Sunday, September 28, 2008

Goodnight Mr Newman

I just read that Paul Newman died last Friday, 9/26/08. He was 83. I have always been impressed with him and how he has created a strong business with his "Newman's Own" food products. I've been using his salad dressing for most of my life and eaten lots of his spaghetti sauce. And his "oreo" cookies are SO much better then the real oreos and/or hydrox.

Thank you Mr helped a lot of people. I appreciate all you did and all that will be done with what you have started.


Worked yesterday, BUSY! Worked today, was on customer service desk almost the whole time, BUSY again, but I like the CS desk so its all good. I work tomorrow too but then I'm off until Saturday - too many days off!

Okay, I've been up since 5:30am and will be up again tomorrow at 5:30am so I am going to watch "The Simpsons" that I just recorded and then crawl into bed. I hope you are having a nice weekend!!! L, E

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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I actually do have a good reason this time for being away.... I have been mourning the loss of my DVD player. Yes, she has died. *sigh*

I started getting an error message and hearing a loud grinding noise a few days ago so I took the cover off and some screws out to try to see if there was doghair or something inside that I could remove and I was able to get it working again but last night (Friday) the error messages started again and the grinding noise was back. So I opened it all up again, taking out more parts this time to try to clean the laser eye. And I had it working again! But when I started putting it all back together I guess I pulled something wrong because now its totally dead - no little red "yes I have power" light. :(

Oh well....

When the error messages first started I poked around online and found a nice little Sony home theatre and DVD system for $320.00 that I like and my plan is to save up for a few (hopefully only a few) weeks and buy it. My home theatre system hasn't been working 100% since I moved to my condo 6+ years ago and when I took it apart to move it to move in my new TV stand (this was back about 2/3 months ago) it hasn't been working as it should again. So I'd rather not buy just a new DVD player when I need a new home theatre system too and the systems I can buy (to use in a condo with shared walls) come with DVD players.

So I am DVD player-less now.... Only really sucks because I have DVD's I actually want to watch. I bought the complete series of "Earth2" and have watched the first 2 discs and want to watch the last 2. I _can_ watch them on my laptop...but just not the same as watching on my nice TV.

Other sadness - Mouse Baby is not doing well. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that she wasn't walking around very well and even before that I realized that she hasn't been running in her wheel - she never has used the wheel like her momma Lola did but she would get in there a little - she's more of a eater then an exerciser. So when I picked her up I saw she has a large (large against her tiny size) growth on her side, just above where her left hind leg is. Poor baby. I've checked the lump every couple of days and its definitely growing but she is still able to move around the cage even though her little leg is pushed back by the growth. I really hate to say it (even think it!) but I hope she dies quickly because I don't want her to suffer. I'm worried that she won't be able to move and she'll starve to death, not able to walk/drag herself to the food and water. Even without trying to save my $$ for anything I just can't justify bringing her to a vet....


Laurey and I are well. I had Tues - Fri off from work this week (and will again next week) so my house is killer clean - even mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors yesterday. All laundry is clean. Dishwasher is empty. All lightbulbs are working. I'm going to have to figure out some projects to do for next week!

THANK YOU to Marianimal and K for not giving up on me! L, E

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Famous Ex

I took my dad's truck to my mechanic to have a state inspection and the oil changed. While I was waiting I read the local paper. I almost never get to read the paper anymore since I don't have a subscription (wouldn't really want one, I wouldn't read it daily) and can almost never find it in the breakroom at work anymore. There was a small piece on Burlington High School graduated that have gone on to "fame and fortune" on Broadway and in Hollywood. Well...guess what! My first boyfriend (also my first exboyfriend) is quite famous!

I knew he was in Los Angeles and 'trying' to be an actor but I had NO idea he was a star on a show! Yup! He is! His name is Adam Grimes and he plays Kyle Julian on General Hospital Night Shift.

Check him out:

I recorded his show last night and watched it this morning. Well...unfortunately the part that most impressed me about the show is that Adam is acting with Billy Dee Williams. (And Antonio Sabato Jr, yum!) Wow! My ex knows Lando Calrissian! Definately going to have to brag about that some.... (I know, I know - strange thing to brag about but whatelse do I have?)

Adam really looks just about the same as he did back in high school. We "dated" towards the end of my 10th grade and his 9th grade. He was a total sweetie. I know I was the one to break up with him. I don't even think I had a good reason, or ANY reason. *sigh* He never forgave me. In fact I don't think he even ever talked to me again. Memories....

Okay. Where have I been? I've been here. I have been reading my regular blogs (see right side of page) but I haven't been commenting. And I haven't been blogging. I don't know. But I am here. I am alive.

Laurey is here too. Well, actually she's on her dogbed having a snore. We walked 2+ miles today and she followed me around the house - hard to do in 604 square feet but she did it. Right now I'm watching "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends"...NOTHING on TV lately. I can't wait for the new seasons to start on my shows. I have my DVR all ready to record. Woohoo!!:)

I hung a new quilt on my wall this afternoon. Its a beautiful Nautica twin sized, navy blue trim and lighter blue, some orange and white with different squares in plaid and hibiscus flowers. I bought it at work a few weeks ago...paid about $40 for it. So stupid since its only going to hang on my wall! I was going to buy it queen size so I could use it on my bed too at some point but it was $10 more and I felt that I was wasting too much money if I did that. I love the quilt but with the two navy blue stripes around the outer edge it looks really dark but I just need to get useto it. My new TV stand compliments the quilt too...LOVE IT!

Alright...I'm back Baby! L, E

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