hope your weekend is better then mine!!! L, E

Friday, May 12, 2006

grumpy annoying

My friend Partalow came over today. After he had been here for about 12 minutes I remembered exactly why I hadn't ever spent very much time with him. He's really annoying! Talks non-stop about nothing and doesn't even make very much sense. He's smoked a little too much of the marijuana, or maybe way too much of the marijuana. I useto find it entertaining listening to his babbling and goofy-ness but today it was just annoying. And he doesn't like dogs...who doesn't like dogs?! We watched "Office Space" which is such a great flick! Always funny. I had him help me take some trash out to the dumpster on his way out so that was helpful too.

Its raining today and going to rain all weekend. I don't like the rain so much, makes me feel lonely and sad. I have tried to make plans with some friends for this weekend but everyone either has plans with other people or they are too busy to call me back. *sigh*

I watch "Aeon Flux" last night and it was alright. Kind of predictable and it seemed like I have seen it in a combination of a few different movies, "The 6th Day", "Minority Report" and "The Matrix" Trilogy. But Charlize Theron is so beautiful...sure wouldn't kick her out of my bed! Didn't do all too much yesterday, just more picking up and cleaning around my house and organizing and stuff. Laurey and I went to the dogpark and she played there for about an hour while I walked around with her. There weren't too many other dogs there but Laurey had fun playing and I got to pat some extra dog backs.

The landscapers came and mowed the yard today, finally! I love the smell of fresh cut grass and with the light rain at the same time it smelled really yummy. Laurey is on her dogbed, chewing on a bone and all happy cute. I was hoping it would stop raining so we could take a walk without getting soaked but I think we'll have to brave the weather at some point for our exercise. L, E

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Go me and my DSL

So...I hooked up my DSL all by myself! I'm so proud!:) Ok, I did call Verizon twice but thats because their directions were not very helpful at all. The hardest part really was finding the phone jack behind my bookshelves but I did and instead of moving them which I couldn't have done alone without taking all the books off [and that would have been like a week long project taking them off and putting them back on] so I just cut a hole in the cardboard backing and went in that way. Worked very well and you can't even tell since the hole is behind the shelf.

Oh I'm all proud now and no one is here to hug me. I hope you are having an amazing day! The sun is shining here and its so pretty! L, E

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All white and clean

I took all the magnets off my refrigerator today to clean it and once I did I realized that I have a lot of magnets and my fridge was dirty! Now its all clean and pretty. And I have scrubbed the counter next to the fridge and threw away a ton of junk, mostly twist-ties and fortune cookies. I'm not very good at cleaning. I guess I never learne dhow since my parents didn't clean alot. Not to say I'm a messy, gross person, just not all scrubbing, sparkling clean all the time. Right now the un-scrubbed counter is covered so I have to put it away and get that scrubbed too. And then I think I'll tackle the bathroom. And the hall closet and the livingroom. *sigh* My house is only 600 square feet but it seems huge now that I have started on my scrubbing the house project.

I went to the grocery today and bought some magazines, I have a small addiction to them. Bought some food stuff too. I love the grocery...:) Went into Kohls too and picked up 2 more tank tops with the little straps, addicted to them as well. And I bought a cute jean skirt that is teeny tiny but fits me as long as I don't want to breathe too deeply...;) Just need someone to be checking my ass out it in and maybe even touch....

Some friends of the family are coming into town this weekend. They are from Australia and own and live on an actual sheep farm. They are very nice and I'm looking forward to seeing them again, its been at least 10 years since I last did. I think we are having a BBQ Sunday evening for Mother's Day so I'm thinking I'll make raspberry pie and deviled eggs. Yummy! Do you all have plans for Mother's Day? Don't forget, its this Sunday!! L, E

Monday, May 08, 2006

It was the weekend

Weekend was nice.... Saturday I was up early, neighbors alarm clock screamed from 6:00 - 7:30 so that wasn't so nice but I did take a nap on my sofa so that helped. I was at my parents house at 11:30 and my dad, Laurey and Tripper and I walked over to the UVM baseball game. Dad had said there would be free food but that was actually scheduled for Sunday and it was just popcorn and ice cream. UVM won 1-0 so that was nice but the game wasn'tr so excitting but it is college ball so you can't expect too much. Laurey enjoyed herself, playing with my dad and shedding yellow hair everywhere. Trip wasn't quite so comfortable but she was her always sweet self. We left after the game and were about 1/3 of the way home when it started raining. We were all a little soaked by the time we were back to my parents house but no big deal.

Went home and relaxed and dozed a little. Talked on the phone with a friend or two. I went over to a friends house just before 5 and met with another friend there. Hadn't seen JH for quite a few years so it was nice to hang out together again. He took me out for dinner at Sirolin Saloon, so yummy, and then we went to my house for him to see Laurey and to talk for about an hour. Then we went back to other friends house and another old friend was there too. All 4 of us went to see Mission Impossible: III. Big action movie with cheesey lines...kind of what you expect from Tom Cruise. Overall it was bang bang good. Worth seeing on the big screen.

Was home around 11:30 and called my friend in Canada and he was so sweet to hang up from his game addiction to talk with me. We didn't talk too long since another friend beeped in ad then I was asleep just after 1am. Slept through the neighbors alarm Sunday morning, woke up at 9:30. Dozed and relaxed all morning which was nice. Talked with Dad around 1:30 but he had invited my brother to see go to the movies with us so I decided not to go. I was hurt but I had expected him to ask my brother along too and since I don't want to be anywhere near my brother and I didn't want to fight with my dad over it just bowed out.

I went shopping for her sneakers since my old ones are just about dead. I couldn't find anything I liked so I went over to Kohls and bought a pair of shorts and another tanktop. I am really addicted to the cute tanktops with the little straps. So comfy! Laurey and I took a nice long, 3.14 mile, walk around 6. We played with some other dogs and had a nice chitchat with the dog's mommy. I had made a tomato pie earlier in the afternoon so I had that for dinner, very yummy! Relaxed and watched a horrible movie, Star Trek Nemesis, and then some tv. Was asleep by 11:30.

Now its Monday morning... I was awake when my alarm went off at 8 and now its almost 10 and I am going to take a shower pretty soon and find something fin to do outside of my house for today. Laurey is sleeping on the floor, snoring away. I hope you all had a nice weekend and I want to hear all the details!!:) L, E

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunny Friday

Had my doctor appoitment but didn't get any drugs. Doc wants me to get out more, she thinks thats not why I'm sleeping and I'm sure she's right. I just love her, she's so cute and really helps me. I had dropped Laurey off at my parents before my appoitment and then I went and picked her and Tripper up after. We went down to the Burlington waterfront and walked from Perkins Pier to the boat launch my the Coast Guard station. Both dogs went in the water and were so cute. Usually Tripper doesn't swim but she went in up to her back and splashed around a little. Laurey loved it as always.

Came home and took a nap. Wish I hadn't but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Feel kind of groggy so hopefully I'll sleep tonight. I'm watching the movie "Abandon" with Katie Holmes (pre TC) and Benjamin Bratt. Its actually pretty good. I had rented it before when it first came out on DVD and can't exactly remember the ending. I wonder what will happen...:)

So tomorrow I'm going to the baseball game with my dad and then dinner with an old friend, will be a nice day and I'm looking forward to it. Its just after 9:30 on Friday night and I wonder what you all are doing. Hope you are having a nice evening and you have a nice weekend too!! L, E

Thursday, May 04, 2006

to finish off the day

My dad called and x'ed the movie for tomorrow but invited me and Laurey to go to the UVM baseball game on Saturday and then see the movie on Sunday. There is a potluck that he wants to go to tomorrow night and he was so cute when he asked if it was okay if he went to the dinner and we saw the movie on Sunday. And thats all fine with me.

One of my friends was suppose to come over and hang out with me tonight but he canceled again. He has canceled plans with me so many time and I think I might have reached my breaking point with him. He had a good reason but I'm still hurt and frustrated. Oh well. I guess I'll just see what happens.

Laurey is snoring on the floor, so cute. I was drowzy all day and now that I should go to bed I'm not anymore. Go figure. *sigh* Maybe my doc will give me something to help me sleep tomorrow at my appoitment. I guess I'll go to bed soon. Hope you are having good sleep! L, E

Rain and sun

The past two days have been rainy and both Laurey and I have been feeling down and lonely. Poor Laurey's allergies have been making her little ears and mouth swell up so I've been popping antihistime (sp?) done her throat. She's so good about it. Today is beautiful sunshine and in the low 70's. We took a walk and only made it 2 miles because Laurey was exhausted and kept taking breaks so we headed home. And I was crazy thursty too.

Yesterday I did get my lazy ass out the door and to WalMart and bought a cute little $10 cordless phone for my bedroom. The regular phone they had just looked so cheep, was $5, that I didn't think it was worth it. I still need to get a regualr phone that doesn't need power just in case of no power but I'll shop around a little. The phone was the only thing I bought at WalMart! I had forgot to check what kind/size battery I need for my old cordless phone so I'll have it to get that next trip.

This morning Laurey and I lay in the sun for a little bit. I have been so sensitive to the sun on my face that I didn't want to be out for more then a few minutes. I have gone to using the Retin A only 2 times a week, it was just killing my skin and face using it every other night and my skin looks a lot better now. I have my pitcher outside with water and tea bags to make more sun tea, I've been drinking it nonstop lately!

Mother called this morning, I really didn't want to answer the phone but I did. She just wanted to get a couble of jabs in before she left for the weekend. She's doing some bike ride through the 5 bouroughs of New York City this weekend. I'm suppose to go see Mission Impossible III with my dad on Friday, and I have my 6 month check-up doctors appoitment tomorrow too. Saturday an old friend is coming up from Manchester, NH and we are going to have dinner and watch a movie or something. I haven't seen him in years and we useto be pretty good buddies so it will be fun to see him again! What wild and crazy weekend plans do you all have? L, E

Monday, May 01, 2006

Its Monday

Well, today is Monday. I think I'm hormonal because I can feel some mood swings going on and I just have no energy but I'm having some crazy thoughts. Not crazy bad, crazy naked. Do you want to know what has been going through my mind?

Yeah, not telling you here. Haha.

So I'm having phone problems. First it almost never rings and when it does ring and I'm talking on it then it dies. Well my cordless phone dies and now the little phone in my bedroom is making crackling noises so it need to be replaced too. I ment to go out and do that today, phone shopping, but I didn't get up enough energy to go to the store. But Laurey and I did walk 2 miles so thats good. And I made sun tea.

I hope your Monday was good, as good as a Monday can be. L, E

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