Thursday, March 30, 2006

Went for a walk today

Today I went for a walk down the hill from my parents house. I went to a job fair at the local college and talked with some people there. It was good to be able to shake hands and smile at people again. Then I walked down a little further and went into the admissions for this college and talked with a nice gay man about how to apply. So I think I'll be going to school. Don't know what I'll major in yet or if I'll even get in but I sure hope so. I really think school would be good for me, help me feel confident and smart and give me lots to do.

Laurey and I played around in my parents backyard for awile, it was beautiful 63 degrees warm and we both enjoyed the sunshine and warm. I also finished up my state taxes and asked my dad to print them for me so I can get that mailed off, I can sure use the $160.00 owed to me. My unemployment is in dispute, I guess since I was fired from my job that I need to wait for awile or something before I can be paid by the state. I guess it has to do with the fact that I did something wrong and that is why I was fired, rather then there was no work for me to do at that job so I was laid-off. So it depends on what my old company says and since I have no idea what they will say I just have to wait.

I've started eating again more or less normally today. I really hadn't been eating at all between being sick and not going to the grocery and feeling hungry...but I know how unhealthy that is and I want to do my best to be healthy. Last night at the grocery I bought roast beef for sandwiches and lettuce and tomato and chips and I've been eating sandwiches and chips...yummy. I need to go back to the store again for more roast beef, Laurey had a few slices with me so its all gone. I had also bought sliced Muenster cheese, my very favorite, and I did eat it all but it wasn't as good as I remember. I kindof have a thing for cheese and when I have it in the house I generally just gobble it down so I don't have cheese very often. In fact I have been known to eat it on the way home from the grocery and then it doesn't even make it home....:) Anyway...I'm going to the grocery again tomorrow to get some yummy, healthy foods for the weekend.

Thank you for the support messages from my wonderful girlfriends...:) I really appreciate it more then you could know! And Marianimal also emailed me about joining the local library, something I have thought about doing for a long time and I think I might check it out tomorrow! I love you all!! L, E

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I didn't do too much today except cough and sleep. I know I should have done more but I just so exhausted. I was asleep by 9:30 and didn't wake up until my alarm went off at 8 but still I was tired. Laurey had even let me sleep until 8 which was nice of her. The sunshine makes my bedroom beautiful and bright as soon as the sun comes up but after sleeping in there for 3+ years it doesn't wake me up anymore, and my sleep mask helps too. Laurey on the other hand can sometimes be awake with the sun...depends on her mood I guess. Some mornings she'll sleep until noon and some mornings she'll want to go outside at 6, never know with her. She was so beautiful today on our walk, prancing in the sun...I just love her.

I'm feeling sad today too. The emails have pretty much stopped and Bethie hasn't called me since Monday. I know everyone is busy and probably ashamed to talk to me since I'm the loser who was fired but I am lonely...I wish I had friends. The one 'friend' I had that I thought might be more hasn't talked to me in a week, I guess he couldn't deal with my being fired and crying. And another man that I had a mutual interets with has rejected me too, but I think thats more due to his insecurities then mine. So its me and Laurey.

I went to the grocery tonight and used my food stamps card for the first time. I felt wrong using it, there are so many more people who need help then me. I come from a good family, I wish they would support me so I didn't have to "live off the state" but I did work before and pay my taxes and now I am getting that tax money back. I'm not getting unemployment this week, something is pending with my claim so I need to call on that tomorrow and see what is going on. I don't really know how it works when you are fired, if you get paid from unemployment. I think they have to judge if it my fault I was fired. I sure don't feel it was my fault I was fired since I didn't know I wasn't doing a good job and had no idea my job was in jeopardy. So hopefully I can start getting paid soon since I really need the money.

Anyway....its 8 and I'm exhausted sleepy so I think I'll finish this and get off to bed soon. I hope my cough goes away soon.... And I miss you, do you miss me? L, E

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I told my parents that I was "let go" and they weren't as horrible as they could be. Mom said "shoot!" but kind of like she might have expected it. I guess she knew something was wrong...she said that she had noticed I was down for the past few days. Dad was more angry but he didn't seem to direct it towards me so that was good. Laurey, me and dad went for a walk and that was nice to be outside and spend time with dad. Both mom and dad talked about me going back to school and I'd love that so maybe we can get that figuered out. Mom also knows a lady who owns a temp agency so I'll call them tomorrow and maybe something good will be available.

I really don't like sitting around all day. The ass print in my sofa is getting really pronounced and I was bored today. Today is the first day since being fired that I wasn't too sick to actually 'enjoy' being unemployeed. But I do want to work, I like leaving my house and being in the world.

Its not even 8 and I'm exhausted sleepy even though I really didn't do anything today, I guess my body is still kicked from my being sick. Laurey is all asleep on the floor so I guess we'll be getting into bed pretty soon. And tomorrow I have some phone calls to make and hopefully Laurey and I will walk if I still feel good.

I hope you all are well. Send me emails and call........................I miss a ringing phone. L, E

Sunday, March 26, 2006

worst soup ever

Yesterday I had the worst soup ever. Evan and Alison had bought me 3 big cans of chicken noodle soup so I opened 1 up after they dropped it off and I poured the contents into a microwave bowl and nuked it up. I ate the moodles and chicken bits from the bottom but the soup part was so strong...dark yellow and bitter yucky! I kept thinking to myself 'this is the worst soup ever'. After I finished the noodles I poured the rest into Laurey's bowl, mixing it with her dogfood. A few hours later I noticed that the cans say condensed have to add a whole can of water. Hmmm..... Yeah, I didn't do that. No wonder it was so nasty!

Last night I went to bed at 9, couldn 't stay up any later and Laurey woke me up at 7 and then I went right back to bed and I didn't get up 'officially' until 9:30...I guess I needed the sleep! I took a shower today and have just been relaxing on the sofa, took another nap and Laurey and I went out for about a 15 minute walk to stretch out legs, hers more then mine. Poor pup really needs the exercise but Evan and Alison played with her yesterday and that was good for her and hopefully I'll be better tomorrow and we can walk more and then as soon as I'm all better we'll be walking our usual 3+ miles, especially since I'm unemployeed we'll have plently of time to walk.

I'm making mac and cheese for dinner, feeling hungry. Tomorrow I have an apoitment at 1 with the state department to help me with food and health insurance. I still need to get my jeep inspected, so I'll get that done tomorrow or Tuesday.

I hope you all had a nice weekend!! Email me and tell me all that you did!!!:) L, E

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Scared for so many reasons

My life has taken such a different turn. This is the email I sent out on Tuesday 3/21/06:

Please forgive me if this email doesn't totally make sense but I am crying. I was fired from my job today. With no warning, no talking to before, I was called into the showroom by the sales manager and he asked me to take a seat between him and my direct boss, and he said "Too many mistakes have been happening and Carol and I (Carol is the general manager and who hired me) have gone back and forth on this but we are going to have to let you go" So I said "Thank you" and my boss watched me while I put my things into my bag and I went to say G'bye to a few people but no one was at their desk. I went to Jason, the HR guy and asked for my paycheck and he didn't even know I was getting let go, fired. Walking out I said G'bye to the sales manager Dave (not the one who fired me) and he said he was so sorry (it wasn't his decision at all about my being fired) and that I was a nice girl and to have people call him directly for references. I told him that I wish I had been talked with before so I could have known what I was doing wrong and been able to correct it but I hadn't been given that chance but all he could say was that he didn't know and its true since he works for the other team/company.

So now I am unemployed. Tomorrow I will find a computer with word on it and update my resume and go to unemployment office and call the state welfare office and see what I can do to get help since I have no income and bills. I am so scared but I know I will be alright.

So now I am unemployeed. Okay. I'll be okay. Wednesday I signed up for unemployment and started with PATH which will give me food stamps and health insurance. I have an appoutment on Monday to finalize those details.

I had so many emails of support and encouragement...I thank you so much for everyone who emailed to me. It really has helped. Please keep on emailing to me. I always smile when I have an email waiting for me....:) And Bethie has been so wonderful calling me and making sure I am taking care of myself. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends!

Unfortunately I am really sick. I am saying its the flu because I'm not coughing too much so it can't be peumonia and since I don't know if I have health insurance anymore I can't go to see a doctor. My fever was very high on Thursday and Friday, a little over 101 but advil and tylenol seems to have helped and I've sleeping as much as possible. Today is Saturday and Evan and Alison came over and fixed my screen door and played with Laurey and now they are at the grocery getting me food.

So keep your fingers crossed for me...I'm going to need it!! L, E

Monday, March 20, 2006

Wkend, 25 Relationship Questions

My weekend was ok. Not bad, not great. But I am left feeling very raw...if thats a feeling. Anyway, I'm not going to recount the events because if I do I know I'll get upset and sad and I don't want that so I thought I'd go with the whole raw thing and be honest. Here goes:

25 Relationship Questions!!
1) Are you currently in a relationship or single?
2) Are you happy with where you are?
Yes, overall I feel happy. There are things I would like to change but they are mostly physical and I've working on that.
3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
I fall fast for the right and wrong people.
4) Have you ever cheated on someone?
Yes, wish I hadn't.
5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is acceptable?

Not for me to cheat and not for my boyfriend to cheat on me. I won't pass judgement on everyone else in the world on this one.
6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
Yes, I probably would.
7) Have you talked about marriage with another person or have you been married?
Yes, I was engaged once and it was very much for the best we didn't get married.
8)Do you want children?
Yes, I love kids
9) How many?
1 or 2, maybe 3
10) Would you consider adoption?

Yes, I think its am amazing option.
11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think a cool unique way of showing you would be?
Write me a poem or letter. Call me when they say they will. Bring me daisy flowers. Give my dog attention. Go for a walk with me and my dog. Snuggle with me on the sofa under a blanket and watch a movie.
12) Do you enjoy a chase?
A little bit is good but only if I actually get to catch him.
13) Be honest, do you play the "game" when you are dating someone? .
I don't think I do. I certainly don't try to.
14) Do you believe love at first sight exists?

I believe in lust and attraction at first sight but 'love' takes me about 5 minutes...:)
15) Are you romantic?
I hope so, I like to listen and remember the little things that really can mean something, that is romantic to me and I Hope it would be to someone else.
16) Do you believe that you can change someone?

No, but I have found that a guy will wear the clothes you buy for him even if he doesn't like them.
17) If you could get married anywhere, money not an object?
If it was in the summer I'd want to be married at the Burlington waterfront, in the winter Las Vegas but not in a walk-in chapel, I'd want a nice, real wedding at a hotel.
18) Fuck buddy - good or bad?
I think it works for some people, doesn't for me. I have too much heart.
19) Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
I truly pick my battles so I don't fight too much. But I am usually happy to give it when its a funny little stupid fight.
20) Do you have feelings for someone right now?
Does unhappy, sad, anger and annoyance count? Because I have lots of those!
22)Have you broke a heart?

I don't think so, oh first boyfriend in high school...sorry Adam!
23)What will happen if u come and find another person in bed with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband?
The relationship would be over and I'd have to buy a new bed and move.

24) Would u ever fight somebody over ur significant other?
No, thats kind of middle school-ish.
25.)What would u say about all your ex's?
Good luck to them. I hope they are happy.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patty's Day and I have a third eye

H A P P Y S T P A T T Y ' S D A Y ! ! ! !

I have realized that I write my blog like I'm writing ane mail to someone. But its not to a specific someone. I guess my blog is my "Kitty" as in Anne Frank. But it works for me.

Today was a fun day at work.... Almost everyone went out for lunch and were gone 2 hours and some came back drunk. I stayed at work to answer the phones and goof around online. The CEO was so pissed that everyone was gone for so long, it was funny watching him pace around all upset. I didn't take lunchtime so I left at 4 which was nice. But stupid me went to Kohls's (department store) to buy a tanktop to go under my sheer white shirt and then left 30 minutes later having spent $70. *sigh* I shouldn't have done that. So I'll probably be returning a few things this weekend....

Oh yeah, I have a third eye growing right in the middle of my eyebrows. Yup. I guess its a zit/pimple or a reaction to the Retin A stuff I have started using but it looks like a not too little red eye. *sigh* And its right in the middle of my eyebrows so you can't not notice it. All I can do is wait for it to heal and I hope that happens very very soon!!

Its just about 6 and I am sitting on my sofa waiting for my dad to call and tell me what time to meet at the hotel for dinner with G'ma. Its chilly cold outside so Laurey and I just walked around the 2 buildings in my complex and the 2 next door. I hope it will be warm enough tomorrow to walk 3+ miles at least. We need the exercise! So happy its the weekend and I can relax and sleep. So share a smile with a stranger and with a friend today. Smile for me. L, E

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fake it until you make it, attitude change

I need an attitude change. I'm feeling sad and unhapy and lonely but I need to change my attitude because I am letting myself get down and stay down and I don't want that. My company vice president asked me again today how I am and I said "Getting better" and he said "Yeah! Thats right! Just fake it until you make it! Thats what my wife always says....!" and that just make me smile and want to laugh and cheered me up. So here goes....

Its Thursday and that means its almost Friday and the weekend! And tomorrow, Friday, is St Patty's day so I will need to stick with my tradition of watching the movie "Good Will Hunting". Such a great flick, if you haven't seen it you need to! The Boston accents and setting just makes me think of St Patty's so I celebrate the day by watching that movie. Traditions are good.

I think I am going to need to invest in a new cordless phone with answering machine soon as my cordless keeps dying really quickly. I useto be able to talk for 3+ hours before the battery would die but now it only holds a charge for 1+ hour and thats no good. And the answering machine always records the wrong date and big deal since the caller ID is correct but annoying none the same. But if I get a new phone/answering machine then I will be giving up my saved messages and I don't know if I am ready to do that. But I'm not going to open that can of worms right now. Can't afford a new phone anyway right now so it will have to wait no matter what I decide.

Laurey was sleeping on my sofa yesterday when I was at work...rotten dog. I could tell because there was tons of doghair on it and the clicker was changed and covered with doghair too. How that dog isn't bald from all the hair she gives off I don't know! Crazy.

Dinner tomorrow with G'ma and the family...hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm going to try to hang out at the airport with my G'ma on Saturday morning too before she flys off to Florida with my dad (and without me and I really could use a vacation and sun and warm weather *sigh*) but if dad wants to go right out to the gate once they are checked in then I can't go through security so I'll have to see. Just would like to spend some time with my G'ma if possible.

Still haven't had Peep Jeep inspected and since that was due by the end of February I guess I'm such a bad girl. Oh well. I really can't afford it still so its going to have to wait another week or more. Peep also needs an oil change so I'll get both done at the same time.

I think I'm going to add some things to my blog this weekend...links to other blogs I read and stuff. I've been so lazy about fixing this baby up so maybe that will be my weekend project, have to wait and see!!:) I hope you are good. I'm okay and I will be better...I promise! L, E

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

work week is 1/2 over

Today is a little better then yesterday...not totally better but enough that I'm not wanting to crawl under my desk. I didn't end up crying last night. I don't know if thats good or bad. Laurey and I just hung out at home and watched tv. Well, I watched tv and Laurey let me pet her head and ears for about 20 minutes. Then she went and lay down in the kitchen and snored. Some friends called to cheer me up which was very nice...thanks guys! Today is really just SSDD (same shit different day) with a little bitching thrown in. But the week is 1/2 over! L, E

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

there's no crying in baseball....

I'm not going to cry until I get home.... I can do that, hold back my tears. Today is a horrible, sad, miserable day. I have been yelled at and made to feel stupid by my boss and the company CEO has also yelled at me twice. And I made a stupid mistake when I transfered a call to the wrong person so I made myself feel like an ass. I just want to crawl onto my sofa and cover my head with my blanket and cry. But I will want until I get home...there's no crying in baseball and no crying for Erin at work! *sigh* I hope so much that your day is better then mine!! L, E

Monday, March 13, 2006


Yucky rainy day today. Rain and damp and cold and fog. Not fun. And since mom gave me a check for the bamboo curtains I had to brave getting to my car and driving to the bank during my lunchtime to deposit the check. I asked her again if she liked the curtains as she was paying me for them and she said "they are okay, I don't know what I'll do with them yet" so whatever that means...I have my $32. I was asleep by 10:15ish last night but I still woke up exhausted. I'm thinking that I am getting enough it might be the 9 hour work days or the weather but I don't know. *sigh* I'm going to dinner with my friend JM tonight at Olive Garden so that should be nice. Just hope he's not expecting more then getting to pay for my dinner because no naked or touching other then a nice _friendly_ hug will be happening. I brought mac & cheese left-over for lunch today but ate them around 10:30...I was hungry...and its usually what happens when I bring in lunch from home...I eat it early. Laurey was all sleeping and lounging on my bed all morning...lazy critter, she has such a hard life! So please email to me...I need some cheering up and emails always make me smile! L, E

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My weekend, typing while I eat mac & cheese

I made mac and cheese tonight, a double batch of the kraft stuff with the powder and then miked in 2 cans of diced tomatoes with zesty green chilies and the put it all in a dish and breadcrumbs on top and baked it for about 30 minutes. Overall its not too bad. And its what I will be eating for lunch for the next few days so I'm glad it turned out eatable.

My weekend wasn't really so exciting at all. Saturday I woke up at 7 and then dozed on the sofa and watched tv until 3:30ish when Laurey and I walked 3.25 miles and then I ordered pizza for dinner. Pizza with mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, spinich and pineapple...very yummy! Ate too much of that and then just vegged in front of the tv until bedtime.

Today, Sunday, started at 6am with a nice wake up phone call from Gabe. We talked for awile until he decided he needed to take a nap and I put in the dvd "The Constant Gardner" that I rented a week ago and have been meaning to watch. It was good...Rachel Weiz (sp?) is beautiful! Had a nap and then took a shower and was more or less dressed by noon. My dad called me back around 12:30 and said he'd come over to help me take some stuff to the Recycle North drop-off. Finally took the trash that has been on my back deck for a few weeks and also the trash in the house and the recycling all out to the dumpster. And then took the boxes my computer came in to the recycle dumpster too. Dad and Tripper came over and we loaded up the table and stools that have been on my back deck and my computer desk and moniter into his truck and then I met him at his house, bringing along the dogs, Laurey and Tripper. I called Recycle North and they aren't open on Sundays which as you can guess didn't make my dad very happy since he has all my crap furnature in the back of his truck but he said he'd take care of it this week. Oh...and my screen door has come off the track and I asked my dad to put it back on for me but he couldn't seem to figure out how to do it and instead started cursing very inappropiately in a loud voice. This is what he does when he does any kind of manual work and especially when he can't figure out what he needs to do. Anyway...I'll ask Evan to come over this week to fix it since Dad didn't get it working. So for now its a leaning screen door, not a sliding screen door.

Mom was at their house but she wasn't able to go all the way upstairs to get the gift she has for me from her trip to Montanta/Colorado. She was all pissy because my oold computer is sitting in the middle of her livingroom. I had left it under a chair where it was out of the way but she had moved it onto the coffee idea why. So I told her that dad would put it in his truck and take it down to the drop-off place when he took the rest of my things. She wanted me to put it in his truck but dad said he'd take care of it. She also anounced that her book group was going to be there on Thursday and he wasn't too happy with that...not my problem.

My Grandma, my dad's mom, will be in Burlington this Friday night. My uncle David and aunt Ann will be driving her over and then she and my dad are flying to Florida on Saturday morning. It will be nice to see my uncle and aunt and G'ma! I'm assuming we'll go out for dinner. I suggested Windjammer but my mom said she doesn't like it so then I said Sirloin Saloon and my dad was okay with that except it like a 20-25 minute drive from my G'ma's hotel so we'll see.

Laurey is all sleeping on her cute! We walked with my dad and Tripper in the rain and she was all muddy and cute. Just typing away about my so exciting weekend.... L, E

Friday, March 10, 2006

Just had to tell you..

..I went to "Joyce's Noodle House" for lunch today and got Veggie Lo Mein and it was so amazing good! I had to share this with you! I could have eaten so much more then they gave me but that would have overstuffed me and I am perfectly full right now. I will deifinately be going back there soon!

And my fortune is: "You are going to take a vacation" I wonder where I'll be going!! L, E

Lunch yesterday, last night, today and the wkend

Yesterday lunch I spent most of it on the phone with my health insurance company since they need some pre-approval and specific letter from my doctor saying I need the cream stuff, Retin A Micro-something, that my Dermatoligist prescribed for me. it just me or is if the doctor gives you a prescription then doesn't that mean its a medical necessidy? But I guess not. So I think thats getting straightened out since I called the doctors office again today and they said they are working on it but I also called the insurance company as they said they haven't heard from my doctor so I guess I'll have to wait and start calling again on Monday. But there was good news: the doctor said I don't have fungus. Now I didn't think I had fungus and I really didn't want fungus so I was happy to know that I don't have it. I just have dry skin and acne. Yay...I'm 31 and now I'm diagnosed with acne. *sigh* But the dr gave me some pills, antibiotics, and that should help clear it up and once I get the Retin A Micro-whatever that should help too. And stupid me forgot to bring some change with me so I only had $1.10 when I went to leave the parking garage and it cost $1.25 per hour. So I owe them 15 cents....

Last night I was exhausted but I wanted to walk with Laurey but it was raining/sleeting so we walked around the parking lot and then went back inside. Too yucky to go very far. Then, since no one was on IM to talk with me, I baked a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies but I don't have plastic baggies to put them in so they are all over the counter under towels still. Need to go to the store again I guess. I was in bed with the light off and eyes closed at 8:55 and asleep a few seconds later! Woke up feeling sleepy still....

I've had no work to do for the past hour and I hate sitting around with nothing to do while at work. My computer backpack that I ordered came in so I checked that out and its the same one as the picture but its not silver and black, its dark grey and black so I'm disapoinited but I think I'll keep it. Its not worth spending the $$ to mail it back. I'll take it home tonight and see how my computer fits inside and make the final decision. The company sent it in a huge box with packing peanuts and the backpack was in a smaller box inside was from a TV show. Hopefully it will be clean enough after work so Laurey and I can walk and then I'll be camping on my sofa for at least 36 hours or so. No plans for the weekend...just sleep and naps and walking Laurey and more sleep. Hopefully get a few phone calls...hint hint. And I need to do some serious cleaning and picking up, I'm been a real slob this week. And Superman's bowl needs to be cleaned. I'm getting exhausted thinking of all I need to do! I hope you all have a nice weekend and get in a nap or two! L, E

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Computer backpack

Last night I ordered a cute backpack for my computer. I needed a new backpack anyway too. I already have the shipping notice and it said I should have it in 3-7 days so I'm hoping to get it this week but it will probably be next week.

My mom hasn't made it home quite yet. I guess her flight from Denver was delayed so long she would have missed her connection to Burlington so instead of flying to DC with the rest of her group she opted to stay in Denver and visit her brother and his family and then fly home Wed (today). So I don't know the verdict on the bamboo curtains but I'm not throwing away the receipt until they are hung/installed on the screened in porch at Camp Dancing Pines.

I'm all hungry so I'm going to run out and get some food...not sure yet when I'm getting but I'll find something yummy and hopefully not too expensive since, as always, I'm broke. Going to dinner with Evan and Alison tonight and I'm looking forward to that! Good food and awesome company! They have been so busy and sick and I have been sick, we haven't had hung out and spent time together in so long...I miss them. And I miss all their cats too, especially Beanie...he's my favorite.

Bethie said in her comment to my last post that she is going to be in VT soon...I am so excited! I get to hang out with my bestest friend Bethie! And we are going SHOPPING! is calling me! L, E

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

End of the Pumpkin tale

Pumpkin went home to her daddy last night. She only spend less then 24 hours with me and Laurey. Gabe's plans changed and he wanted his doggie back. Pumpkin is very beautiful and sweet, just so active! Pumpkin, Laurey and I walked 3.5 miles after work last night and both Laurey and I were exhausted but Pumpkin was ready to go another 100! She was bouncing all over me and Laurey when we walked back in my house...put her in her cage with water and food and Laurey and I colapsed on my bed. Then after I got up the energy to get back out of bed Pumpkin and I drove to her house and Gabe and I hung out for about and hour...he's a crazy channel flipper...and then I was home and in bed!

I feel so exhausted...I think its from stress. I feel bad saying that watching my friends dogs is stressful especially since having a pet is suppose to help un-stress you. But it was nice to have extra doggie friends around...:)

Oh, Evan and Alison come though with awesome gifts: 6 apple cider donuts, a special big crunchy treat for Laurey and a bottle of odor remover for carpets and they are taking me to dinner at Silver Palace on Wednesday...such yummy food! Gabe gave me three hugs and said that I didn't let him down in taking care of Pumpkin and that was present enough. I just feel so bad that I had to keep Pumpkin in her cage so much. She just wants to play and be loved...right? And she was in her cage for 10 hours when I was at work, a very long time for such a young dog. I'm sure she is terrorizing Gabe a little extra today after being with me...:)

Mom is back from Big Ski Montana so I'm going over there for dinner tonight. I have bought her 3 bamboo curtains for the porch at her summer house at Lake Dunmore and hopefully she'll like them. If not I'll be taking them back to the Christmas Tree Shops on the way home! Going to try to crawl into bed early tonight, I need some sleep! L, E

Monday, March 06, 2006

You will not believe what I have gotten myself into now....

I have this friend, we'll call him Gabe since that is his name. He has a 4 and 1/2 month old puppy named Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a Vizsla. I have never met that breed of dog before. She is f'ing insane! Its like having the Tasmanian Devil on crack and speed at the end of a leash. When I was walking her and poor Laurey this she tangled Laurey's leash around her neck and didn't seem to noice or care that she was strangling herself. Now...why was I walking Pumpkin this morning you ask. Well...nice Erin volunteered to watch Pumpkin because Gabe's friend has a family emergency he is helping his friend out with and he has to drive to Ohio and can't take the "dog". So I said "Oh, I'd love to take care of Pumpkin".

This dog is insane! She doesn't stop moving for 1/2 a second. She likes for you to pick her up with she just keeps moving her arms and legs and scratched my chin with the sharp talons that grow from her toes...they aren't just claws! And she desperately wants to play with Laurey... and Laurey hates her. HATES HER! Pumpkin wants to play but Laurey just don't want to. So she growls and shows her teeth and ugly face. She even went into her cage to try to get away from Pumpkin. And Pumkin just wants to play. *sigh*

So Pumpkin is in her cage at my house right now and I'm sure Laurey is sleeping/ignoring her. I called Doggie Daycare and plan to drop off Pumpkin there tomorrow for the day...maybe if she's been playing there all day she'll be exhausted and leave Laurey alone. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Oh...and I'm getting Chinese food for lunch! Yum! L, E


Please don't think I dislike this puppy or regretting taking her, I don't! I just wish I could take better care of her and not have to keep her in her crate so much. And I wish she'd settle down so I could pet her. And I really admire Gabe for dropping everything, including his puppy, to help his friend. He's an amazing man and friend.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My friends dog

My friends dog has managed to piddle on my carpet in the livingroom 3 times that I have found and to wake me up at 5am this morning. Then he wouldn't eat his breakfast so Laurey gobbled most of it down. It wouldn't be so bad except he eats canned food and that doesn't usually agree with Laurey's stummy since she only eats crunchy food. And he takes medicine since he is elderly and has joint problems so now Laurey has eaten his medicine.... But other then all of that he seems to be fine. He slept in the livingroom on Laurey's dogbed and then after I woke up at 5 and let them both outside and took a nap on the sofa, he went and slept in my bedroom on Laurey's bed in there. He hasn't slept on his bed that Evan and Alison brought over for him...odd. But I did find the smell...his bed. So I sprayed some clorex fresh scent stuff on it and it doesn't smell anymore so thats good! Oh...his name is Rusty and he's white with brown and black spots and a black nose and brown ears. So if I leave my house today I think I will leave him in the bathroom so if he does piddle it will be on the tile. *sigh* Evan and Ali better bring me back a really good present for taking care of him! L, E

Friday, March 03, 2006

Look Ma, no cavities!

Another successful dental cavities! Woohoo! Or is it spelled cavaties? I don't so much care since I don't have any. But the cleaning chick said I should floss more...hate doing that.

I was suppose to hang out with a friend tonight but he bailed since he checked the weather and we are getting some snow and cold. I understand and its fine...just would have been nice to hang out with him is all. And he was going to bring his puppy. I will be having 2 dogs with me this weekend, I'm watching my friend Evan and Alison's dog Rusty so that will be fun but he's old and isn't very active. And he likes to get up an old man I know (aka Dad). Anyway....

I'm still totally in love with my computer.... I had a name suggestion of "SpankyPants" but I don't know that I'm feeling that so any suggestions would be great!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Get lots of sleep and rest and take a nap for me. Hug and kiss your special someone/someones for me too! L, E

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What song would I strip to?

Your Stripper Song Is
I'm" a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears
"I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it."
You may seem shy, but you can let your wild side out when you want to!
What Song Should You Strip To?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Is the week over yet?

In response to Bethie saying she was surprised that I went back to Hooters after what happened when I went with them, she is right.... Hooters is not where I would pick for dinner but my dad wanted to go and since he was paying, and I knew we wouldn't order wings, I didn't think I could argue. I ran over to my dad's neighbors house to drop off some things for him and I told him we were going to Hooters for dinner and he laughed because my dad had been harping him to go eat there and he wouldn't. I had also heard the food was really good there and my cheeseburger was ok, but it wasn't any better then I could have gotten somewhere else and I have had better. But its a nice bright place with TV and music so it was fun. Since it was trivia night all the Hooters Girls were in costumes, not the normal tank top and short shorts, so they all had on either angel wings and halos or devil horns...I think my dad and brother enjoyed it a little too much. Plus one Chick kept walking back and forth by our table and she had a little too much bounce in her step...if you get what I mean.


My boss brought in his dog to work again today. His dog is a sweet, loveable Rotteweiler (sp?) named Dozer and I think I should ask him to be my boyfriend since he gives me kisses and today he crawled onto my lap and put his arms around my neck and hugged me. That was the most action I have had in a long time! Although he seems to like to kiss (lick) my neck and chin mostly which is fine with me since I'm not into tongue kissing with a dog...a man is a different story. I have always tried to be careful to keep my "dating" life out of my blog since I just don't want to be typing that sad story here but I know a little has trickled in, especially the upset/sad/hurt part so I hope you all don't mind my talking about Dozer. Dozer had a surgery yesterday, he had some cancerous tumors removed from his side already and he had another tumor removed yesterday so he needs to be watched so he doesn't eat out his staples. Plus he's in pain and he likes to be around people, especially his daddy. Right now Dozer is in his daddy's office curled up at his feet taking a nap. A nap sounds nice right now but not on the floor under a desk...would rather have a nap on my sofa at home, cuddled under my fuzzy blanket!

I am ready for the week to be over! I really wish a work week was just 4 days not 5. Working 4 days and having 3 off is much better I think! Really gives you time to relax and unwind and get all that you need to done. Maybe I should write to President Bush and give him the idea of 4 day work weeks. Do you think he would listen? Maybe I should just write to Hilary Clinton.

Oh! I was thinking "SnowDaisy" for my computer name. What do you think? Also "SuperStar". But I don't know for sure yet. As always...thank you for reading me! L, E

OMG! I almost forgot the best part of today...I have my Girl Scout cookies! I will admit I have already opened the box of Peanut Butter Patties and had a few of yummy! *sigh* At least it will be worth getting a fat ass to eat the cookies.

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