Monday, April 23, 2007

Condo stress and unhappiness

The weekend of Friday the 13th was horrible.... It rained the whole time and the rain was too ironic and made things so much worse. On Friday, 4/13/07 I found out that our property manager hasn't been paying the water bills for the condo association. Over $3000.00 is owed and liens have been placed on each unit by the city. So all weekend I am just waiting until Monday morning at 7am when the water department opens and I can go there myself and find out exactly what is going on.....

7:05am Monday 4/16. I find out that the water bills haven't been paid since October 2006 and while checks have been written for the bills in between then and now, they bounced. Also, there are late fees from as far back at 2005 since the payments are always late. 8:35am I'm at the bank that the condo association accounts are at. There is only $660.00 in the checking account...not good! The savings account was closed at the end of 2005! WHAT!?!!?!!! There should have been $8000.00+ in there!!! The wonderful ladies at the bank print meout all the statements for both accounts since they were opened in 2004 and I see that starting around July 2006 there have been NSF fees, bounced checks fees and many bounced checks, all kinds of extra charges and many times when the balance was below zero. OMG! I wanted to cry and throw up and scream all at once.

So basicily I have found out that our property manager has been completely fucking up. She hasn't been paying bills on time, she spent all the savings and never let the board of directors (I'm the current President but have only been for a few months) know and she's been wasting money in NSF fees and other charges. All I want to scream is 'how can she think that is okay?!!?!!!???!!'.

I still don't know exactly what will be happening to get this HUGE mess under control. It looks that I am the one who is going to be picking up all the slack since I have been to the bank 4 times already and will be back there later today and I bought a PO box at the local post office so we can start to seperate our condo association from this property manager. Also, its up to me to get more bids for landscaping, cleaning, an accounting company and a new property management company. I find it VERY frustrating that its all being dumped on me but there isn't anyone else on the board who can or will do i t and it has to be done...and I had the presidency dumped on me too but I did accept I guess it up to me. *sigh*

Oh, and work sucks too. The cut my hours for this week from around 30 like I have been working for months to not even 20. I stayed until 7 yesterday, Sunday, when I was to have left at 5:30 so that helps a little but if they keep me at 20 hours or less a week I won't be making enough so I don't know what I'll do. I guess that along with working on all the things for my condo association I'll be looking for a job for me too.

There has been some good. We've had 5 days in a row of beautiful sunshine and warm! Both Laurey and I have been loving it! Hope you are good!! L, E


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Annoyed / Vendetta

I am really quite annoyed with one of my neighbors right now. He's on the board of directors for our condo association, I'm the board president, and have been trying to get a meeting organized for just the 4 board members. We need to make desicions on contracts for landscaping, cleaning, insurance and boiler maintance and also on if we want to look into a different property management company since that contract is up soon. And its a huge pain to find a property management company around here, all are so busy and difficult and expensive. So I emailed out on Monday, asking if we all could meet some evening this week or early next. I finally heard back from the last board member today, he says NEXT friday is the first day he could meet. So that is when we are meeting but its almost too late. We need to make decisions but I guess they'll have to keep on waiting.

There is a lady at work, she's my boss, her position is 'front end' which means she is at the 'front' of the store with the registers and is there to help cashier with customers and voids and other things. Lately, especially for the past 2 months or so I just seem to piss her off. And she has upset be over and over as well. I know that sometimes just how she says things to me, her words hit me wrong...and I will admit I am sensitive and I don't always take criticism well, especially when I am trying to help. So I have been working to over compensate and make sure to always ask her before I leave my register or leave the front area. I can't tell if that is bugging her more or not.... Just I see other people doing their own thing and she doesn't jump on them about it.

So today is yucky raining/sleeting/snowing and around 35 degrees outside. I am always too warm at work so I usually wear a t-shirt and capri/cropped pants. Today I wore a longsleeve shirt and a skirt that is just above my knees. I know that wasn't the smartest move with the cold and snow outside but its a comfortable outfit and one that usually helps me not to get too cold. So first thing when I walk in she tells me I'm crazy for not dressing 'appropriately', then an hour or so later she compliments me on how smooth and nice my legs are - this was a little uncomfortable but I have nice legs. Then, at 11:45 I hear over the pager "Erin to the front for carts" and I was "WTF!" but I put on my coat, grabbed a bright orange vest and gloves and went outside. I actually wasn't .too. cold but my legs were chilly. It wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't sleeting out and it was very wet. My sneakers were soaked in about 5 minutes, but that was 4 minutes longer then it took for my gloves to be drenched. I brought in about 6 trips of carts - 6 or more at a time - and was just dripping! The cart bay was only about 1/4 empty when she sent me out, usually they wait until its more then 1/2 empty to send someone out but.... I'd been outside just over 15 minutes and my face, feets, hands and hair was soaked and the cart bay was full and I saw the MOD: manager on duty right by the front door so I asked him if I could come inside since I was so wet and he said yes. I checked in with HER and she looks at me and says "Oh, is it wet outside?" I just said "Yup!" and kept on walking into the backroom. I dried myself off as much as I could but my feets were soaked in my sneakers and it was only a few minutes after noon so I had wet feet until I got home at 4.

I was also frustrated and uncomfortable with this boss about an incident that happened earlier this week. Company policy says that we can only accept a credit card from the person handing it to me...meaning I can not charge a husbands card when its handed to me by his wife when he's not there. Simple enough. But its amazing how many women caqrry their husbands card and vice versa. Also, if the card is not signed, if the signature has worn off or it says some version of "See ID" we have to check a photo ID, usually a Vermont drivers license. This creates a big problem as, in the past, VT lets you renew your license through the mail and then you have a NON-photo license. This law has been changed and all license renewals are required to have a photo so in 2 or 3 years it shouldn't be a problem anymore. So the issue with boss: a friend of hers came through my line. They (boss and customer) started talking. I told customer her total and she handed me a credit card with the first name of James on it. I swipped the card and the back said "Demand Photo ID" so I ased customer for her ID. She didn't have her license or any other card on her for ID proof. Customer looks at boss and says "You know me, isn't that good enough?!" and boss nods yes. After customer left I spoke to boss and said how it wasn't even her card and boss said "I know, its fine. You did the exact right thing". But no...I didn't! Its been bothering me since it happened so I spoke with another front end boss about it today and we wrote up what happened and she's going to take it to management. I'm really uncomfortable that it all happened and how evil boss but me in this position. I'm the one that took the card and if the charge is declined then it would come right back on me why I took it and what happened. And I figure I'm on evil bosses shit list, I might as well put myself on the top of that list!

Anyway.... I got a raise at work this week. I'm now making $8.75. Woohoo. So rich now. They had to give raises since they are now hiring new people and starting their pay at $8.75. As much as I like the pay increase it sucks for me since I was given a 25 cent raise back in the fall with my 3 month review and thats gone now. But my year review is coming up in June so hopefully I'll get more with that...have to wait and see. I'll let you know!

Its still yucky rain/sleet/snow outside. Big flakes of very wet snow and its pretty but once the temperature drops below 32 it will be all ice! Tomorrow is my one day off for the week and I'll be polishing all the silver with my mother. We'll see how it goes.... Hope you have been having a good week! L, E

Friday, April 06, 2007


Today at work was busy! Much busier then I expected but then I haven't worked on a Friday in a very long time. I was constently busy at my register my whole 5 hour shift. I'm not complaining...just stating.

Customers today can be broken into 4 catagories:

#1: Where is all your Easter candy? I can't believe you don't have more!
*My secret response only said in my head: Well idiot! Its less then 2 days before the holiday, maybe you should have come in a little sooner!
-What I said to customer: Yes, we've sold out very quick this year but we still have lots of things over in that area!;)

#2: I thought your Easter things would be on sale by NOW!
*My secret response only said in my head: No jackass! Things go on sale AFTER the holiday!
-What I said to customer: Sale should start on Monday! Be sure to come in early to get some great deals!:)

#3: Are you open on Sunday? I can't believe you'd be closed!
*My secret response said only in my head: Thx for telling me I don't deserve a day off. BITCH!
-What I said to customer: Nope, we're closed! It's a company holiday!:)

#4: It is so crowded in here today! What is going on?!!
*My secret response only said in my head: How the fuck should I know?! I'm at my job, maybe you (and everyone else) should be too!
-What I said to customer: I think lots of people have today off for the Easter weekend, at least thats my guess!:)

Now when you read the customers questions you have to use a extremely snobby voice in your head, especially #2. And the smiley faces are at the end of what I said to the customers because I always gave them a big, huge smile.... Best way to make sure they can't read my mind and how its screaming nasty names at them. I seriously just don't get people!

Oh, did you see the title of this post? Can you figure it out? I saw it on the license plate on the van that I parked behind when I pulled into the parking lot at work. I didn't get it until I climbed back into my jeep to drive home (van was still in the same spot so I guess its a co-workers) and then I got it. Should I tell you or make you guess. Yeah, I'll tell you:

Its says 'Excuse Me'. XQZ = Excuse, Moi is French for Me. L, E


Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Parents Bug Me

Once again I am left on my own for a holiday. I realize that Easter is really a religious holiday and with that I can understand some of the resistance my family has to about celebrating it but I just wanted to have a nice meal with all of us there and (hopefully) some others too. But my family, mother mostly, refuses to 'celebrate'. Oh well. A few weeks ago I asked my mom what the plans were for Easter and let her know that I would like to do something.... She said she'd let me know. About a week ago I overheard that the plans for Easter weekend was that a friend of my dad's and his wife and kids were going to be visiting, staying at camp (my parents house on Lake Dunmore). So I asked if I could come down and meet them (I know my dad's friends but not his family and I'd like to meet them) and then we could go for an early dinner. That is what I thought the plan way.... Well Monday night I found out that plans had changed! My parents are driving to Montreal, Canada, to meet them and they are spending the weekend there. I'm not invited. Even if I was I couldn't go. So I have no one to spend time with on Easter. *sigh*

I really am frustrated. I don't understand why my mother almost refuses to celebrate the big holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter - but insists on making a HUGE deal out of Mother's Day! She gets very bitter if we don't make the whole day all about her. I just don't get it. And this year, Mother's Day is on 5/13...the day before my surgery. So I have already told her that if she wants to go out for a meal it will have to be in the Burlington area since I will have to work that day. Most likely she'll be at camp that weekend and will want to go somewhere near there but its over an hour away and I wouldn't be able to drive down there, eat and drive back in time to make work. Even if I stay overnight...I'll still need to leave 3 hours before I would have to be to work so that I can drive home with Laurey, take a shower and get to work on time. That would be if I worked in the afternoon/evening. If I worked in the morning then I _could_ drive down and meet them for dinner but I really won't want to be driving 2+ hours each way after working and I don't want to have a huge meal later then 6 on that day. I'm worried that I'll get nervous and anxious that night and I don't want to be worrying about driving all over that day too. Anyway.... We'll see what happens. I've already bought her a present so thats done.

My dad has been bugging me too. Lately he's been in such a bad mood. I have tried to talk with him and offer him advice but he's not listening to me at all. The latest thing that I just don't get about his is his refusal to come over to my house and help me with things. Its fine if he doesn't want to be my handyman. I have other people I can call to come and help me. But he insists that he check everything. My garbage disposal has been broken for awile now and its actually broken from what he did to it over a year ago when it was stuck and he used a big stick to jerk it open. He also broke the pipe under the sink and flooded 1/2 of my kitchen. Its been leaking every since. But the disposal needs to be replaced. He says that he'll come over and look at it after his semester is over....that is May 11. I first asked him if he'd come over and check it out over 2 weeks ago. So I have to wait 8 weeks for him to come over. He lives 15 minutes away! I just don't get it.....

Work was good today! Finally remembered to buy the 9 volt batteries I have been meaning to buy for 3 weeks...yay me!!:) Hope you are good! L, E


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ooops, I did it again!

Yup, again I haven't been blogging. Just laziness really and I haven't been spending a lot of time online. So here I am:

The end of last week and the weekend were just fine. Work was BUSY over the weekend but other then some snobby ladies Sunday it was just fine. I am just focusing on the nice customers that have a smile for me and make me smile and laugh and on my coworkers that I'm able to laugh with. Its hard when there are a bunch of grumpies in a row but I just don't let it bother me.

Monday I had off and its been a long time since I had a Monday off. I had plans to hang out with my friend Katie from work but she ended up having a family thing so I went to my parents house to help my dad with his Men's Night Out party. {See post April 3, 2006} There was good food like usual and I saw all the old men (old as in having known them for most of my life) and met a few new guys.

I had my appoitment with my ENT doctor yesterday morning. My surgery is on! I'll be having my tonsills removed and my deviated septum (nose bone) fixed. He'll be taking out some bone in my nose and some of the nasal tissue and that will help me be able to breathe easier and deeper. He answered all my questions and I feel very comfortable with my doc. And one of the guys I met at my dad's party Monday night is an Anesthesiologist and he said he'd be happy to make me sleep for my surgery! Amazing what a small world we have here but also nice to know too. So May 14 is the big day and I'm pretty much ready.

I have been working on a new will and living will...just in case. I know it sounds morbid but planning for the worst and what I want to happen if the worst was to happen is the best way for me to feel calm and confident. I need to know that Laurey will be taken care of and that certains things will happen and people will be notified and given specific items...all that. And I don't want to be like that woman in Florida who was feed by the tube for years and years. I wouldn't want my plug pulled until it was certain that I wouldn't be able to make a very good recovery but I wouldn't want to be kept alive for no quality of life. And I would like any part of me that can be donated to be used. If I can help anyone else then I certainly want to!

Okay...on to happier subjects! Yesterday I went by Home Depot and picked up some paint samples. I need to paint my condo this summer, once its warm enough to be able to put my livingroom furnature on my deck (since there is no place in the house for it to be other then where it is) and also paint the kitchen and bathroom. I'm looking at the same light yellow from 2 of the 4 walls on my bedroom for the kitchen (I have paint left over) and then a cream/toupe/light brown for the livingroom. I really don't know for the bathroom. I'd like to do a light blue I think and paint the wall above/behind the shower a darker blue but I'll have to get "approval" from my dad since he'll be helping me paint and most likely buying the paint. There is kind of a hallway between the bethroom and bathroom, its really just the hall closet door with some wall above and a tiny bit around. I'd like to do that area a dark, bright blue. I'm going to do that space all on my own! I'll have to use a hand brush since its such a small space but picked up a sample flyer about texture painting so maybe I'll do something funky...:)

So I can't say I'm looking _forward_ to May 14th and beyond but I am confident I will be able to take care of everything so I'll be able to go into surgery feeling that I have everything under control. And I'm hoping that Dad and I will be able to get some painting the week after my surgery, I have taken 12 days off from work...that is recommended by Dr, and I know I'll need to be careful and stay calm and relaxed but I'll probably be a little bored too...:)

I hope things are good for you all! Its raining today, had some hail too so it will be icy and some snow this week but nothing too lasting. Have to clean the mouse cage today! L, E


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