Saturday, April 29, 2006

Only $5 to make your car and house smell like wet dog

Checking my 1 lonely email this morning it was from my dad letting me know there was a dog wash at the Homane Soceity this morning so Laurey and I headed over there just after 11 to meet Alison and Evan and 2 of their dogs. Laurey, Duke and Azul had baths and sniffed a lot of dog butts. It was a nice morning, sun was shining and not too chilly. We were there about an hour and then I went to the grocery on the way home, picking up food and some pretty yellow flowers. I don't have my dried roses on my table anymore, it was time for them to go so they did and I needed some pretty color in my house. And they smell really yummy too. Came home and made some cheese and tomato thing that didn't turn out quite right but I ate most of it anyway.

Laurey and I curled up and took naps, I don't know who was snoring louder. Woke up and just relaxed, watching a movie...Serenity, it was alright.... There has been some kind of beaver or woodchuck waddling around the backyard for the past few days and Laurey has been in full hunter dog mode, barking at it and wanting to 'get it'. Poor Baby is so frustrated with her wild dog instincts boiling but she's confined to my house or her cage when the barking gets to me. She's snoring beside the open sliding door right now, so cute. Its just after 10:30 and I've been watching 'Pearl Harbor' on the tv. The movie overall is okay but that Josh Hartnet is quite the yummy one.

Oh, and I'm doing my laundry. Such a wild Saturday night I know. Tomorrow is to be warm, even nicer then today. I guess summer is on its way to VT. I've been having trouble keeping a signal sometimes for the internet so I ordered DSL with Verizon yesterday and I should be all hooked up in a couple of weeks. So the 'Pearl Harbor' movie is almost over. I wonder who will win the war. L, E

Friday, April 28, 2006

Gas prices, walks and backpacks...and now the weekend

OMG! It cost me almost $53 to fill the gas tank on my jeep today! Absolutely crazy! And that was at $2.87 per gallon. I just hope prices doesbn't go too much higher but I know they will. The gas tank was just about empty on my jeep but I have never paid over $50 before. When gas prices were crazy high last fall I didn't ever fill the tank from empty I think. Anyway...I certainly won't be driving all over for no reason this summer as much as possible. I love my jeep and I like having a bigger vehicle, lots of room for Laurey and anything else I need to move around, but $52.69 to fill the gas tank is just crazy!

The vet called a few minutes ago with the results of Laurey's liver profile. The enzime we are keeping an eye on is still elevated but he says its nothing really to worry about, we just need to keep an eye on it and have it checked every 6 months or so. He always uses the "that's what I would do if it was my dog" line on me and it always works! Usually that means I get to sign another big credit card slip or write a big check but this time he said we should just keep an eye on it. Laurey and I went over to my parents and took a walk with Tripper around the University of Vermont campus. The sun is shining but its pretty chilly outside.

I think I've arrainged a dog walk and movie with my dad for this Sunday and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him. I miss spending time with him when its not hockey season and we don't have games to go to together. His school year is almost over so hopefully we'll be able to hang out some this summer. I saw my mother when I was at the house picking up Tripper and she express her usual disaproval of me...but I'm useto that.

Oh! The computer backpack I ordered that promised my laptop would fit inside came yesterday and yes, my computer does fit inside, took me over a minute to squeeze it in and then about 3 to get it out. Yes, thats going back. I never thought it would be so hard to find a backpack to carry my computer in. I'm going to keep the pink one that I have and just fix the strap so it holds my computer in snuggly even though its not a perfect fit.

I finally had to shut the sliding door. All week I have been having it open so Laurey and sniff out and we can have the fresh air blowing in but it is too chilly cold. I can't take frozen hands and feets. I need someone to warm me up, any volunteers? L, E

Thursday, April 27, 2006

the other side

Well I had a good day, really good day, on Monday and the rest of the week has completely sucked. *sigh* I'm not going into details because if I write it all out it will just hurt more and then it is there and forever. Just having it in my brain and heart is bad enough.

Today Laurey and I spent $250 at the vet and that is just for her yearly shots and liver profile and yearly check-up. I came home and took a tiny nap and then my friend Tay called. He came by and helped me with a few things around my house that I needed an extra hand for. Then he left and I was dozing off again when Evan called and asked me and Laurey to meet him and Alison, Azul, Duke and Rusty at the dogpark. So we went out there. A huge dog flipped me on my ass and not my back and knees are killing me. We went by the video store on the way home and rented a bunch of DVD's for the weekend and then by the Xmas Tree Shoppes for some candles and finally picked up chinese food. I'm totally stuffed full, I had to unzip my jeans!

So tomorrow is Friday. I hope you all have a nice weekend!!:) Maybe call me? L, E

Monday, April 24, 2006

Good Monday

Today was a very nice day. I had a late night phone call from my buddy in GA and we talked for a few hours since he was driving and needed me to keep him awake. He was so funny...he said he needed to get off the interstate at exit 24 and then about 30 minutes later he was like "Ok, just past exit 24" and I said "Wait, didn't you need to get off there?" and he said "Oh crap!" So he was lucky to have me on the other end of the phone.

Woke up at 8 and was showered and dressed by 10. Made a few phone calls and finished up my school application. I turned it in around 3:30. But it will have to wait a week to go for acceptance because I slacked and my high school is on vacation for this week and I need my transcript faxed from them. Oh well. I shouldn't have procrastinated.

Laurey and I took a quick walk in the rain. For a water dog who loves to swim she hates the rain. Crazy pup. I met my new friend 'Manny' for dinner and it was very nice to meet him. He just moved to BTV and it was fun telling him about places and things to do around here. He's still deciding if he'll stay and I hope he will. I went into a store after we ate and he went back to work and started talking with the lady working there and we ended up gabbing for about 20+ minutes. She was so funny and we talked about dating and meeting guys. She has tried some personals and had some luck but she says she's a magnet for married liars. I guess I'm lucky, I'm just a magnet for liars that aren't married. But she was a sweetie and I will definately need to stop in there again to say Hi!

Since I was a block away I went over to Old Navy after dinner and bought a cute top, sweater and a pair of shorts. And new boxers to sleep in. I know, I know, I know...I should be saving my money. Oh, and I had my eyebrows waxed again today too. The chick took a little too much off the right one so I think I look lopsided but its probably just me. Since I'm not working I'm not spending money everyday or having to put gas in my jeep every week.

Today was a nice day. I made some new friends and I had smiles and I had fun. I feel more ME. L, E

Sunday, April 23, 2006

few days

I haven't written anything mainly since I really haven't had much to say. I'm feeling more sad then I would like and as much as I wish I could say its getting better its now. I really hate myspace. I just keep finding out more and more things on there about people I thought were my friends and cared about me but they are just assholes and liars. Oh well.

Its Sunday and I'm back from walking with Laurey. My dad called and I went over to my parents and printed out my essay for my school application so thats ready to go and he gave me a package of paper so I can print at my own house now. I spend some of the afternoon watching a movie and having pizza with an old friend that I had lost touch with for awile. It was nice to see him again. I called all my local friends this morning to see if someone would go to the movies with me but no one would go or was home. Now I'm sitting on my sofa kind of watching "The Fantastic Four" and blogging. I called a few of my long distance friends but no one was home...hopefully I'll get a call back later.

Another weekend has come and gone and I don't have much to show for it but thats okay. There isn't usually much to show for a weekend except a clean house. I'll finish up my laundry later and put the clean sheets on my bed and make it all up cozy.

Yesterday I met Bethie and Kargurra for coffee and tea and then we took Bethie's Aunt out for lunch at Applebee's. As always it was nice to see them and spend time with them. They had planned to leave for home by 2 but Bethie called me at 4:30ish and they were still at Kargurra's parents house. They were planning to launch their boat today so I hope that went well for them!

Tomorrow I'm turning in my school application tomorrow, Monday. Hopefully it won't be rainy so Laurey and I can walk. She doesn't like to go outside in the rain, this morning she wouldn't go out until I went out with her. She can be quite prissy. My parents doggie, Tripper, went to the groomer last Friday and she looks like a different dog. The combed out all her winter coat and trimmed her all nice and pretty. She's so cute.

So I hope we all, me included, have a nice week and end of April! L, E

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Walking with Laurey is like taking her to a grass buffet. She loves to eat grass and is constently taking in mouthfulls as we walk. It is a myth the eating grass makes dogs throw up. She has only thrown up once from eating grass and thats because she ate so much she couldn't digest it all and so she threw it up. I would tell you how gross it was and it looked like she threw up a huge pickle but I don't want to be too nasty....

My unemployment payment for the past 3 weeks was direct depositied in my account this morning so I spent some time figuring out my bills and paying what I needed to. Also called and made a vet appoitment for Laurey for next week, she is past due on her yearly check up and shots and liver panel. I tried to have a whole day without taking a nap but it didn't happen. I was out around 1 after I had a shower and sandwich. But I did take out the trash and recycling and my kitchen is all empty now. Laurey and I walked about 3 miles today and it was so nice to be out in the sunshine and wind, fresh air!

I ordered a pizza for my dinner tonight, since I'll get 2-3 meals from it I think its okay. And I have been craving nachos so I ordered and mexican pizza with salsa and sour cream and yummy things. Its okay to treat myself to things like this every once in awile, right? L, E

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

not for misconduct

I heard from the state about my unemployment benefits and while the wording is really confusing I believe they decided I wasn't fired due to "misconduct connected with your work". Anyway...I have read the letter at least 15 times and while I don't understand it all it does say I will start getting paid unemployment so I can pay my bills and take Laurey to the vet and maybe leave my house a little more. My mail didn't come until after 4:30 so I couldn't call the unemployment office to see when I'll get a check but I'll call tomorrow and maybe they can fully explain what the letter says. I really am smart but I just don't get all it says.

I finished my essay and have emailed it to my parents again for them to check it over. Hopefully I can get my school application in by the end of the week. I would like to know if I'm accepted and what I can plan on for the summer and beyond. Then maybe I can get a part time job or some kind of work.

Oh, I did break down and bought some salon quailty shampoo and conditioner. I know I should have saved my money but I really need to have pretty hair. And I did buy the conditioner on clearance so I saved some money there. And I bought big bottles that will least me a long time. And my hair looks so much better today and feeling 10000 times better too. But my middle finger on my left hand is hurting, I tore off 1/2 the nail yesterday when I was helping my parents put their new bike rack on my mom's car. I really don't think it should have been a 3 person job but it was for my family.

Laurey and I walked today and it was such beautiful sunshine to be out in! The rest of the week should be nice so Laurey and I will need to get out more and more! L, E

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

grocery dad

My dad took me to the grocery tonight after dinner and bought me lots of food and other supplies. It was very nice of him! But for some reason he insisted on buying me a whole bunch of tv dinners, like Lean Cuisine and Smart Choice. I don't really know why but I just went with it. Dinner was steaks on the BBQ and was very good but I didn't walk with Laurey and Tripper for very long because it started raining and the dogs don't like to be out in the rain and I wasn't wearing a jacket.

I couldn't believe it but I fell right asleep last night and slept until the alarm went off at 8. I certainly could have gone back to sleep on the sofa like I do sometimes but I go up and showered and dressed and didn't nap until after 3. Laurey woke me up at 5. She wanted to go outside and when I wouldn't wake up to her tiny little wimpers she finally gently put her chin on my arm to get me to open my eyes.

Oh, the computer backpack I ordered (this is #2 I have bought) doesn't fit my computer. I even called to make sure it would fit and I guess the agent just lied to me. So I have to send it back and search for another. *sigh* The backpack is cute and I would have kept it if my computer fit. Oh well. Old Navy has a pack that might work so I'll check that out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, hump day, and I am going to finish up my school application and get that all ready to hand in. And I want to walk with Laurey and pick up my house some. I figure since I have all this time I should get my house in order. Oh...and if you want to call me then please do! And send me emails....I don't get emails anymore. L, E

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sleepy Monday

I slept pretty much until 5 today. Ok, not totally true. I woke up when the alarm went off at 8 and then I watched some tv but dozed off pretty quickly. Watched tv and slept until Bethie called me around 1. We talked for about an hour, kind of a recap of the weekend. Then I took a shower and got dressed and had some food. I guess all that 'work' tired me out because I went right back to sleep on the sofa until Laurey woke me up at 5 so I could let her outside. Now its 6 and I should go to the grocery so I can eat something other the cheerios or ice cream (breakfast and lunch already today) and I need to take Laurey out on her leash and I should take the recycling out too. I really doubt I'll be sleeping tonight but hopefully I will.

Oh, and my hair really is unhappy. The grocery store shampoo and conditioner is killing it! I need to see what I can do about getting something better!

Laurey is looking really pissy at me and keeps sighing so I think I'll take her outside on her leash and walk around a little. Its chilly cold so maybe that will help to wake me up. I think if I laydown I'm be asleep again! I hope you had a happy Monday! And thank you to everyone who read and commented me!! L, E

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter and catch up

So I did finally get some sleep Satursay morning. I went out around 5:15 on the sofa and then woke up at 7:30 enough to walk to my bedroom and crawl into bed. My mom called at 9:40 and then I was up. Laurey and I hung out until Bethie and her husband, Kargurra. They came into my house and we had some good laughs but that is a story I just can't share with you. But:

My car is fixed! Woohoo! Kargurra fixed it for me. He's so my hero! He tightened the handle on the back gate of my jeep and the replaced both my tail light bulbs. And when he filled the gas tank for me he washed off the front and back windows, such a good friend! I had a very nice time hanging out with Bethie and Kargurra, and we took Bethie's nephews with us to Costco and feasted on the free samples. Then we ended up at Kargurra's parents house and we had burgers and lots of yummy eats. I crashed out on the sofa for a couple of hours, just couldn't stay awake.

I was dead asleep by 11 and had a hard time getting up at 7. Then I fell asleep on the sofa until 8:10 but I jumped in the shower and was ready to go in time. I picked up Bethie's sister, her kids and Bethie's dad and we drove out to Kargurra's parents house. We had another feast! Bethie picked up her mom and Grandmother so the whole extended family was there, including Kargurra's youngest sister and his parents. I did manage to stay awake after eating today but I don't think anyone minded that I had a nap yesterday.

I left the same time Bethie and Kargurra left on their 5 hour drive home. I ran into the grocery and picked up supplies and I have already baked a pie shell and mixed up the pudding for a chocolate pie, and I have whipped cream to put on top! And baking away is a raspberry pie that would be good with some whipped cream too. I did slack out and bought the premade, roll out pie crusts but I just didn't have it in me to fight with rolling out pie crust today. I'm going with my family to one of their neighbors house for an Easter dinner in a little while and I hope the pies will be gobbled down!

So my plan for the week is to get my college application in, hopefully Tuesday, and to walk Laurey every day for at least 2 miles. Also to start going to bed before 11 and get myself into a better sleeping pattern. And I have a project I need to finish up too. Now I need to change my shirt since I have little pudding spots all over it but I just want to curl up under my blanket and close my eyes. Maybe I will for just a sec....:)

HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! I hope the Easter Bunny hopped into your house and gave you some nice beautiful smiles. L, E

Saturday, April 15, 2006

No Sleep 'Till Brooklin....!

Its 3am and I am not sleeping. I have no slept yet tonight (this morning) and I don't see sleep coming anytime soon. So I thought I'd blog about it. Good topic, huh?

I just finished reading "The DiVinci Code" book and I can understand why so many people have been talking about it. In the end, it all makes sense or at least it concludes but I don't get why they use the Mona Lisa painting on the cover since it really had a very small role in the book. I wonder if it will be more prominate in the movie, I guess I'll have to check out the movie once its out. I'm not a religious person, I wasn't raised with religion and I know I don't all about it, I will admit it. But I did like how the book said that Jesus was a man and had a wife. He was human. And I really don't know anything about Mary Magdelaine but she sounds like a pretty amazing lady.

So its now 3:25 and I'm still wide awake. Such fun. Maybe its the 3 Dr Peppers I had to drink with lunch today. Maybe its the crazy sexual frustration I have. Maybe its just insomnia. I guess it doesn't so much matter.

So I'm having shampoo and conditioner issues. I finally ran out of the nice stuff I bought at a salon, expensive stuff. And now I can't justify spending that kind of money on shampoo and conditioner so I first I tried using the 1/2 filled bottles from under my sink but they didn't do good thing for my hair. So yesterday I bought some new stuff at the grocery and thats not any better. My hair isn't soft at all and I like soft hair. And its not looking pretty like it useto. *sigh* Oh well. I'll survive.

So now I'm sitting on my sofa and I just realized I didn't feed my fish today. Poor Superman, I don't know how I haven't killed him yet. I just got up and gave him food, I think I woke him up. Its 3:34 and no one is online on my friends list with yahoo IM. Some ppl are online on AOL IM but they are away. I'm all alone online. I guess I need to make some friends in Australia or somewhere else on the other side of the planet so I'll have someone to talk to when I can't sleep. They show really lame commercials in the middle of the night on tv I am noticing.

Oh, Bethie and her husband brought me 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I ate them with dinner and they were very yummy. Its 3:41 and I can't decide if I should go back to my bed and try to sleep or if I should put in a movie or just watch tv or something I recorded on my DVR. *sigh* What do you think? L, E

Friday, April 14, 2006

friends, manicures and phonecalls

Today has been a very nice day! I met Bethie and sister, her sisters sons and her husband at the local "Blue Mall" and the girls went and had a quick manicure. I have beautiful gold fingernails now. We met the men at the big mall and the boys had new shoes and they were so proud to show them off. We walked around, hitting a few stores and had lunch at Subway (I had a 6 inch roast beef and a Dr Pepper) and then we had the boys hairs cut. Finally Bethie's sister and I hit the bookstore and then we met everyone else at the Dairy Queen and had some ice cream (I had chocolate and vanilla twist with chocolate sprinkles). I hung out with everyone at Bethie's mom's house for a little while, the boys pulled each other around in a wagon, very cute, with the dog chasing them.

I came home to THREE messages on my machine. The 1st one was a telemarketer/junk call, #2 was a friend calling me back and #3 was another friend calling from Canada. I called #3 back and we had a very nice conversation about pretty much everything. Although I did creep him out a little but asking if he thought his parents had sex in his bed when they were visiting recently but he said they didn't so its all good. I hope I have made a new friend and that he'll call again soon....:) We certainly talked about some very interesting things, from when a frined of his had crabs and shaved himself 'down there' all the way to what each of us was wearing. We even ended up in bed together, well me in my bed and he is his bed. But thats together, right?

Laurey is curled up next to me on the sofa. I don't like her on the sofa, I figure she sleeps all over my bed, I should have 1 place to relax where she doesn't sit but she came over and 'asked' very sweetly to come up so I let her. I guess since I was gone for 5+ hours and then on the phone as soon as I was home she is missing me. She's so cute all curled up in a ball with her tail under her mouth. I hope you had a nice day and your weekend will be nice too! L, E

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Another day sitting on the sofa. I think my ass is getting wider from sitting so much. Just kidding, my ass is just fine...:) I really don't have too much to say. Just hanging out with Laurey and watching the tv. I finished my essay for my college application and emailed it to my parents for them to look at. It only needed to be 150 words and that is tiny but mine is only 1 page, not too big. I was thinking of a quote I could use but I couldn't come up with one so I just talked about me and how I feel being more educated and having a degree in a specific program whoo help me to get a career job. That really is what I want, I didn't just write BS. So hopefully this school thingie will work out for me.

Lauey is giving me the "I need to go outside eyes" so I'm going to take her out. To Be Continued. L, E

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yup, it's Wednesday

Ok...this sitting at home is really getting borring and annoying. I'm just about sick of watching tv and sitting. Laurey seems to like me home though, I guess since that means she can go in and out as she wants and I can throw her ball and give her pets and treats. *sigh*

Today is Wednesday and I had my phone interview with Andrew someone from the state of Vermont, he is investigating my unemployment claim and if I should be paid from day one of my no working or if I have to wait 6 weeks. If I have it wait then it means I was fired because of me, if I get paid right away its because it wasn't my fault. Its hard to say if it was my fault I was fired. I guess it has to have been me since I was fired but if I had known I wasn't doing a good job then I would have done what I could to be better. He said that my old job said that I was online with personal things and because of that I made mistakes, at least that what they thought. Trust me, checking my email doesn't hinder my data entry skills. Oh well. So now I wait for the letter with the decision. I'll let you know....

Suppose to be 72 today and I have the sliding door open and the wind if blowing in and it feel nice. I'm wearing the striped v-neck shirt I bought at WalMart for $5 and my old jean skirt that doesn't really fit, its too big. I hope this nice weather keeps up!

OH! The best news! Bethie and her husband are coming to VT Thursday night! I am so happy! I love spending time with them and usually I just kind of tag along in the family visiting and they are all so nice to include me too. Being with Bethie just makes me feel more "me"...if that makes sense. And her husband is such a nice guy, he'll check out my laptop and get it all spiffed up for me I'm sure. I'm so excited...I love my bestest friend Bethie! Hopefully we'll have some fun 'adventures' this weekend that I can share with you. L, E

Monday, April 10, 2006

ethics of friendship

I have decided that I'm not going to fight to be a friend. I have a few people in my life that have dropped out, just more or less gone away and I have called them and emailed to them but nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I fee like I'm begging them to let me be their friend and even that is rejected.

One particular 'gentleman' useto be a huge part of my life. Not my physical life since he is overseas but we would email all the time and talk on the phone for hours and sent him cookies and presents. And for months things were good, very good. And then he was transfered and nothing..... I guess now he doesn't need me anymore. But fuck I miss him. I miss him everyday. But I can't fight to be in his life, I'll just lose. I already have lost.

I was asked again a few days ago why I am single. I don't know. I am sweet and nice. I smile and hug. I'm not fat but my body isn't perfect too. I just don't know. I don't think I'm overly demanding but maybe I am. Once when I was being dumped/rejected I was told that I'm "too nice" and that was a turn off for him. He felt that he was smothered with nice and sweet and helpful and he didn't like that. All I could say was "Sorry, thats me". [The guy was a jackass and I wasn't really interested in anything more then a friendship anyway] Don't get me wrong, I can be mean and I have a vengeful side to me. But I am genuine and real and I have so much love to give. And sex, I want the sex too!

So as much as I don't want these people who I care about and miss to drop out of my life I don't know what else to do. Like I said, I can't fight to be a friend...its a losing battle. And I want to give up but I don't know whatelse to do. They know how I feel and what I want and I guess that will just have to be the end.

My favorite line from the whole show of BeverlyHills 90210 was Kelly saying to Brandon and Dylan: "I love you both, I'll love you both until the day I die" and thats me. I love you, I'll love you forever. L, E

Sunday, April 09, 2006

little sunburn

I have a little sunburn on my face. I was thinking its was just from the wind but after spending over an hour at the star farm dogpark with Laurey today now I'm thinking its from the sun. I'm not complaining, it was so nice to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air but now my face kinda hurts....oh well. I have plenty of aloe lotion and its helping.

Both Laurey and I are hurting today but I'm not so bad. Walking and standing at the dogpark helped but then I came home and took a nap on my sofa and I was cold so I curled up into a tiny ball and now I ache more but I'll survive. Couldn't sleep at all last night! Was up well past 3:30 and then Laurey woke me up at 7:20 to go outside. I took a nap for a few hours right away then and another after we were back from the dogpark so now I probably won't sleep again tonight.... Have to wait and see. Actually Laurey has already gone into my bedroom is all stretched out on my bed, she looks comfy.

I had a nice weekend. I hope you did too!! L, E

Saturday, April 08, 2006

walked so far my knee hurt

My dad and I went for a very long walk today, it was nice. Tripper and Laurey walked with us. It was about 40+ degrees outside and kind of chilly with the wind but beautiful sunshine. We walked from my parents house down the hill to Church St where my dad dropped off his watch to be fixed. We were walking up Church St when my dad said "Do you want to walk down to the waterfront and let the dogs play at the dogpark?" and all I could say is "Sure!". So we walked another ways and let the dogs have a drink and wade in the lake and then went down to the dogpark. There were 4 or 5 dogs there already playing and running around, so cute! Laurey and Trip joined the outside of the dog pack. Dad and I sat in the sunshine on the picnic table for about 25 minutes watching the dogs run around and sniff each other. Then we lashed them up and headed back towards 'home'. We had another quick stop at the lake so Laurey and Trip could have a drink. Usually when walking with Laurey she likes to be in front, gently pulling me along and thats very helpful but she was walking right next to me the whole way back up the hill. We hit Church St and I asked my dad if he'd buy us some water since I was really needing a drink. He did buy a bottle of water and just have a little and passed the rest to me. That really helped!! And we just marched on, all the way up the hill and to my parents house. We were about 3 blocks away when I realized that my right knee was hurting. Its been a long time since my knee has hurt me from walking or for any reason really. Kind of felt like a good pain since I know its from exercise. Laurey was hurting too, she would sit down as soon as we'd stop to wait to cross streets. But both she and Tripper did so well, and we all made it back in one piece!

Tripper drank up most of the water in the dogbowl and then Laurey finished it off. Both dogs went down for a nap right away! Laurey and I went to our home, stopping at the grocery on the way where I limbed around getting food and stuff. I took an advil a soon as I got in and gave Laurey a painpill too. She was snoring within 2 minutes of snuggling down on her dogbed. I took a nap too but on the sofa. Now its a few hours later and I'm feeling pretty good. Had a sandwich and chips for dinner, might have some ice cream later...yum! And Laurey seems to be doing pretty well too, she's so cute.

So that was my Saturday. Its almost 8 and I'm in my pj's, planning to watch some tv and go to sleep early. I'm such the party animal, I know...:) But it was nice to spend the time with my dad and the dogs and to be outside in the sunshine and wind and fresh air! I hope your Saturday was as nice as mine!! L, E

Friday, April 07, 2006

Its raining at the end of my week

Well my week has come to an end. I guess not really since there is still Saturday and then the week is really over at least according to the calender. But if I was working then my work week would just about be over, its not quite 5 yet. But my non-working week is over and now the weekend is here. Such fun. I don't have any plans....I guess just more watching tv and sitting on the sofa and checking emails and stuff.

I picked up my house a lot today, just sick of living in clutter with all the papers all around. And I took out the trash! Now thats not a huge accomplishment I know but since I had 2 bags to trash and 1 of recycle sitting on my deck for the past few weeks and a growing pile of bags with doggie doo in it growing next to them...its a good thing that I finally hauled it all out to the dumpsters. I even took out the trash from inside the house too. Go me, I know. I flipped my mattress today before I made my bed with clean sheets and its all pretty, waiting for me to crawl in tonight.

I just found out that one of my friends from my old old job was just pushed into a different job in the distrubition center of the company. She had been working in the same department that I was in, in fact she took over my 'big' client when I left but the boss and big boss (who we nicknames Shrek since she looked just like him) felt she would be better off in the DC then in the corporate office. My friend told me a few months ago how boss was talking about the difference between people who work at corporate vs. the DC and how the DC people aren't as smart or 'high class' as the corporate ppl. While thats BS its also a little true but it shouldn't be. The people working in the DC are paid less and have more menial jobs so yes, they might not be as educated or have had as many oprotunities (sp?) as people who work at corporate. And even corporate is seperated into the people upstairs and the call center people. Call center are only 1 step above the DC people. Oh well. Everyone is just trying to make a living. I know thats what I was doing there.

So I hope you are well and had a good week. And if you wanted to call me I'd love it.... My phone just never rings and I really miss it ringing. L, E

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I need to stop watching cooking shows. Really I just watch Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals. Watching that show makes me hungry and makes me want to make what she is making. I could go to the grocery and buy the ingredients and make the food, it would be fun and easy but I don't have $$ to be grocery shopping like that and no one except me and Laurey to eat the food I would make. Although I did make a mistake and bought Adrondack (sp?) Lemon-Up soda...not so good and its not like I should be drinking soda anyway.

I need new sneakers too. Last year I walked mine to death. I can still wear the sneakers I have but they are completely worn on the soles through the rubber in a few places. And they aren't very comfortable or supportive anymore. I have known since last summer/fall that I needed to buy new sneakers but just didn't get to it. My hiking boots aren't any better. They are worn flat on the bottoms, no tread left at all from walking too. And the loops on the ankles are broken and don't lace correctly anymore. *sigh*

I do have some nice shoes. I have my Ugg boots but they need to be cleaned and I don't really know how I can clean them. I should have spray waterproofed them a lot more before I started wearing them. They are really comfy since I'm wearing slippers that go 1/2 way up my legs. And I have my Keen shoes that are cute and black and comfy. I wear them a lot. And I have my pink clogs, very comfy but bright pink isn't always appropiate. As soon as summer hits I'll be wearing my The Northface blue those things!

Yesterday was the usual meal at my parents house. We had chicken and potatoes and salad and it was yummy. I went over there right at 5 and sat around and watched tv. Laurey and I took a walk in the snow and it was pretty but chilly. Dad didn't get home until almost 7 since he had an athletic council meeting and then he grilled the chicken. It was good but after watching Rachel Ray I wished I could marinate it and spiff it up a little more then the spice rub dad put on. I asked mom if I could cook a meal for the family except I can't afford to buy the food until after my unemployment kicks in and I have no idea when that will be. So I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.

And I need new underwear too. I've been wearing the same bras for so long and they aren't looking so pretty. Guess its a good thing I am single because I don't have cute, sexy underwear. Maybe someday.....

Ok, this post is sounding sad and I'm really not feeling sad. I had a job interview yesterday at a hotel to work the front desk and I think it went well but I have to wait and see. Laurey was so cute today taking a nap on her dogbed in the sunshine. She was twitching her body and her paws were moving and her tail wagging. Even her nose was wiggling and her lip moving. So cute!!:) Oh, and she was snoring too and making little growling noises. We went for a 2+ mile walk and I forgot to bring tissues so I had to snot rocket a few times. Probably shouldn't admit that but its a fact of my life.

So what's up with you? L, E

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mens Night Out

My dad has a tradition that I was able to witness once again. For the final basketball game in the NCAA he invites all the men in t he neighborhood over to watch and they all bring a dish. They have voting and awards (trophies) for presentation and culinary taste and there is friendly betting on the game. This tradition started 17+ years ago because my dad bought a 27 inch tv and that that time it was huge, very impressive. So he moved the tv into the livingroom and invited all the neighborhood men over for the game. The 'rules' are they need to bring a dish that they make themself, no help from wives/sweethearts/girlfriends. Early on there were some men who would bring KFC or pizza or storebough things but many of the guy would go all out and whip up something amazing. Every year I would get to sample the dishes after the men had filled their plates.

So for the past 17+ years I have seen these men every year. Now the men aren't just from the neighborhood, since so many have moved away the circle has expanded but we have some of the same gentlemen have come every year.

My dad's neighbor Dave has helped to spice it up a little the past few years. The betting system has changed a little and now they use a different system that is handing $1 out the whole time, its fun and there's lots of cheering. [Helps to keep the old men awake!] And at halftime they go outside and shoot free throws. Also, Dave is a big garage sale shopper and he's picked up a whole bunch of old trophies, just random ones, and with his label maker...he has turned them into the trophies for the food awards. Its a fun time and I look forward to being a part of it every year.

Tonight was the party and the men started ariving at 7:30. I had hung up some of the memoribelia my dad has collected over the years. At this point I should say that my dad is a Indiana University fan, having gotten his doctorate degree there, so we have IU hats and stuff that come out for this event. I also hung up a t-shirt that has the University of Vermont on it when they made it into the tournment. Now the men watch the game on my brother's big tv and the betting is shown up on the slide screen. I like to watch as some of the men start to nod off around 9:30, 10 o'clock. Tonight I stayed through halftime and then I was ready to go off to bed but everyone there seemed like they would stay until then end.

Tonight I drive home with a good, smiling feeling. It was nice to see men that I have known since I was a child. These are people that I grew up knowing, I babysat their children and they have been good friends to my parents. And it so nice to have been able to be a part of this tradition for so many years.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

past 3 days

The past 3 days haven't really been too much so I haven't written. I've just been sitting on my sofa and surfing the internet and walking with Laurey. Friday I really didn't do anything until Laurey and I walked and then I went to a movie with a friend, we saw "Slither" and it was really lame and predictable and I spilled popcorn all over myself.

Saturday I hung around the house until afternoon and then I went to my parents and picked up dogcrap there and installed word and excel on my computer (thanks dad's work) and then my dad, Laurey and Tripper and I went for a walk. I went by the grocery on the way home and then picked up my house and ran the vaccuumer and did some laundry.

Today was the big spring time change and so I dozed most of the morning and then Laurey and I met my parents and Tripper and we took a nice long walk. Laurey even went swimming in the pond we walked around, she was so cute. Tripper went in too. Walking with my mom isn'rt much fun, she doesn't talk at all, just walks and is in her own world. My dad is fun and we talk and he complains. He was all whiney becuase he just wore a light fleece jacket and he kept saying he was cold. Usually he really over-dresses so it was a different complaint to hear. I was find in my wind-blocker fleece.

Laurey has been sleeping since we got home, snoring away on the floor, her dogbed and my bed. She's so cute. I'm just sitting here with "Lara Croft Timb Raider: Cradle of Life" on in the background and typing away. Angelina Jolie is so beautiful. The pan and scan in this version is horrible but at least it helps keep it extra interesting.

So tomorrow is Monday and another week. Miss you and love you! L, E

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