Saturday, July 28, 2007

Incorrect Flight Info

My parents have been in Ireland for the past 3+ weeks and are flying home tonight. I am to pick them up at the airport so I went online to check what time their flight will be in since I know it won't really be the time on the itinery my mom gave me. Well...not only is the time she gave me completely wrong, the flight number is wrong too! So I spent 20 minutes on hold and trying to get the International USAir operator to understand me enough to give me the correct flight #. But we figuered it out. And their flight should be in around 10...not 9:15 like mommy said. I have no idea how she looped up the flight # because the correct one is NOTHING like the incorrect one but I guess it happens.... I actually had expected them to call me from Philadelphia since they had a 4+ hour layover there but they don't have a USA cellphone (just took the international one with them this trip) and I guess using the calling card would have been too hard. Its fine...I don't need them to remind me to pick them up, just would have been nice to get the right info.

Yesterday I had my jeep inspected (only 3 months late) and then ordered the parts to fix the damage to the side above-wheel fender fixed so my jeep is no legal to drive - don't worry, I was driving anyway...:) - and won't have the gaping felder flapping on the right side anymore after Wednesday. Yay!

Laurey is snoring on the floor.... She is so cute, I just love her! I did give up 4 of the mice yesterday...:( Yesterday, after I cleaned the cage and was putting the mice back in, I noticed that the tiny one had her ear chewed and her neck was all red, no fur on it. Poor little baby had been attacked by her sisters! I called the vet and they said that I shouldn't have more then 2 in the cage. They are almost 1 year old and 6 in 1 cage is too many. I called the Humaine Society but they couldn't take them so I took 4 of them to the pet store. I kept Lola and the hurt baby...hopefully she'll recover! Its so quiet on the table now with just big fat Lola and hurt baby. AND, since I just have 2 mice, and can tell which one is Lola since she's crazy chubby, I get to name the other mouse! I'm thinking Nellie...after Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie. What do you think? L, E

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm always blogging in my mind, does that count?

I am always blogging in my mind...thinking to myself what I should/could type here or write to a friend for a letter or just what I should have said or could say. I just haven't been typing it out. *sigh*

Since my last post I've been fine. Lets see...:

Cookies came out okay. The chocolate chip ones were always. I have baked so many batches of chocolate chip cookies that I could do it with my eyes closed. The chocolate toffee chip ones weren't perfect. I'm pretty sure I leftout 1/2 a cup of flour. The dough was crazy sticky when I was putting it on the trays to bake but they tasted yummy, just weren't holding together like that should. The canister I keep the flour in is small and its too hard to fit the 1 cup measure into it so I use the 1/2 cup and I'm guessing that I did 'a my bad' and only scooped 3 not 4. Oh well. I'll bake some more soon and see if I can get it right. I didn't go into work that day, Friday, for the BBQ/potluck. I just couldn't get myself to go in on a day off. And that was fine. I brought in the cookies on Saturday and they were woofed down.

Saturday and Sunday I worked and it was constant but not busy at all like it had been. I don't blame people, it was BEAUTIFUL outside and I wouldn't have been in a store (unless I was working) too. Oh, and when I was driving home on Saturday, I was just cruising along like I always do, all relaxed and enjoying the beautiful-ness, the prick in the car in front of me suddenly slams on his brakes and sticks his middle finger out his open window at me. Stupidly I pull up alongside him and he yells at me that I'm tailgating and calls me some not nice names. Wow! I'm certainly sorry he felt I was tailgating him but I wasn't, not at all. And if he thought I was then he must have a problem with every car that is behind him. Oh well. I was really quite upset by it and scared....just lay on the sofa for the evening and huddled under my blanket. But I just kept telling myself that maybe he had a really bad day or someone he loved just died.... Sunday Laurey and I walked after I got home from work. It had been a long time since we did out 3 mile walk and it was hard to make myself do it but once we were down the street and working our way around the circle in the industrial park it was just fine and I felt so good to be outside and moving. And Laurey loved it too!

Monday I worked and unfortunately was somewhat grumpy.... Laurey and I walked again after work, stopping at the property management company (their office is right along where we walk) and then cooked up some pasta with blognaise (sp?) sauce for dinner. Tuesday I worked but didn't go in until 12 but was out at 6 so it was okay. Unfortunately it was my bad hormones day of the month so I wasn't my usual self...but I also was yelled at my a very evil lady buying a orchid plant. I scanned the plant very carefully and went to put it on the back part of my counter when she screamed "Don't you DARE put that in a bag!!" so I said "okay" and gently put the plant on the counter right in front of her (and between us) and went put a 'paid' sticker on it when she said "NO! I don't want that on it!!" so I said again "okay". She paid and walked out with her orchid. It was amazing....I just felt like I had been slapped by her words and tone. I just don't get why people have to be that way. Oh well. I talked with my boss about it, just so they knew what happened in case she complained about me or anything and she said that she, also, has no idea why people feel the need to be so evil/mean.

Today is Wednesday. I have today off from work and have threapy at 11. Then I need to go to the city hall to try to get some info for the condo association and then I'm hanging out with my friend Lainey for awile. I'm giving her the black 2 drawer file cabinet that I had picked up from the "take or leave" pile in front of the Redstone dorm at the University of Vermont last spring during the dorm moveout. I had planned to use it for condo storage but I had everything in the 4 file boxes and took it all to the new property management company. So the cabinet is just sitting empty in my livingroom. Its a very nice cabinet but I have one already that Bethie and Kargurra gave me so I don't need it. I posted on My Space that I had a 2 drawer cabinet to give and Lainey said that she could use it. Yay! Oh, and Marianimal emailed me about it too. She made me laugh so hard!!! I said in my post "free delivery" and she lives in Texas....:)

So Laurey and I didn't walk yesterday - Tuesday - but she needed a day off too and I was too tired/grumpy/hormonal. But we'll be walking today!

Dad and Mom are home from Ireland on Saturday night, I'm picking them up from the airport. My plan for Friday is to clean out my jeep and get it inspected so that (maybe) Dad won't complain about the doghair when he climbs in. And it does need to be cleaned out! There is more then enough doghair in there to make another Laurey-sized dog! Ok, going to jump into the shower and get moving on my day. And THANK YOU for reading me.... L, E

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Friday, July 20, 2007

600 count

I bought new sheets for my bed yesterday. I went with a 600 thread count, 100% cotton, in a 'natural' color. They are 100% natural and organic, no dyes or poisons. And I paid $85 something for them, that is including my 20% discount.

Where have I been? I've been here....home. Been working about 32 hours a week at Xmas Trees and hanging with Laurey. I turned all the condo stuff over to the new property management company by the 10th of this month. It was hard to let it all go since I had been handling pretty much all of it for over 10 months but I couldn't do it anylonger for free. And it was time to let it go.... I am still dealing with a few lingering problems/issues but overall the condo association has settled down. We are current on all bills and have a budget that is over-estimated. I set everything up very well and it (should) be good to go for the next 12 months.

My parents are in Ireland about 1/2 way though a 2 week hike. They have called twice and both ask "Is everything alright?!" and I don't know why they keep asking that.... Seems to me that asking "What's up?" or "How are things going" would be more appropiate since all my 'everythings' have been 'alright' for a long time. Overall my life is fine....nothing bad but nothing exceptionally good too. I've been feeling really lonely lately but when I tried to reach out to friends and coworkers they are all either too busy or not interested in hanging out w/ me.

I haven't been blogging and I don't know why. Just had no desire to type.... I remember when I first started blogging I would have to stop myself from not blogging 3 times a day! So I don't know.....

Laurey is good...she's sleeping on the floor right now, just lay her head down and wiggled a little to snuggle in. She's so cute and I love her so much! I have today off from work and no appoitments or plans - there is a BBQ at work today that I said I'd bring in cookies for so I am waiting for the frozen butter to soften up and then I am going to bake a batch of chocolate chip and of chocolate w/ toffee bits cookies....YUM! And I need to swing by my parents house to pick up some mail so I'm thinking I'll bring Laurey and we'll take a walk with Tripper. I'll let you know.... L, E


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