Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update on ME

I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner. I was first exhausted and hurting and then as soon as I felt better, I have been swamped!

My surgery went perfectly. The doctor took out my tonsills and bone and tissue from my nose. I had expected to be in a lot of pain after but having my usual energy and being able to be active. Instead, I was exhausted and groggy but not in too much pain. I had surgery on Monday, 5/14, and then stayed overnight at the hospital. I pretty much slept from my surgery through Thursday morning when I went home, I stayed at my parents house from Tuesday morning, after being released from the hospital, and my mom took me home late Thursday morning. I slept and relaxed for the next few days. I had my post-operation check-up with the doctor on Monday, 5/21. He took the plastic splints out of my nose that day and that really opened up my breathing! Yay!!

Last Tuesday, I slept most of the day...couldn't stay awake so I just went with it. I figuered my body needed the sleep! Then the rest of the week I worked on Condo stuff and relaxed. I went back to work at Christmas Tree Shops on Saturday, 5/26. I was totally exhausted and my voice was a little horse but I survived my 7 and 1/2 hour shift. I worked 7.5 hours Sunday and Monday too. Have to go in for 3:30-9:30 today, Tuesday.

Overall I am doing very well. My throat isn't hurting today, maybe a little twinge here and there but nothing not to be expected. I still am blowing my nose and using saline nose spray all the time, exactly what I should be doing....


Friday, May 11, 2007

The price to drive the Peep Jeep

All the extra driving I have been doing for the Condo has really been adding up. And how gas prices are moving up too isn't helping. I paid $40.00 for only 13.429 gallons...2.979 per gallon. And that wasn't even 3/4 full in my tank. Oh well. I'm filling up to the very top Sunday night...if for any reason my Peep Jeep has to sit undriven for more then a few days, its best to have the full tank.

Its crazy warm in my house again.... Will leave the a/c on today when I leave for the post office, bank and work in about 20 minutes. Such fun.

Oh! The 'wonderful' vaccuum my parents gave me for my B'day isn't working anymore...:( I tried to use it a few weeks ago and couldn't get it to turn on. I tried for about 20 minutes or so but couldn't get it working. I've been busy with work/condo stuff and just pushed that annoyance to the back on my mind. Last night I wanted to vaccuum...carpet really needed it and about 2 weeks ago I managed to spill the little paper circles from my 3-hole punch all over the floor in the kitchen and they have been tracked all over the livingroom. And the doghair is out of control. Once again, vaccuum refused to turn on...:( I called my dad and he said he'd "look at it" what whatever that mean I will have to wait and see. So I pulled out the old "sucks but doesn't actually suck" vaccuum and did an okay job. Carpet and tile floors look better.

Ok, going to lie down and relax for 15+ minutes until its time to run out the door! Have a nice FRIDAY! L, E

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Been away

Well...I've been away from my blog but not because I haven't been on my computer. I've actually been online and on my computer much more in the past month then in a long time. I've been dealing with all the things for my condo association and keeping track of all I have done and what needs to be done and starting to recreate the records for the past 3 or so years. I've been handling as much by myself...at least that way I know exactly what is going on. I know I shouldn't take it all on myself but as the President of the Board of Directors it is my responsibility to make sure everything is running smoothly and since it hasn't been...for a long time...I want to make sure it is now.

I won't share all the dirty details that I have discovered and how frustrating it has been trying to work with the (former) property manager and the other board members. A week ago Tuesday was my breaking point! Just every day it was one more thing and it was always worse and worse. Breaking day I was told that the common area electricity hadn't been paid and it was going to be shut off the next day and we owed $3000+. The property manager hung up on me when I called her and then sent a VERY nasty email. I just couldn't take it anymore. But the next day things worked out and I was able to pay enough of the outstanding bill so the electricity wasn't shut off....

Surgery is in 5 days, Monday 5/14. I have been having anxiety about it but overall I'm doing well. I have some final things to wrap up before Sunday night but it will all be taken care of. I'm waiting for my pre-op phone call from the nurse right now...she's 15 minutes late in calling...gggrrrrrr!

The weather has finally turned warm! I wore my sandles when I went out this morning, so nice to have bare toes outside again!! Laurey has been waking me up just after 6 the past few mornings...I think she wants to get outside as soon as the sun is up. She loves the warm weather and sunshine too.

I am going to lie down on my sofa and relax.... I hope you are having a nice day!! L, E


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