Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday is the day of what?!

My Sunday was spent shopping and sleeping. To be honest, I could have done even more sleeping too. Slept and vegged until 11 when I took a shower and then had to rest again since showering and getting dressed was so exhausting. Evan called just before noon and we made plans to meet at Walmart.

Evan & Alison were about 20 minutes late but I had some nice conversations with some toothless people hanging out in front of Walmart. Then we shopped around the whole store, filling up a whole cart! They bought cat food and car stuff and a laundry hamper. I bought curtins, a curtin rod and closet rod some other odd and ends. Evan came over after Walmart and put up the new curtins and closet rod and they look so cute...:) Alison (who went to the grocery when Evan was at my house) picked him up and they both played with Laurey (she was in heaven) and then we both lay down and took a nice nap.

Woke up after dark, around 5:45 and was starving hungry so ordered tons of food from New England Wings; fries, motzorella sticks and onion rings. So yummy! But I think I ate too fast since I threw it all up a little while later....not fun at all!! And to make it worse, as I have my head hanging in the toilet, Laurey walks in and starts poking her big nose in my face to see what I'm doing, I was not amused. By 9 I was feeling fine and hungry again so I had a PB&J sandwich...:) Crawled into bed around 10 and was asleep by 11.

My weekend was crazy...did so much much more then I usually do and enjoyed ever second of it. Only 1 thing could have made it better...nice long distance phone call. L, E

mmmm, wings! Apparently no one in CT has heard of good wings. That sucks. Missing home alot this week.
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