Monday, November 21, 2005

Slacker Me

I've been a slacker with my sorry...can you forgive me?!

I had a weekend. I don't especially want to say I had a nice weekend since Saturday I was sleepy and grumpy and sad but I think it was mostly hormonal so I just took some naps and went for a walk with Laurey and called my "Mr Shawn" and then I was all smiley when I was falling asleep.

Sunday was a little warmer and I had to take off my hat and scarf when Laurey and I were walking. I also went to Costco with my mom and dad and was embarassed when they kept bickering and fighting. I have no idea what the particular reasons were but they just were all bitch to each other. Oh well. They did buy me a really nice pots and pans set for my B'day (I don't actually get it until then) so I was happy about that. I even picked the least expensive one there was because that was the one I liked the best. I have a feeling that is all I will be getting from them for my B'day...have to wait and see. I guess as I get older I can't expect tons of B'day presents anymore, not that I ever got so many with my B'day being just 5 days after Xmas. For Xmas mom bought me new hking boots. Its what I asked for since the ones I have now are 4 years old and actually are worn out, no tread on the bottoms and the rubber is all coming off. So it will be nice to get those too. I need new sneakers too since I have worn though the rubber on the bottom of themse but that will have to wait for awile.

Short week for Turkey day!! Woohoo!

Oh...and yesterday I went into my old job to say Hi to some ppl that I was friendly with when I worked there. Some pretty big changes have happened since I left and once again I am so glad I'm not working there anymore! But it was nice to see my old buddies and hopefully we can transition from work friends to just friends...have to wait and see.

So how was your weekend? Did anything wonderful or annoying or bad happen? Tell me all about it! L, E

I think it's catching. I've been slacking on reading other people's blog. Shame on me.

It's strange how some items like pots and pans make a good gift now. While i was a kid i wanted toys but when i was off to College I wanted a Dust Buster (That still amazes my mom to this day)
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