Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Monday was a good day overall.... Laurey and I walked about 2+ miles so that felt good, so hard to be motivated when iots pitch dark outside after work. Job is going well...no big mistakes that have been pointed out to me.

Tuesday has been a good day too. Yucky rain.

Just the usual SSDD.

I wanted to make sure to blog tonight but i don't really have anything much to say. Oh well.

Excited for next week with the extra long weekend and yummy turkey dinner!!! L, E

This is just a 'ping' posting - its like you're saying 'hey, whats up? Nothing new, but just wanted to say hi'. Those are the very best sometimes, because they lack in artiface and agenda.
Like my random book-length emails describing some particular event in my life (like flooded basement apartments, trying spray-on pantyhose for the first time, or even describing the days after having my wisdom teeth removed. :) Just entertainment for entertainments sake.
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