Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yesterday was a great day! And the rest of the past week

Yesterday, Friday, I woke up and felt really good...upbeat and wanting to get out and relaxed all at once. I watched some TV and took a shower, picked up my house, going through all the papers and mail and stuff that has been piling up for awile. I filled out the paperwork to reapply for health insurance and finally finished the paperwork to apply for food stamps (I could really use crazy poor). Then I took Laurey out and left my house. Now leaving my house certainly isn't a big accomplishment but it was a day off from work for me and generally when I don't work I will just lie around on my sofa all day doing really nothing. But I was feeling really good and I wanted to go see a I did! I went by the bank to cash a check (had procrastinated for only 2 days doing that) and then returned a dog leash to my work (was too short) and then walked over to the movie theatre. I was hoping to use cash and my debit card to buy my ticket and snacks but the cashier said that she didn't know how to do that (shouldn't be hard but oh well) so I used my debit and $13.25 later I was munching in the theatre, waiting for "Jumper" to start.

Wow...oh wow! Hayden Christensen is absolutely delicious! So beautiful.... I just can't describe how much I would love to love him.... Totally yummy! Oh, the movie was pretty good too. Very short though - started at 12:40 and there were at least 5 previews and I was out and in my jeep by 2:25. But definately worth watching, at least to me and my lust for the beautiful Hayden "Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader" Christensen. I will totally be buying that flick when its on DVD. Mmmmmmmmm!

My week was fine overall.... I worked Sunday and then went to the holiday party. Party was good.... Food was okay, surprisingly. I didn't eat very much though, was kind of nervous and just not very hungry. The DJ had the music loud - that always annoys me - but people where doing a little karaoke and dancing and having a good time. I chitchatted with different people and their guests. The prozes were lame though. Last year they were $50.00 gift cards to BestBuy and some resturants and mini TV/DVD combo, a CD player & speaker system, Ipod and 300 minutes free downloads, really awesome stuff.... This year people won a Pure water pitcher (lame!) and a 20 piece travel kit (like anyone can afford a plane ticket with what they make from our job!) and some crazy stupid candle holders that attach to your patio table and umbrella pole. No one was impressed. I didn't win anything, thats just fine. The "grand prizes" were bicycles - 1 man & 1 women were drawn and it ended up being t he 2 oldest employees! Ina is at least 80 and Marcel is probably the same age.... Both were extatic winning the bikes. I was like "What?! Are we 8?!" Sure a bicycle is a great gift, when you are in elementary school, maybe middle school. But we are ADULTS.... We DRIVE cars.... And they were crap KMart type bikes. They certainly were a different idea, to have 2 grand prizes, but what was picked just didn't fly.

Monday I had off...didn't really do much, just hung out around the house and vegged with Laurey.

Tuesday I worked, long day...time just doesn't seem to move when I'm at work lately.

Wed I had threapy and met with my "medication" doctor too. Good visits.

Thursday I worked again...time just crawled and it was really busy - lots of people buying Valentines cards and gifts. Had some fun and laughing conversations with quite a few customers so that was nice, makes the day so much better when I can laugh and smile with strangers.

Friday day I have already told you about - see above. Dad and I went to hockey at 7.... Univ of VT won over Merrimack...woohoo! And dad gave me $45 in gift cards to be used at a big list of local stores. Yay! SHOPPING! Every 8 weeks he gets a $15 gift card for walking to work. I pointed out that our moving into Burlington 20+ years ago and buying a house almost on the UVM campus so he could walk to work and we would be a 1 car (until my bro and I started driving) household is FINALLY paying $15 gift cards every 8 weeks! Woohoo!! I'm certianly not complaining! My next day off will be spent at Old Navy and Barnes & Noble...I can not wait!

Laurey is good.... She just gobbled down her breakfast. She's been working extra hard on training me to give her bones and treats when she gives me "the eyes" and, now that I have recoganized that she has trained me, am working to get her to stop with her eyes begging and to lie down when I tell her to.

Tripper is definately getting old.... Poor baby is at least 16 - on Jaunary 29 it was 14 years since we adopted her from the local humaine society. She has so much trouble standing up, her hand legs just don't seem to have strength. But she was bounding around and frisking on our walk last night. She cuddled on my lap for a few minutes when I picked her up last night. She's never been a big cuddlier but will allow a few minutes of snuggling when she's picked up.

I'm working 11-4 today and then have hockey. Dad and Mom leave for Belize a week from Monday and they'll be gone 10 weeks. I have agreeded to water mom's plants and vaccuum the downstairs once a week. I was hoping this would be a paid position but it doesn't seem like it will be. Thats fine. I am already planning to be cleaning out their freezer, pantry and the backdoor closet and shelves/storage area and all drawers in the kitchen so I need a reason to be at their house. They are discusting packrats...and the drawer that is full of batteries, matches and used birthday cake candles needs to die!

I hope you are having a good weekend. Yes, this was long.... My computer was being a bitch all week...not sure exactly what is going on with it, so I have just been checking email once or twice a day and thats it. I'll be here more though...promise! L, E


Saturday, February 09, 2008


My week may be summed up in one word...craptastic:

Tuesday I took dad for his finger/hand surgery, it just perfectly, but he was a whiney baby after...complaining how it hurt so much but as far as I could tell the only thing that hurt was the numbing shots. Anyway...he's fine!:)

Wednesday I had hoped I'd be able to pick up some extra hours at work...I desperately need the money. But I wasn't called in so I really did nothing. Laurey and I went in and out a few times and I took a shower around 2 and put on clean pj's but overall I really did nothing.... *sigh*

Thursday I worked 11-5:30 and it was DEAD slow! Beautiful snow had been falling since early Wed and 'they' where saying you should stay off the roads so people stayed home. I was on my register for most of my shift but they also sent me out for carts - I hate going out for carts alone - other then that I was either slammed busy for about 5-10 minutes ringing customers and then would be standing alone for awile.... Up and down with customers. Time was moving very very very slowly!

I had a surprise phone call late Thurs evening, my coworker Susie was asking if I'd still like to work her hours on Friday (I had spoken with her about it earlier in the week) and I jumped up YES! I was at work 10-2 on Friday, slow day again but more people in the store...just time moving very slowly again. Then I came home and cleaned up my house - running the vaccummer, emptying the dishwasher and picking up dogtoys and other assorted floor things. Laurey extremely dislikes the vaccumm, I have to put her in her cage while its in use, and she walked around the house for the rest of the evening all sad and unhappy. Poor baby....

I have today, Saturday, off and have plans to hang out with my dad. The "Winter Fest" is going on in Burlington with a penguin plunge (idiots jumping into the freezing lake for charity) and ice sculpture carvings. Dad also needs a haircut so we're going to take the dogs downtown and check things out. I'd like to see a movie too....

Tomorrow evening is the Christmas Trees holiday party. I had specifically asked that I NOT be scheduled to work until closing this night so that I could take Laurey out and get somewhat dressed up but they scheduled me 1-7pm for that day. *sigh* And the party starts at 7pm. So I'll have to race home and take Laurey out, dump her dogfood into her bowl, throw on other clothes and jet back to the same shopping center and try to find the conference room where the party is. I'd like to go, I had fun last year and should this year too but it will be very hard to leave my house once I am home....

Oh well.

I need to get in the shower and dressed and head to my parents to meet up with my dad and Tripper and head to Winter Fest! Woohoo, right? Have a rockin' weekend! L, E


Monday, February 04, 2008

Good topics and ideas

The past 4 days I've had great blog topics and ideas, just haven't have the time/energy to sit and type.... Pathetic excuse I know but I'm here now....

My weekend wasn't too bad. Friday I met my mom at my work and we went shopping. I arrived there plenty early since I needed to return the humidifier I had bought a few weeks ago. The box said that it was a quiet humidifier, the name is even 'QuietMate' or something like that. But it was NOT quiet! The fan would start out somewhat quiet but would get louder and after awaile would be louder then my bathroom fan...driving me nuts. So it went back to the store! Mom showed up about 15 minutesz late but I expected that.... She bought some mini bottles of maple syrup for their trip to Belize and a basket, bowl set and picture frame for an old college friend who is getting married again soon, and I few other odds and ends. Then I went home and dozed with Laurey. We went over to my parents house around 6 and helped my dad make pizza for dinner. Then I spent about an hour taking all his clothes out of the closet, drawers and shelves, folding and organizing them all. I also sorted out the old stuff, the holey socks, stained and bleeched shirts and other 'yucky' things. Quite a big pile! I was amazed that my dad had that many t-shirts since he only wears a few of them. He seemed very happy with his "new" closet. I did have to turn about 98% of the shirts right side out.... We went to the hockey game - started at 8, late! - and Univ of VT lost 6-1 from Univ of NH. Oh well....

Saturday I worked 10-4:30.... BUSY day, lots of customers so I was on my register most of the time. From about 1:30-3:30 I was ringing constently...just moving people on out! Getting home around 5:15 I called my dad and then had to pick him up to take him shopping. I have no idea why he wanted me to pick him up but he did. The store we went to is about 1/2 way between out houses...oh well. I picked him up and we went to EMS - Eastern Mountain Sports - and he bought a pair of sandles: Keen Newport, size 14 and a pair of light weight khaki pants. Also some bug stuff and peppermint soap. Then I dropped him off and went home to veg with Laurey.

Sunday.... I worked 10-2, busy again! Then scooped up Laurey and went to my parents. We took Tripper for a walk, or I should say Laurey pulled me along and I pulled Tripper behind me. Dad and I headed over to hockey at 3:45 for the 4pm game against Univ of MA at Lowell. UVM won 3-2! Both teams took timeouts late in the 3rd period...people were frustrated since they wanted to go home and watch the Superbowl but some stayed (we ALWAYS stay until the end - perfect example is Friday (see above) when UVM lost 6-1, almost everyone lost when UNH scored the 6th goal but UVM did come back with 1 goal very late in the game, but my dad and I were some of the onlt ones until the end. Laurey and I took off for home pretty quickly and watched recorded 'Law & Order' until bedtime.

This week I'm working today, Monday, 11-5:30 and Thursday 11-5:30. Tuesday my dad is having a surgery on his finger, basically the tendon is his right middle finger has a knot on it and the knot is going to be shaved off. I'll take him to the doctor and back home and then I have a condo board meeting at 6 that night. Wednesday I have totally off, no threapy, my doctor has a conference or something....

Other news: I switched Laurey to a new weight control/loss dogfood. Its about the same price and I can only buy it at a vet's office but I have a new place to buy it that is closer to my house. And Laurey loves it, gobbles it right down but then she eats most everything.... She's chewing on my rawhide bone right now.

I hope you had a nice weekend and your week will go well, no problems! FIngers crossed! L, E

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