Sunday, July 31, 2005


I found a marble on my walk with Laurey today. Kind of strange thing to find I think. Usually just see broken glass and dead birds and trash, sometimes change (which I always pick up because it makes me just that much richer) but never a marble. Not that its a high class marble or anything like that...just a little inexpensive one with green, orange and blue in it. Its pretty even if it is chipped and probably as run over by more then a few cars. Maybe it is lucky!

So this is day 3 and I haven't told anyone yet. Maybe I should.... Haven't decided yet. I was given 'homework' today. I was asked what my favorite number is and I didn't have an answer so I have to figure it out. Have been thinking and while I have NO idea how to figure out what my favorite number is...I have just been running numbers through my head and seeing if one sticks and I think I might have decided but I'm not 100% yet so I'm not going to tell...keep it a secret...;)

Went and saw "Wedding Crashers" funny!! At least the funny parts were funny..the kind of serious parts were kind of lame. But over all...very funny...I highly recommend it! Althought I never knew Vince Vaughn's ass was so big.

L, E

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Cut up my knee shaving my legs in the shower this morning...have an ouchie knee now. Didn't do too much today...IM'd a little, walked Laurey and Tripper about 4+ miles and then walked another 1.5 with Laurey after my nap. Just love afternoon naps! I should be in preschool.

All dayI had ideas and things going around in my mind about what to type on here but now my mind if blank.... I guess that happens to us all.

Washed my fleece blanket that I keep on my smells so much better now. I guess the cereal I spilt all over it a few weeks ago didn't improve it at all. Also washed the pillowcases on the pillows out there. Yes, I have bedpillows on my sofa...makes its comfy or as comfy as thay beat up thing can be. Need to buy a new blanket for my real bed...the fuzzy one I have now its getting kind of old. Need a new lamp for my livingroom, or at the very least need to throw the broken one away in the dumpster. Sometimes I really am too lazy!

Oh! Rented the worst movie today..."First Daughter" with Katie Holmes. She was NOT believable as a 17/18 year old on her way to college. And the timeline wasn't even stupid do they think moviegoers are? And whoever dressed her has bad taste...ugh-ly clothes!

So I'm just hanging out on IM right now I guess...wild and crazy Saturday night for me...woohoo! L, E

Friday, July 29, 2005



So I am blogging now. Have to see how this goes. Wonder if I will just say everything or be careful depending on who I let know about it and if they will read it our not. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

At work right now...just waiting for 5 to come, about 10 mins left...woohoo! Its payday weekend so I get to go to the grocery and the gas station and maybe even have some $$ left over to go shopping with...probably not really but its nice to have a dream...:)

Beautiful day out today..lucky to be in VT today...not always lucky to be here. Can't wait to get out and drag Laurey for about 5 miles tonight. Then I have a fun weekend planned of balancing my checkbook and watching all the TV shows I have recorded on my DVR for the last few weeks and haven't watched. And I want to lie out in the sun...hope I don't get a one to put aloe on my back.

Anyway...have a rockin' weekend!! L, E

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