Wednesday, March 28, 2007

They talked with me at work....

Well, I knew it would happen and have been waiting. They talked with me at work today about all the time I missed back in February when I was so sick. I will admit I'm a little annoyed it took until now for them to write it up and talk with me but its fine. I wouldn't have been in as much trouble if I had called in and told them I was sick and not coming in. I actually did think I had called on 1/31 but I guess I didn't. I know I didn't call on 2/1...I was in too much pain to really talk and really didn't care. But its all good overall.

AND (this is the exciting part!) I have been considered for a different job within the store...working in the cash office! I was floored! I hadn't even thought about going in that direction in terms of trying to work my way up at Christmas Tree Shops. But I am thrilled to give it a try! He said that I will start "at some point. Maybe in a month or so or even next week" so I will just wait and see. I really am excited to see if this will be a good job for me and to show that I can do more then just scan things!

So today was a good day for me! I hope your day was good too! Oh, and last night I was exhausted tired but when I crawled into bed and turned off the light, I couldn't sleep. L, E


I was tagged!

6 weird things I’ve done or still doing:
(1) Use specific foot lotion on my feet...daily
(2) Slapped female co-workers asses
(3) Saved all my movie ticket stubs in a little jar
(4) Renting DVD's from Blockbuster and kepping them for over a week, finally returning without ever watching them
(5) Collecting different editions of Monopoly
(6) Wearing sneakers with short and long skirts

6 people i'm tagging (whether you have been tagged or not!)
(1) K...can I t ag you back?
(2) Marianne
(3) Shark
(4) Bethie
(5) You
(6) You too


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Okay, I didn't blog for a few days and now tonight I'm so exhausted that I'm not going to type much but I wanted to post so here I am. Gosh, I sure am exhausted...:) Hope your Tuesday was good!! L, E

Friday, March 23, 2007

This will gross you out

The snow is melting! As happy as I am to see the grass and to have spring appearing and mud season alive and well...under the my backyard...there's dogshit.

Unfortunately in January and February, between being sick and just feeling sad, I didn't go out and pick up after Laurey when I'd put her outside. And to make it even worse, I would just putting her out in the backyard, not even taking her on her leash into the parking lot in the bitter cold. I spent about 20 minutes outside this afternoon. I threw away 5 bags in the dumpster. They weren't filled trash bags, I can only put so much in the bag so that I can still carry it and list it into the dumpster but there was a LOT of shit in those bags. Okay...2 and 1/2 of the bags were filled with grocery bags that I had used to pick up with last fall/winter and never took to the dumpster so it wasn't all from the yard but it was nasty!

Yes, I was wearing rubber gloves. And I used a grocery bag to pick up from the yard and put it in the bag. There is NO WAY I would bare hand dogshit!

I also saw a lot of wild animal poo out there. Little perfectly round droppings. I wonder what creature left those.

I'll have more to pick up as soon as the last of the snow melts and I'll rake the area too, to make sure to get it as clean as I can. But what I need to do is pick up each and every time she goes out there. Actually...even better: I need to take her out on her leash when she needs to go outside. That way I'm getting exercise too.

Okay...subject change:

My screen door came off the track in the late fall and I still can't get it back on. I asked my friend Evan if he'll come over and fix it for me, he's done it before and he showed me how to do it but I just can't get it. My dad tried to get it back on once and was about to bend the door to get it, thats not the way! But it's around 40 outside today and I wanted some fresh air inside so I set up the babygate in the doorway so that Laurey won't escape and it is a little chilly but I love the fresh air and smells of the Earth melting and spring starting!!

THANK YOU to Marianimal and K for sticking with me! I was so surprised and happy to get comments from you both so quickly! I read both of your blogs everyday and while I don't comment very often, I emjoy being able to sneak a peak into your lives!

I'm back to work tomorrow and Sunday...should be nice and busy! L, E

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have a free preview of the Hallmark Channel for the past few weeks and I am totally addicted to The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie again. Personally I like The Waltons better but they both have their good messages...:)

Today I was watching Little House, it was an episode I had never seen before. Ma got a cut on her leg from some wire on the wagon. Next thing Pa and the girls are camping for the night and her leg is swollen and infected. Poor Ma opened her bible and found a passage saying she should cut off her leg. She was about to, with a big knife she steralized in the fire when Pa burst in and saved her! Then they all prayed that Ma would live and she did!

I haven't been blogging for a long time and I have wanted to start up again but has been having trouble doing it. So I was thinking about why I wasn't blogging and I realized that I have been working very hard to absorbe what is happening around me and what other people are doing, how, what, when. I am sitting back but opening my eyes more and it feels good.

So I hope you will find your way back to reading me...and I hope I will be back to blogging! L, E


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