Monday, June 16, 2008

reason, not excuse

So I haven't been here for a week because there is something crazy wrong with my computer! *sigh* I _think_ I might have it under control now but its still very slow to turn on and off. At leats now I can toggle between programs and it doesn't take whole minutes for a program to load up. I don't exactly know what I did that has helped but I removed the SpyBot Search & Destroy program and then downloaded it again without any of the add-ons.

My weekend was good and busy. Bethie and Kargurra were in town! It was so great to see them and get to spent time hanging out with them. We watched movies at Kargurra's parents house (where they were staying) on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Bethie came over those days too to use my shower - the well water at her in-laws house is gross. She and Laurey did some bonding too.

Okay.... I need to do my lunch dishes and finish up my house cleaning but I'll be back tomorrow! L, E

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Monday, June 09, 2008

(Lil) Green Patch

My new addiction is (lil) Green Patch on Facebook. I send plants to people and then take care of their 'patch'. I don't exactly know why, or really even how, its fun but it is.

Today was gross humid again today! Work was okay.... Was called to ring a lot so I didn't get all the signs posted that I had been asked to do - had 3 different managers/supervisors ask me to make and post signs in specific areas. I was able to finish up the home fashions area but not dishes and fans. I printed up the signs but didn't get them posted so I gave the signs to the manager/supervisor who asked me to do them and (hopefully) they posted them for me. I really don't like it when I can't finish a project, especially when I'm specifically asked to do something but they all understand that customers come first and if there are lines at the registers then I need to be up there.

I have the next 3 days off.... Dad is coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me with a few projects around my house. I want to get a piece of plywood and attach it to the under side of my sofa since 2 springs have come out the bottom and its not very comfy anymore. And I need to buy new plastic tubing and silicone/glue for my a/c drain. So Dad is coming over to "check things" and then we'll be going to the hardware store. I'd like to check out Lowes - the first Lowes store recently opened near by - but most likely we'll go to Home Depot since it is a little closer and my dad loves it there. LOVES it there...:)

Laurey and I walked down the street this evening and hung out with my buddy "Shawn". He has 2 dogs - a yellow lab named Wranger and Bailey, one of Wrangers daughters, 1/2 lab and 1/2 wild beast. Wranger and BayBay are great dogs! Wranger LOVES to chase balls, he really only cares about retrieving whatever you throw for him. He's a sweetie and gives me lots of kisses. BayBay is a hellion brat, totally hyper and jumping but such a sweetie too. She will crawl up onto the sofa to snuggle next to me when I'm inside theie house. She doesn't so much care to chase a ball, she chases her daddy, Wranger, and chews on his neck while he's bringing back the ball. He is amazing to put up with her! They are a good bunch. Shawn is a great guy...we have the funniest conversations, he always makes me laugh. He is a landscaper at the Univ of VT. He takes such good care of his pups too...they are very lucky to have him. I was throwing the ball for Wranger today and was really worried I was going to kill him since it was so hot/humid and he was running and leaping over the fence to bring it back. I made Shawn fill up the dog water bucket (have to use a bucket, Bay tips over the bowls outside) and all 3 dogs had long drinks. They are a cute bunch. Wrange is chasing the ball, Bay is chasing Wranger and Laurey is eating the grass in the corner behind the mower.

I really want to get my hair cut during my days off. Its been far too long and the end are ratty gross. I can't decide to do a 1-2" trim or get like 6+" chopped. I'll probably have like 3-4" taken off. I was thinking of donating again but I really don't want shoulder length or shorter hair, just don't like it on me, so I think I'll just have a good sized trim and donate in a year or so when its grown out again longer and looking better. I'll let you know.

Kinda hungry...but I was too lazy to go to the grocery on the way home from work. Well, not lazy so much as my jeep was about 120 degrees too hot and I figuered the milk would be boiling and ice cream melted within 20 seconds. So I'll raid the back of the freezer and cupboard and see what I can find.

Have a good night!! And see, I am back! L, E


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