Sunday, October 07, 2007

Surprise on my answering machine

When I got home from work on Thursday I had 4 messages on my answering machine. I won't bore you with the details of all messages but I was exceptionally happy to listen to the last one. It was from Bethie - my bestest friend (see blog post from 12/24/05) - she was going to be driving up to VT for a extra long weekend! YAY!

She drove up to my house, arriving just before 3 on Friday. We then drove down to her in-laws house, where she would be sleeping for the weekend, and hung out with them for a few hours. We hit the grocery, stopping at Al's French Fries for a delicious snack, and spent a good amount of money stocking up on yummy foods for the weekend. Bethie's husband, Kargurra, has 4 sisters, 1 older/Kargurra/3 younger - youngest still in high school, and 3 of them were going to be home for the weekend. [The 2nd oldest lives a few states away] The oldest has 3 kids, the baby just a few months old, so we picked out lots of food that the grandkids would eat. Grocery shopping is always fun....:)

She dropped me off at home at 10pm-ish and we made plans for her to come over the next morning, we were going to be "running the road" visiting her extended family and hitting a few local spots.

I called her around 9:30 Saturday morning since I hadn't heard from her, just wanted to see at what pace she was moving.... Then I jumped into the shower and was all dressed and ready when she showed up about an hour later. Bethie used my bathroom to shower - the well water at Kargurra's parents house doesn't give good pressure - and I took Laurey for a power 1.5 mile walk, dragging her along behind me. {She's useto walking in the evening, usually around 5:30 so was totally confused and excited and didn't want to leave her Auntie Bethie} Then we hit the highway!

We visited her Auntie, Uncle and Cousin who live about 30 minutes North of me. We hung out there chit-chatting and catching up. They are awesome, sweet people and I've met them before. We scarfed down turkey sandwiches for lunch and said g'bye. Then we drove out to
Snowfarm Vineyard and she picked up an order for a friend of hers and then we had a tiny sip sample of a delicious wine "~06 Estate Vidal Blanc Ice Wine" (I thought it was delicious and I have NEVER liked wine before!) and she bought 2 bottles of that and 1 of the apple wine she likes that first attracted/addicted her to that company.

Unfortunately it wasn't the most beautiful day - we had some rain and gray skys but the leaves are changing and it was so nice to see all the colors. I actually like to view the leaves before they have all changed, I like seeing the green, alive leaves, mixed with the orange-gold-yellow-brown dead ones. We drove along Lake Champlain and both commented on how beautiful it was....

We hang out at my house for about 45 give Laurey a chance to use the lawn and just relax before heading to Bethie's parents place. The rest of the evening wasn't as calm and enjoyable as the rest of my time with Bethie had been. We picked up her nephew and her mom and piled them into the car. We went to her Grandma's and I rode in her car and we went to Pizza Hut. We had HORRIBLE service at Pizza Hut, starting with it taking 15 minutes for us to be seated. We were there for just over 2 hours, crazy long! So I stuffed myself with cheesy breadsticks and water. We went over to Bethie's G'ma's place so we could check out her new apartment quickly and she showed off all her new clothes and chairs and didn't want us (Bethie) to leave but we had to, especially since her mom was waiting in the car. Then we dropped off her mom and nephew to their place and as we drove off both of us where completely exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally! She left me at my house where I HAD to have a huge chocolate bar before I crawled into bed and was dead asleep.

Today Bethie and I are meeting up in the afternoon. She's coming to the Univ of Vermont hockey game with me! My dad was able to get her an extra ticket - its general admission so we'll head over a little early and get good seats and relax, chat. Its the opening game of their season and I was looking forward to going to the game but with Bethie there too it will be exceptionally fun! Bethie and I useto go to a lot of the hockey games when she was a student at UVM and we will be back on our old stomping ground together again!!:)

She will be leaving for home, Connecticut, early Monday morning. I am planning/hoping to visit her and Kargurra for my b'day & new years in a few months but other then that I don't know when I'll see her again. Her family is so toxic that she can't come up to Vermont, they just suck everything out of her (and me), especially her money and try to kill her with guilt. *sigh* I wish I could make it better and I hope that by being with her while she's with them and giving my support does help. Bethie is an amazing person...I am so lucky to have had her in my life for more then 17 years - more then 1/2 my life! - and to have her as part of my future. She is my strongest support and I know I can always lean on her. I loves you Bethie!! L, E


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cool Weather

I have been loving the cooler weather we've been having lately in good ole Vermont. The leaves are changing colors (dying) and falling down and it's so beautiful! Definately need to take a drive this weekend to Stowe or somewhere to get out and see things. I'd like to say that I always make a point of taking a drive during this time of year but thats not totally true, haven't done it every year. But some years I've made a point to get out and up into the mountains. So I want to make sure to do it this year. I have Friday, Saturday & Sunday off so I have plenty of time. BUT -- University of Vermont hockey starts Sunday! First game is at 4pm against Acadia Univ. Should be fun! At the same time St. Lawrence and Clarkson are playing each other and the game is being broadcast on ESPN-U. I get about 12 ESPN channels with my dish network so I'm recording it and Dad and 'Good Buddy Dave' will be coming over to watch it later in the week.

'Good Buddy Dave' is our neighbor, he has been going to the Univ of VT (UVM) hockey games with me and Dad for years and he and Dad go to the UVM mens & ladies basketball games together too. Although in the past few months 'GBD' has moved from across the street from my parents house and become divorced - his wife kept the house. The divorce was a complete surprise to us.... No one thought GBD and his wife were exceptionally happy together and/or all lovey-dovey but they had been married for at least 25 years and have 3 boys. What both GBD and his wife have said to my parents is that they just "grew apart the last 10+ years" but I guess they grew so far apart that they didn't want to be living together anymore. Well....she didn't want to be living together. GBD is a nice guy, he's funny and goofy but I've never heard of him or seen him doing anything exceptionoally romantic or loving towards his wife. We've heard through other friends that she wanted him to change - she wanted dinners out alone, dates, and things to be different. She gave him deadlines - dates he had until to change and he didn't. So she followed through and they were quickly and quietly divorced. He bought a place in a neighboring town and borrowed my dad's truck a bunch of times to move all his things. GBD is a big garage sale shopper and he collects lots of things, specifically records, tools and sports equiptment. Their basement was packed with box after box of stuff - crap my dad called it. Anyway....

Laurey and I are good. Just enjoying the cooler weather and walking and walking. I hope you are good too. L, E

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