Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry, just not happening

Sooooooooooooo effin bored.... I really have done nothing for the past 2 days. Okay, I took a shower both days and Laurey and I went outside but overall I really haven't done anything.

I'm watching "Knocked Up" - almost totally out of recordings on my DVR - and I am sorry, there is NO way that Seth Rogen has a naturally hairless back and buttocks. Just no way. His chest is hairy and it looks that he could grow a full beard very quickly. But "the next morning" when he wakes up his back and ass are totally hairless...yeah, I don't think so! Katherine Heigl is adorable! I have loved her since she first appeared in "Roswell" many moons ago.

I wish I had ice cream....

Back to work tomorrow and Monday, 11-5:30. Woohoo, right? L, E


Friday, January 25, 2008

Gas Prices

I love driving, that has never been a secret. And my Jeep is comfy and easy to zoom around Vermont and the surrounding states and countries. Well, just one other country. I remember the weekend after I picked up my Saturn the price for 87 octane gas at the closest station was .97 cents per gallon. Yesterday I paid $3.09 per gallon. *sigh* I paid $35.25 for 11.375 gallons and that was just over 1/2 a tank. (Technically it was $3.099 per gallon...I hate how they do that!)

Lately I have been living paycheck to paycheck more then usual. Working only 15 or so hours a week I haven't been able to keep up with my usual bills and they have been piling up. Two weeks ago I added all I owed up and it was a BIG number. I have been able to pay it down with my last two checks but I still owe a lot and since I am only working 15 hours this week my next check won't be much help. Last week I worked extra for inventory and my paycheck this week was much nicer! And I have dropped down my phone service to only have caller ID - just can't let it go now that I've had it - and slower internet service. I probably should drop down my Dish Network subscription too but I did drop down 2 levels a few months ago they charge $5 for changing service, scam!

I don't have many "naughty" things I do anymore. I don't drink alcohol very often, really almost never, and I don't take illegal drugs, only prescribed ones. I don't even speed anymore like I useto do.... Yes its hard to stick to the speed limits especially when its a 25 mph or 35 mph zone but I don't get my Jeep up over 65 mph on the highway, just not worth wasting the gas and I am NOT paying the state of Vermont, or any other state, for another ticket!! But I DO spend money. The grocery is one of my favorite places and, of course, Xmas Trees (where I work) is too easy for me to buy buy buy. I am working on it but sometimes there is just too good of a deal or I just really want it. Really when I need to do is get myself out and away from the "retail therapy" and work where I CAN'T shop every time I go to work. What an amazing idea....

Today is Friday and I have today and tomorrow off from work. Don't have any big plans...just need to do some cleaning/picking up around the house and take out the trash and recycle. Should let Laurey take me for a walk. I'd love to go to the movies, totally want to see "27 Dresses", but I really shouldn't spend the $$. *sigh* I never know if I shouldn't spend money to "be good" and save since I really need every penny or if I don't do things like go to the movies or just out of my house to hide from the world. I do hide very well. I am running out of "Law and Order" episodes recorded on my DVR.....

I hope you have a good weekend! Stay warm!! L, E


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dog Poo Shoe

Well...the title says just about all. I was at work for over an hour yesterday before I realized that I had dog shit on the bottom of my right shoe. YUCK! I called over to my front end boss at the customer service desk and whispered that I needed to please have my register closed so I could clean my shoe. With smiles she closed me and I limped back to the breakroom and cleaned my shoe in the sink. *sigh* It really wouldn't have been so bad except that I had taken Laurey out around 11:20 and then walked around my house for 15 minutes - with my shoes on - before leaving for work. Oh well. It happens, right? L, E


Sunday, January 20, 2008

89 thousand; I started the chant

Okay...Its me. Erin. Remember me? I think I do....

I noticed this week that I broke 89,000 miles on my Jeep. Is that a milestone? I don't exactly know but I am letting it be.

Last night at the Univ of VT hockey game - UVM 4, Northeastern 2 - I started the chant "Warm Up The Bus!" I had the whole student section yelling it along with me.... Such fun!

I am going to work slowly to get back into blogging. I always keep wanting to blog but I either can't decide what to type, have too many ideas, or I am just too lazy to log in, there is always a reason and excuse. But I will be back, I am back! Yay me!

How are you? L, E


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