Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Reflection

Dear Loved Ones & Friends:
There were probably many, many times this year when I may have disturbed you, troubled you, pestered you, irritated you, bugged you, or got on your nerves.
So today I just wanted to tell you.....

Tough Shit!
There are no changes scheduled for 2009!
My dad just emailed this to me...thought it was funny! And totally appropriate! L, E


Yesterday in NYC:

**Quick update: I am visiting my friends Bethie and Kargurra in Conn, I drove down on Saturday 12/27.

This is from the email I sent to my parents, detailing my yesterday:

Yesterday Bethie and I went into NYC. We had to run to get the 11:33am train and arrived around 12:30. We ended up walking West (should have gone East) but we ended up in Times Square. Unless we went to Times Square with the Stenersons when I was a child then I don't remember ever going there before. It was crazy crowded but we took a bunch of pictures and I enjoyed looking all around. Then We walked to the NY Public Library and took a few more pics. Then we walked all the way to the East River and the UN, we got into line around 2:45. We stood in line and got tickets to the 4:30 tour, the only one available. So Bethie and I hung out at the UN, Kargurra met us there and we all took the guided tour. It was very interesting! Our tour guide was a beautiful lady from Brazil. We all even asked questions during the tour and took lots of pictures.

I had found the the UN offered guided tours and Beth and I agreed I made a great choice for our "cultural" NYC experience. (Unfortunately most NYC museums are closed on Mondays) Then we walked to the Chrysler Building, Kargurra's company has offices on the 64th floor. That was AMAZING! It was 6pm and the whole city was all lit up with red and green lights. We could see the Empire State Building and 3 bridges. And when I looked almost straight down and to the right I had an amazing view of one of the gargoyles on the side of the building - so beautiful! Definitely a special treat to get a personal tour of the 34th floor of the Chrysler Building! We checked out the lobby and elevators too, beautiful art deco wood and the lobby ceiling is a huge painting.

We jumped into a cab and drove up to Alice's Tea Cup (
www.alicesteacup.com) but unfortunately they were closing at 7 for their holiday party, usually are open until 8. Beth and I were very disappointed since we had planned the day around eating there but it happens. I had suggested we call Alice's when we were at the UN to put our name on the list for seating but they both said that it wouldn't be crowded on a Monday night. If we had called though they would have told us they closed at 7 and we would have gone right there and skipped the Chrysler building and I am so happy we didn't do that. Beth and I did get cups of hot tea - I picked Rooibos Bourbon: a red bush herb flavored with bourbon vanilla essence. It is DELICIOUS! Beth also bought some of that tea for me to bring home and make myself and she picked 2 other flavors for her. She bought some scones and a chocolate cupcake for my B'day. I bought 2 ham and cheese scones.

We decided to grab dinner at Annie Moore's, an Irish pub (www.anniemooresnyc.com) right near Grand Central. We gobbled down cheeseburgers and fries and then speed walked to make the 8:35 train. The train was crowded but we found seats separate but in the same car, Beth and I were on the same aisle but different sides and across from each other. The train was 66 minutes to Westport and we had a cold walk to their house. I was exhausted and I know Bethie and Kargurra were too (Kargurratook the 5:30am train in that morning to be to work for 7am!)

Today the plan is for Bethie and I to go shopping; hitting Costco and the Danbury Mall. Then we are going to dinner at Uncle Joe's (
www.ujpizza.com) for my B'day. I LOVE Uncle Joe's, they have the most amazing salad! Just the thought of thise salad makes me drool!

L, E

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