Monday, November 21, 2005

Slacker Me

I've been a slacker with my sorry...can you forgive me?!

I had a weekend. I don't especially want to say I had a nice weekend since Saturday I was sleepy and grumpy and sad but I think it was mostly hormonal so I just took some naps and went for a walk with Laurey and called my "Mr Shawn" and then I was all smiley when I was falling asleep.

Sunday was a little warmer and I had to take off my hat and scarf when Laurey and I were walking. I also went to Costco with my mom and dad and was embarassed when they kept bickering and fighting. I have no idea what the particular reasons were but they just were all bitch to each other. Oh well. They did buy me a really nice pots and pans set for my B'day (I don't actually get it until then) so I was happy about that. I even picked the least expensive one there was because that was the one I liked the best. I have a feeling that is all I will be getting from them for my B'day...have to wait and see. I guess as I get older I can't expect tons of B'day presents anymore, not that I ever got so many with my B'day being just 5 days after Xmas. For Xmas mom bought me new hking boots. Its what I asked for since the ones I have now are 4 years old and actually are worn out, no tread on the bottoms and the rubber is all coming off. So it will be nice to get those too. I need new sneakers too since I have worn though the rubber on the bottom of themse but that will have to wait for awile.

Short week for Turkey day!! Woohoo!

Oh...and yesterday I went into my old job to say Hi to some ppl that I was friendly with when I worked there. Some pretty big changes have happened since I left and once again I am so glad I'm not working there anymore! But it was nice to see my old buddies and hopefully we can transition from work friends to just friends...have to wait and see.

So how was your weekend? Did anything wonderful or annoying or bad happen? Tell me all about it! L, E

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today is....

Bethie's Birthday!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to my best friend Bethie!

Love you and miss you! L, E

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I made dinner and it tasted really good!

Evan and Alison came over for dinner tonight with their dog Rusty. Rusty will be staying with me for 10 days while they are in Italy for Evan's cousins wedding so we wanted to make sure Laurey and Rusty will get along. They seemed just fine together, lots of ass and private parts sniffing. I made Peasant Pasta which is pasta with sausage meat sauce and it was so yummy! Both Evan and Alison had second helpings! As Evan was shoveling it in he said "This is good!". No better compliment then having the food eaten. Then we watched The Wheel of Fortune and they took off and I relaxed on my sofa and went to bed at 9.

It was creepy warm and humid today, not November Vermont weather at all!

Oh! I bought the cutiest little Snowman Snowglobe last night at the grocery, only $2.99 and he is just adorable! He even has snowflakes around the base. I love snowglobes, I don't know if I have told you that and I love Snowmen so its perfect for me! I think I'm going to try to build up a collection of me out kids;)

Looking forward to the weekend! REI is having a sale and the shoes I am wanting to buy are $20 off so I'm going to have to buy them this weekend.... Need to get going on my Xmas presents for people too. Such fun shopping, love it! L, E

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dinner at my parents house

Just to give you a quick view of what dinner at my parents house can be like, this is what happened tonight:

As I was just about to take another bite of the homemade pizza my dad had made, he said:

"Oh Erin, I heard from Aunt Susie" (Aunt Susie is his sister who lives in Florida)

Me: "Oh! How is she?!"

Dad: "They had to put down Jasper." (Jasper is their dog)

Me: "OMG! Thats horrible"

Dad: "How is your pizza?"

Is it just me or couldn't he have told me about Jasper in the hour that I was there before we were eating or the 30 minutes after we had finished eating?

RIP Jasper! L, E


Monday was a good day overall.... Laurey and I walked about 2+ miles so that felt good, so hard to be motivated when iots pitch dark outside after work. Job is going big mistakes that have been pointed out to me.

Tuesday has been a good day too. Yucky rain.

Just the usual SSDD.

I wanted to make sure to blog tonight but i don't really have anything much to say. Oh well.

Excited for next week with the extra long weekend and yummy turkey dinner!!! L, E

Sunday, November 13, 2005

sad weekend

I had a sad weekend. No reason really that I can figure out, just felt sad most of the weekend.

Spend Saturday morning at my parents helping them rake and pick up leaves. Mom was in fine form so that wasn't very enjoyable. Even Dad was grumpy and Ryan un-communicable. Laurey had fun though I think since she got to run around the backyard for a few hours. Came home after and took a nap and woke up when it was dark. Then just hung around the house...nothing much.

Sunday woke up...didn't have anything to do until 3:00 hockey game. Went to my parents around 1:30 and took Laurey and Tripper for a walk. It was nice and warm outside but really windy! Went to hockey with Dad and "Good Buddy Dave" my dad's neighbor and watched UVM lose. Those guys need to really start playing to their potential and stepping it up a little more even. Went by 'Chicken Charlie's' on the way home and the pigged yummy! Called Evan back (he had left me a message on my answering machine) and talked with him a little but he was too chipper/happy, and then called Shawn and talked with him too but he was grumpy and yelled at me a little. Was dozing on the sofa by 8:30 and in bed asleep by 9:30.

Such a loser.... L, E

Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm a slacker

Yup...I'm a slacker, haven't written on here in a few days. Nothing been going on really..just been so dark and cold after work and I haven't been motivated to go walking with Laurey...just been cuddled under my blanket on my sofa. All alone. And no, Bethie, if I let Laurey on my sofa she won't cuddle with me, she just keep wiggling until she's taken over more then half and there isn't room for me. And if I try to put my feet under her to warm them up she gets all pissy and moves off them or jumps off the sofa. Little Bitch.

No big weekend plans...need to work though the huge pile of laundry that is taking over my bathroom. Tomorrow morning I'm going to help my parents with the leaf raking and yard clean up at this house, I figure since Laurey uses their yard so much, the least I can do is help I'm sure a nice kid.

I have a project I'm working on that I want to finish and a few other things in mind...:) L, E

Monday, November 07, 2005

Why does Monday have to happen every week?

My Monday wasn't bad or just had a bad reputation. Work was good. Still so strange to not hate walking into work and not hating myself for going in each day. Learning more everyday. I started taking customer service phone calls and everyone who has called has been so nice and patient with me.

I had planned to walk Laurey at the mall since I was going to go to the grocery but once I looked at my list I realized I needed to go to Walmart so we went out there. Walked around the parking lot with Laurey, not nearly far enough but with the dark I am just too lazy. Went inside the store, Laurey stayed in the car, and did too much shopping. Its hard...all the Xmas stuff is out and the cute stocking stuffer gifts and all that kind of fun stuff is there and I just can't help myself. But I did get everything I needed. including the best movie of 2005:


So yes, I have to stop my excessive spending and I will...tomorrow...;)

Turkey Day is coming up so fast and then Xmas will be here and my B'day! Woohoo! L, E

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday is the day of what?!

My Sunday was spent shopping and sleeping. To be honest, I could have done even more sleeping too. Slept and vegged until 11 when I took a shower and then had to rest again since showering and getting dressed was so exhausting. Evan called just before noon and we made plans to meet at Walmart.

Evan & Alison were about 20 minutes late but I had some nice conversations with some toothless people hanging out in front of Walmart. Then we shopped around the whole store, filling up a whole cart! They bought cat food and car stuff and a laundry hamper. I bought curtins, a curtin rod and closet rod some other odd and ends. Evan came over after Walmart and put up the new curtins and closet rod and they look so cute...:) Alison (who went to the grocery when Evan was at my house) picked him up and they both played with Laurey (she was in heaven) and then we both lay down and took a nice nap.

Woke up after dark, around 5:45 and was starving hungry so ordered tons of food from New England Wings; fries, motzorella sticks and onion rings. So yummy! But I think I ate too fast since I threw it all up a little while later....not fun at all!! And to make it worse, as I have my head hanging in the toilet, Laurey walks in and starts poking her big nose in my face to see what I'm doing, I was not amused. By 9 I was feeling fine and hungry again so I had a PB&J sandwich...:) Crawled into bed around 10 and was asleep by 11.

My weekend was crazy...did so much much more then I usually do and enjoyed ever second of it. Only 1 thing could have made it better...nice long distance phone call. L, E

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday of the cars, Evan and Alison

Saturday started very early for me as my alarm started screaming at 7 and I had just gone to sleep around 4. But I did wake up and get out of bed and into the shower. Made it to Meineke/Bagel Shop only 7 minutes late to meet Evan. After getting an extremely yummy bagel with egg, tomoto and cheese we took off for the car auction. We walked around and looked at all the cars that were available that day and saw a few Evan would like to bid on. Very interesting and diverse crowd of people there...I enjoyed looking at the ppl more then the cars. I don't know how helpful my comments about the color of the cars were for Evan but I know I did a good job telling him if the lights worked when he pushed on the brakes, turned on the blinkers, etc.

The auction started at 10am and it was fun watching the ppl bidding on the available cars, boat, snowmoblies and motorcycle. Unfortunately the rather large man sitting in front of me was showing WAY too much ass crack so I made Evan move and that was better. The first car Evan was interested in didn't come up for maybe an hour but it was interesting just watching what was happening and how it all worked.

So Evan did win 1 of the cars, a cute VW Jetta. His highest bid was $900 but the owner wanted $1400 and he wasn't paying that much so it was passed. Alison (Evan's fiancee) showed up unexpectidly around 1ish and we walked around again to check out the cars that were left. Way in the back we found a very cute little VW Golf that we hadn't seen before. After checking it out Evan decided he wanted to bid on it so a few more hours later when it came up he won it for $1500! It was 3:15 by this time and I had to get to Meineke to pick up my jeep by 4 so Alison took me so Evan could get all the paperwork done.

[I had dropped off my Jeep expecting to have an allignment done but the guy said it didn't need it, just new tires and all new front brake work and to have the rear brakes cleaned so I had it done, and an oil change...$378!]

Alison and I went back to the auction place since they had 3 cars there, we were all needed to drive them to their house. Alison drove her Explorer, Evan drove the VW and I drove the big Ford truck! So much fun! We made it back to their house with no problems, let their dogs out and cleaned out enough room in Evan's truck so I could squeeze in the back and then we went by my house to let Laurey out. Then we went to dinner at Silver Palace.

I had never been to Silver Palace before and it was the yummiest food ever! Its chinese and definately the best in this area! We totally pigged out and had extra full, hurting stummies when we walked out. They dropped me at home and I made 2 quick phone calls and sent an email and planned to veg on the sofa for a little while before going to sleep.... Well...I did spend some time on the sofa but it was sleeping as I was out as soon as I sat down.

Woke up around 9:30 when I almost fell off the sofa and went into my bed and slept until the alarm started playing at 7. Overall Saturday was a very good day. I could not believe I didn't feel worse and was hungover but I was actually feeling fine.... Crazy! L, E

Friday night going out

Erin was drunk Friday night/Saturday morning!

Friday started out like any other day. We can wear jeans to work on Fridays so I put on my newest pair that make my ass look extra nice and my pink cute. My new friend at work, Sarah, asked me what I was doing tonight and asked if I'd like to go out with her and her friends. I left work at 1 to go to the doctor (I'm in perfect health thank you very much!) and then hit Old Navy and spent too much money but they had so many cute things. I even bought this extra cute little girl purse. Came home and went to sleep on my sofa. Sarah called around 6 and invited me over for dinner and some pre-going out drinks. So I slipped on my pink clogs and went over to her house.

After walking around Sarah's parking lot for a little while I found her place, very cute! Her friend Kristi came over too and Sarah made us all salad, chicken, potatos, green beans and raspberry vodka in Sunkist soda. All yummy! We hung out there and listened to music and had our Sunkist vodka drinks and Sarah called some friends to get some others to go out with us. We left her house at 8:30ish, stopping by my house so I could change into better shoes (no clogs for going out) and then went to Sarah's friend Caitlin's house. Then we all headed downtown (Kristi went home, didn't come out with us) and parked and then hit the bars!

First up was Akes Place, had a Miller lite beer there and watched some hockey on the TV (Habs won over the Sabres) and the darts. Then we went to What Ale's You and I had a Sam Adams lite there, not too bad. Sarah didn't bring her glasses and wanted to check out a guy and see if she knew him so she wore mine, it wasn't who she thought it was. Then we went to Ri Ra's, the Irish Pub) and it was killer warm in there and I had a Black and Tan which was yummy, first time I had had one before I think. We were going to go into Red Square but it had a $3 cover so we went down to Rasputins and paid $3 there and went inside, had another beer, can't remember what kind, some lite probably. It was killer hot in there and crowded and since I was drunk I was dancing.

[At this point I should say that I am not a good dancer, I am quite white when it comes to dancing. But when I've been drinking and hear a good song, or even when I'm sober and hear a good song, sometimes I just have to wiggle to the music....]

It was 1:30ish by this time and with the heat and drunkness and noise I was starting to not feel as good as I could, and I was sleepy tired too. So we left and Sarah drove my jeep to my house and her friend Steph followed us and then took Sarah home. So what did I do when I got inside? Did I fall asleep/pass out? Nope...I made a nice little long distance phone call to Korea....

And what happen on the phone is just not going to be talked on on here...but I DO remember all I said and all I hear and it was wonderful, happy, amazing, magnificant.

Fell asleep around 4. Wow...go me!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tues & Wed & Thurs

Tuesday night my parents and brother come over to my house for dinner and it went pretty well. I asked them all to be there at 6:45, my parents showed up at 6:50 and my brother about 5 minutes later. I made spaghetti and meatballs (homemade meatballs but boxed spaghetti and bottled sauce) and it was good. I should have made the spaghetti sauce myself but I didn't think I'd have enough time. I had just dropped the pasta in the water when my brother rang in so it was perfect timing. After we ate, they all watched tv while I cleaned up and then they left at 8 and I was able to relax.

Wed was a good day...I'm really getting the hang out my new job and I'm liking it and liking me at it. (If you don't understand what I mean by that ask and I'll explain) With the time change last wkend its too dark for Laurey and I to walk down the road on our normal route so now we drive up the hill and walk around St Michael's College campus. Its not really big enough for what we are useto so we have to make a couple of laps around but its not too bad. Once we were home, I realized we were out of Laurey's dogfood so she had the left over spaghetti for her dinner and I had cereal.

Gave Laurey raisin bran cereal for her breakfast. So beautiful out! I am loving this cool fall weather Vermont has been having! Picked up dogfood for Laurey at lunchtime, there is a vet's office right next to where I work! Returned some things to Polo and Van Heusen. Now I'm writing on here for the last few mins of my lunchtime. Have a condo board meeting tonight...ugh.

I still have a sniffle-ly nose and am using tons of tissues but I think my cold is starting to go away, at least I hope so! I almost was late to work this morning because I fell asleep on the sofa but I woek up just after 7 and jumped in the shower and thew on clothes and made it on time. Just ready for the weekend and sleeping in and naps...just wish I would have some cuddles too. l, E

Tuesday, November 01, 2005



(will write more later) L, E

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