Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday of the cars, Evan and Alison

Saturday started very early for me as my alarm started screaming at 7 and I had just gone to sleep around 4. But I did wake up and get out of bed and into the shower. Made it to Meineke/Bagel Shop only 7 minutes late to meet Evan. After getting an extremely yummy bagel with egg, tomoto and cheese we took off for the car auction. We walked around and looked at all the cars that were available that day and saw a few Evan would like to bid on. Very interesting and diverse crowd of people there...I enjoyed looking at the ppl more then the cars. I don't know how helpful my comments about the color of the cars were for Evan but I know I did a good job telling him if the lights worked when he pushed on the brakes, turned on the blinkers, etc.

The auction started at 10am and it was fun watching the ppl bidding on the available cars, boat, snowmoblies and motorcycle. Unfortunately the rather large man sitting in front of me was showing WAY too much ass crack so I made Evan move and that was better. The first car Evan was interested in didn't come up for maybe an hour but it was interesting just watching what was happening and how it all worked.

So Evan did win 1 of the cars, a cute VW Jetta. His highest bid was $900 but the owner wanted $1400 and he wasn't paying that much so it was passed. Alison (Evan's fiancee) showed up unexpectidly around 1ish and we walked around again to check out the cars that were left. Way in the back we found a very cute little VW Golf that we hadn't seen before. After checking it out Evan decided he wanted to bid on it so a few more hours later when it came up he won it for $1500! It was 3:15 by this time and I had to get to Meineke to pick up my jeep by 4 so Alison took me so Evan could get all the paperwork done.

[I had dropped off my Jeep expecting to have an allignment done but the guy said it didn't need it, just new tires and all new front brake work and to have the rear brakes cleaned so I had it done, and an oil change...$378!]

Alison and I went back to the auction place since they had 3 cars there, we were all needed to drive them to their house. Alison drove her Explorer, Evan drove the VW and I drove the big Ford truck! So much fun! We made it back to their house with no problems, let their dogs out and cleaned out enough room in Evan's truck so I could squeeze in the back and then we went by my house to let Laurey out. Then we went to dinner at Silver Palace.

I had never been to Silver Palace before and it was the yummiest food ever! Its chinese and definately the best in this area! We totally pigged out and had extra full, hurting stummies when we walked out. They dropped me at home and I made 2 quick phone calls and sent an email and planned to veg on the sofa for a little while before going to sleep.... Well...I did spend some time on the sofa but it was sleeping as I was out as soon as I sat down.

Woke up around 9:30 when I almost fell off the sofa and went into my bed and slept until the alarm started playing at 7. Overall Saturday was a very good day. I could not believe I didn't feel worse and was hungover but I was actually feeling fine.... Crazy! L, E

Girl, you had a rockin' weekend! :) People watching is so much fun. I have to respectfully disagree with the chinese food rating - I think Chef Leu's has the best chinese.
(Well, outside NYC, that is...)
Bethie, I do agree with you...Chef Leu's is very god...amazing egg rolls, but Silver Palace was very yummy as well. Bad rice though. ~E
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